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Register of births and baptisms, 1650-1727; marriages, 1665-1727 and burials, 1547-1729.

Burials at front, at back reversed births and baptisms 1650-1707, followed by marriages, 1665-1727, and then baptisms, 1707-1727;

entries include: in December, 1582, The xii daie [i.e. day] was John Thomas, who was by misfortune killed with a gonne [i.e. gun] out of a shipp [i.e. ship], buried ; in March, 1589, the xvii daie [i.e. day] was a theefe [i.e. thief] that was at Gadds [i.e. Gad's] Hill wounded to deathe [i.e. death] called Robt. [i.e. Robert] Write [cf. Wright] buried ; in March, 1598 The third daye [i.e. day] was John Johnson of Corke [i.e. Cork (County Cork, Ireland)] buried who was slayed by a Scottishe [i.e. Scottish] [cf. Scotland] man with a knife; in July, 1600, The xxx daye [i.e. day] was George Marten of Ratcliffe buried ; and The same daie [i.e. day] Thomas Meede of Ratcliffe buried with note both of them were slayne [i.e. slain] at one shott [i.e. shot] of a peese out of the daysed ; on 21 March 1616/1617, Rebecca Wroth wyffe [i.e. wife] of Thomas Wroth/ gent[leman] [i.e. gentleman], a Virginia [America] Lady borne [i.e. born], was buried/ in the Chauncell [i.e. chancel] *; in November 1623, Richard Clarke whoe [i.e. who] came from Spain in one of his Ma.ts. [sic, i.e. Majesty's] shipps [i.e. ships] called The George buried the 5 of November 1623 ; in January 1691, William Sewell Clerk of Milton and Serjeant to the Maior [i.e. Mayor] buried; in 1695 Richard Jefferies the man that was scalded in W. Hulkerís [cf. Hulkes, brewers?] copper buried; at end reversed: a note that Thomas Shewell, Master of Arts, was inducted into the rectory of Gravesend, December 14, 1699; details of a meeting held 20 September, 1653, at which a Parish Register [i.e. Registrar] was elected; note after marriages that in August, 1727, there was a fire at Gravesend and the old church was burnt; baptism in February, 1720, Mary Lock a Black woman ; further note after baptisms for 1727 about the fire in Gravesend at which fire the Old church with the greatest part of the Town was consumed .

* This is Princess Pocahontas, cf. Pocahontas and Her World by Philip L. Barbour, 1971, Local Studies collection Y920.POC

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Date: 1547 - 1729
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Faculty for the construction of two windows to perpetuate the memory of Princess Pocahontas at the expense of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia.
Date: 1914
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Records of St. George's Parish Church, Church Street, Gravesend 1547-

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These were received as follows:

May 1969 P159/1/1-63; P159/2/1-3; P159/3/1-6; P1595/1-14; P159/6/1-30; P159/7/1-4; P159/8/1-9; P159/25/1-22; P159/27/1-4; P159/28/1-8;

January 1984 P159/1/64-67; P159/5/15; P159/6/31-47; P159/8/10-16; P159/18/1-7; P159/25/23-27; P159/28/9-17.

St. George's was the ancient parish of Gravesend, which abutted the ancient parish of Milton-next-Gravesend. The parish of St. James was created in 1852 from St. George's, while that of Holy Trinity was created in 1845 from Milton-next-Gravesend. In 1952 both St. George's and Holy Trinity were abolished, and the areas they served included in the parish of St James. Holy Trinity church was demolished in 1963; the parish was renamed St George's in 1967, and St James' church demolished in 1969. St Andrew's Waterside Mission was part of the parish of Holy Trinity.

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