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Rochester City Council, Meeting Day [minute] Book

This volume contains lists of persons attending; details of apprenticeship, licensing and recipt of money for tolls and markets.

Special entries include; order regarding mayoral dinner , 1621 (page one); carpenter appointed for parish church St. Nicholas (page 2); punishment of theft (page 3); auditing of accounts (page 3); orders for meetage (page 4); rules for fishermen (page 5); deferring of rebuilding of parish church (page 6); accounts from 1622 including meetage of apples for London, Faversham and Flushing [Vlissingen, Holland/Netherlands], money from a wreck in the River Medway (page 13); meetage of coal (page 24); meetage of fullers earth and cablehangers (page 32), and hops (page 39); rules for brewers 1623 (page 45); allowance for prisoners in the Dolphyn (page 56) escape of prisoners (page 63); order for money regarding parish church (page 66); charges of the butcher labourers and others for cutting up and Boyling the great Fishe [i.e. fish] [microfilm DE587] that Cast up herself agrounde above the [Rochester] Bridge the sixtenth daie of Julie (Page 68) *; waiaidge of wool (page 71); theft of Cantish [i.e. Kentish] Clothe [i.e. cloth] (page 72); defaults of prison keeper, 1624 (page 89); rules for bearing of scot and lot by non-residents (page 93-95); office of meeter of coal (page 95); charitable bequest (page 102); market rules (page 106); wreck of collier (page 113); hackneymen and dangerous driving (page 115); new churchyard (page 133); letting of stalls for a fair (page 136); presentation of gilded cups to King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria on their visit to the city, 1625 (page 137); appointment of gaoler (page 146); appearance of fishermen before the Admiral (page 188); making of churchyard wall, 1627 (page 206); redemption of goods by Maidstone tradesmen (page 208); hiring of horses for Sir Ralph Binglies regiment (page 243); Payment of subsidies by parishioners of Strood (page 253); new charter and new High Steward, 1628 (page 259); forfeiture of goods of a suicide (page 273); copy petition to the King regarding confirmation of charters and clause defining the city boundaries on land and water (page 277); perambulation of bounds deferred (page 283); order the everie yeare sett out a light to contynue burnyng from sixe of the clocke in the evening untill eight of the clocke att night upon paine of imprisonment (page 295); rule against employing foreign tailors (page 230); order for proper holding of Quarter Sessions (page 304); care of the records (page 314); taking of a sturgeon in the River Medway (page 316); dismissal of a counsellor, 1631 (page 336); use of mace on public holidays (page 359); non-sitting of foreigners, 1636 (page 475); gratuities to bellringers of Chatham (page 482); payment regarding rebuilding of St Nicholas' Church, 1637 (page 497); keeping of the pump at Cornecrosse Brake (page 539); re-edifying the frontis piece or foreparte of the Guildhall, 1641 (page 554); removal of dirt and Sullage (page 567); internal dispute in council (page 574); notes for the better goverance of the city (page 628); dismissal of an alderman (page 639); order to remove bulward in Eastgate (page 646);order for new building of the Dolphyn (page 680); removal of consellors by order of the Committee of Indemnities (page 682); order regarding the poor's wood in Chatham unjustly kept from the city (page 689); mayor and aldermen to be overseers of poor children at the almshouse (page 696); memoranda at back of volume regarding freedom from tolls and sales of houses, 1630.

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Date: 1621-1653
Quantity: 1 volume