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Search the archives using the Java Query Tool

A simplified version of this query tool is available.

No java? - use the text only query tool instead.

New ItemSelected documents within th e archive have been scanned and are available online.
Click here for highlights: Cityark ImageBase.

This browser is not java compliant. Try using the text only query tool instead.


  1. # of results: When using the basic query tool, document descriptions matched by a search are displayed with 25 results per page. This is also the default behaviour of the advanced query tool, but it is now possible to alter the number of resuls per page by changing the value in this drop-box.
  2. Boolean Operator : All searches made using the basic query tool only ever match documents containing all of the search words specified in the Search Text field (logical AND). Using this advanced Query Tool it is possible to change this behaviour such that documents are matched if they contain any of the specified words (logical OR).
  3. Exact Phrase: Another facility relating to the Search Terms field, this checkbox allows you to specify whether or not the order of your search terms is significant. By default, and whenever the basic query tool is used, the order of your search terms is not significant. By checking this tickbox, you can ensure that only exact matches (ie, the words you specified are present, in the order you specified) are returned.
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