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Result number (Contents) - Please quote Reference: G_Me_Medway_Poor_Law_Union_or_Board_of_Guardians_1827_1936/G_Me_02_Contents on request slip.

Path: Charities_and_Poor_Relief_Organisations_1500_1987/ G_Me_Medway_Poor_Law_Union_or_Board_of_Guardians_1827_1936/ G_Me_02_Contents.html

Medway Poor Law Union and Board of Guardians


A Administration 1827-1930 click here

AM Minutes 1835-1930
AC Correspondence 1835-1930
AF Financial records 1835-1950
AL Lunacy 1882-1930
AOr Officers of the board 1912-1927
AR Outdoor relief 1907-1930
AS Settlement 1827-1930
AW Child welfare 1852-1929
AX Statistics 1868-1930
AZ Miscellaneous 1835-1929

C Cottage homes and schools 1901-1936 click here

CF Accounts 1901-1934
CI Inmates 1903-1936
CLr Relief lists 1903-1929
CRm Superintendent 1903-1934
CRp Porter 1918-1921
CRv Register of visits to apprentices and servants 1906-1910
CZ Miscellaneous 1903-1936

Financial records click here

FC Collectors' receipt and payment books 1891-1930

M District Medical Officer 1898-1931 click here

MR Relief books 1898-1931

R Relieving officer 1894-1930 click here

RA Application and report books 1915-1930
RO Outdoor relief books 1894-1915
RZ Weekly outdoor relief and expenditure books 1915-1930

W Workhouse 1873-1933 click here

WF Workhouse accounts 1893-1930

WFc Clothing 1912-1931
WFm Master 1893-1930
WFw Wages 1896-1929
WFz Infirmary brandy, etc. 1914-1930

WIa Admission and discharge registers 1867-1931
WIb Birth register 1878-1914
WIc Creed registers 1878-1932
WId Death registers 1877-1930
WIl Lunatic registers 1889-1924
WIm Medical officer's examination books 1914-1931
WIp Punishment books 1878-1933
WIz Property register 1902-1933
WRc Chaplain's report book 1895-1904
WRm Master's journals 1915-1928
WRo Medical officer's report books 1895-1925
WRp Porter's books 1916-1930
WRv Visitors' books 1894-1932
WRz Officer's report books 1914-1930
Wz/1-3 Inventory books 1873-1932
Wz/4-8 Master's letter books 1893-1932

NP Non Poor Law functions click here

NPa House committee minute books 1863-1927
NPi Infant life protection 1898-1905
NPs Rural sanitary authority 1872-1894
NPv Vaccination registers 1919-1929

Contents file added by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 28 November 2000.

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Result number (Bibliography) - Please quote Reference: G_Me_Medway_Poor_Law_Union_or_Board_of_Guardians_1827_1936/G_Me_03_Biblio on request slip.

Path: Charities_and_Poor_Relief_Organisations_1500_1987/ G_Me_Medway_Poor_Law_Union_or_Board_of_Guardians_1827_1936/ G_Me_03_Biblio.html

Medway Poor Law Union or Board of Guardians



Local Studies vertical file, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

The Medway Union Workhouse, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham from 1859 to 1928: Assignment on the use of archaeology and standing buildings in historical studies, by Betty Cole, Bridgewardens' College, Chatham 2001 Local Studies vertical file, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

Date: N/A
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Records in category / Charities_and_Poor_Relief_Organisations_1500_1987/ G_Me_Medway_Poor_Law_Union_or_Board_of_Guardians_1827_1936/

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