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Records in category / Ecclesiastical_Rochester_Archdeaconry_Area_Parishes/ P159E_GRAVESEND_HOLY_FAMILY/

Number of records found: 2

Result number 1 - Please quote Reference: P159E_GRAVESEND_HOLY_FAMILY/P159E_01B_01 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Rochester_Archdeaconry_Area_Parishes/ P159E_GRAVESEND_HOLY_FAMILY/ 01_Incumbent_and_Service_of_the_Church/ 01B_Baptism_Registers/ P159E_01B_01.html

Gravesend Holy Family Parish Records

Register of baptisms

Date: 1959-1977
Quantity: 1 volume
Result number 2 - Please quote Reference: P159E_GRAVESEND_HOLY_FAMILY/01_Intro on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Rochester_Archdeaconry_Area_Parishes/ P159E_GRAVESEND_HOLY_FAMILY/ 01_Intro.html

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Records of Holy Family Parish Church, Palmer Avenue, King's Farm Estate, Milton next Gravesend

DE323 Initial deposit of records 5 January 1994.

Holy Family Church was founded as a mission church of the parish of Christ Church, Milton next Gravesend and is now part of the United Benefice of Holy Family, Gravesend with Ifield.

Useful links

Official parish web site click here

Gravesend churches page in the North West Kent Family History Society home page, please click here

Map of area courtesy of Multimap click here

Ordnance Survey map click here

Introductory section, Borough Archivist, Medway Council 29 September 2000.

File updated 22 June 2007

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