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Result number 1 - Please quote Reference: Failed to compute accession number on request slip.

Path: Z4_Imagebase/ 02_Imagebase_Printing.html

Instructions for printing from the imagebase

1. First find the image.
2. Place the cursor on the image and right click on the mouse. (A box with various options appears).
3. Left click on 'E-mail Picture' (A window appears which looks like the email page with the jpg. icon on it).
4. Type in your own email address and click 'Send'.
5. You can now close everything down, open your email and double click the jpg. Icon to open the image.

You can now print from this image OR copy it to a word document where you can crop and resize the image to suit the page. This is how you would do it:

6. Left click on the ‘dashed’ square in the tool bar above.
7. Now decide which part of the image you want to have a full page copy of then - Left click and hold at the starting point (the top left hand point of your image) then drag the ‘dotted square’ to where you want to finish (the bottom right hand corner of your image) and release the mouse button.
8. Place the cursor within the dotted/selected area then Right click and select ‘Copy’

NOTE: Do not close any applications at this point. BUT you can minimize them to clear your screen

9. Now open a blank 'Word' document/page, decide whether you want the page layout to be ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’, this depends on the shape of your chosen selection, then place your cursor on the page and right click on the mouse and select ‘Paste’ and the image will appear.

NOTE: Now you can alter the page margins to fill the page or leave them as they are.

10. Now place the cursor on the image and left click on the mouse. (You will notice 8 points/handles appearing around the image, one in each corner and one in the middle of each side. These allow you to click and drag each point to enlarge the image to fill the page, this becomes easier after a little practice).
11. You should now be able to print the image.

Senior Archives and Local Studies Assistant 27 May 2005

Date: N/A
Quantity: N/A
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