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Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre 

MovieBase Referral Page 

Welcome to Medway MovieBase. Contained below are links to films about Medway and Medway people amounting to many hours of viewing time. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Introduction and instructions


Medway MovieBase Part I: Films from Medway Archives 1930-2006


HMS Truculent 1950 (via ITN Source)
Rainham Rangerettes 1990
(2 files)

Royal Visit to Gillingham 1968
(2 files)

Royal Visit to Maidstone and the Medway Towns 1984
(2 files)

Royal Visit to Rochester 1984
(2 files)

Beautiful Ito, Japan, City of Hot Springs c.1979
(2 files)
Yokosuka: Metropolitan Seaside Community, Japan 1995 (3 files)
Yokosuka - International City of Culture by the Sea, Japan c.2006
(2 files)

The Story of the Brook Low Level Pumping Station, Chatham 1996
(2 files)

Winget Ltd. of Strood, engineers c.1930-1967
(11 files, 16 film runs)

The Theatre Royal, Chatham 1995
(1 file)

Shuttleworth Collection Air Display, Bedfordshire 1985
(1 file)

Medway Cine Club and scenes of the Medway Towns 1967
(1 file)
Kentish Villages in Autumn c.1970 (1 file)
A Chatham family on vacation in south Devon c.1973
(1 file)

April in Kent c.1973
(1 file)

Cutty Sark Scots Whisky Tall Ships Race and Parade of Sail, Chatham 1985
(2 files)

The Building of Medway Magistrates' Court, The Brook, Chatham 1976-1979
(2 files)

The Opening of Wigmore Library 1969 (1 file) (view)

Rochester Historical Pageant 1931 (2 files) (view)

Historical Rochester c.1931 (view)




Medway MovieBase Part II: A social history of the Medway Towns and Lower Medway Valley in film 1950-1985: a selection from the Tony Blake Film Collection *


Crew of a spritsail sailing barge c.1950 (file Tony Blake 1)
Morris dancing display in Rochester Castle c.1975
(file Tony Blake 2)
Medway Steam Fair 1970 (file Tony Blake 3)
TS Arethusa c.1965 (file Tony Blake 4)
Remembrance Day at Chatham War Memorial 1968 (file Tony Blake 5-1)
Residents and grounds staff at Foord Almshouses, Priestfields, Rochester and on excursions 1968 (file Tony Blake 5-2)
Chatham street scenes c.1965 (file Tony Blake 6)
A boat trip down the River Medway 1967 (file Tony Blake 7)
Air show at Rochester Airport 1967 (file Tony Blake 8)
Walderslade Carnival 1977 (file Tony Blake 9-1)
Odeon Cinema, Rochester 1985 (file Tony Blake 9-2)
Chatham Carnival 1980 (files Tony Blake 9/3-4)
Cobham Hall 1968 (file Cobham Hall)
Dog show and Punch and Judy show, Rochester Castle 1977 (file Dog Show/Punch and Judy)
Chatham Navy Days 1960 (file Navy Day)
Naval ceremonial in Chatham c.1960 (file RE Band)
Royal Engineers' Band, Brompton Barracks c.1965 (file RE Band)
A street scene in Chatham c.1950 (file Street Scene)


Medway MovieBase Part III: Terry Nunn's Village Videos - The Villages of the Lower Medway Valley and Hoo Pensinsula 1998-2004


Cobham 2003

Cuxton 1998

Halling 1999

Higham 2004

The Hoo Peninsula: Along the Road to Nowhere 2006

Meopham 2001

Shorne 2004

Snodland 2002


To obtain high resolution copies of the Village Videos series, please contact Terry Nunn at 


Medway MovieBase Part IV: Boating on the Medway 1949-1995


A compilation of juxtaposed extracts from silent colour films recording boat trips up the river from Tower Reach, Rochester to Tonbridge, filmed by different cameramen over the period 1949-1995, with accompanying post-compilation narration on the history of the waymarks and riverside events, buildings, places and people along the route. A large part of the film is footage from 1949 by Jim McKay.


Boating on the Medway 1949-1995 click here



To view the full MovieBase collection report, please click here


Other films of local interest



Medway Renaissance video library, two videos entitled Regenerating Medway and Investing in Medway produced by Medway Renaissance and Southside TV 2006


Caveat and disclaimer.


Customers wishing to reproduce, print-off, download or publish images from this moviebase, database or imagebase may require the permission of the owner of the Copyright of the original records. Publication by Medway Council of images in this moviebase, database or imagebase does not imply a right on the part of the user to reproduce, print-off, download or publish the images or absolve the user from the need to obtain permission to reproduce items subject to Copyright. Medway Council has obtained permission from Copyright owners to reproduce images in this moviebase, database or imagebase without prejudice to wider Copyright. Strictly no commercial or organisational reproduction, printing-off, downloading or publication of the images in this moviebase may be undertaken without the prior consent of Medway Council or the owner of the Copyright of the original records. No separate or independent moviebases, databases or imagebases derived from this moviebase may be created for organisational or commercial purposes without the express permission of Medway Council or the Copyright owners. Where downloading of images is permissible it may only be done for reasons of private study. Private study is defined by the Patent Office and the definition is incorporated in the relevant legislation.


The Copyright to the archival descriptions of the images, contained in the linked CityArk database, is owned by Medway Council and any use of these, for private study only, should be credited to Medway Council. 



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