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Royal Visit to Maidstone and the Medway Towns 31 October 1984.

The first part begins with previews of the royal tour, the Coast to Coast title sequence and Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary (originally titled The Prince of Denmark's March). The first part records the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to Maidstone to open the new law courts at Palace Avenue. The narrator refers back to a previous royal visit to Maidstone by King George III. The Queen is greeted by the Mayor of Maidstone, Councillor Michael Nightingale, in regalia. The mayor presents a commemorative scroll to the Queen who is then introduced to Kent's judges including Lord Hailsham, the Lord Chancellor. The Queen unveils a plaque and is presented with a posy by Clare Cuthbert. Members of the public are interviewed.

In part 2 HM The Queen visits the Wisdom Hospice, St. William's Way, Rochester, founded by Molly Wisdom, a terminally ill patient. The Queen is presented to her husband, widower Harry Wisdom. The Bishop of Rochester, Rt. Rev. Dr. Richard David Say is in attendance. The Queen unveils a commemorative plaque and she and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh are introduced to the staff including Betty Taylor, Nursing Officer and Dr. David Oliver, Medical Director and patients.

Part 3 comprises HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's visit to Rochester High Street in the company of Robin Leigh Pemberton, Lord Lieutenant of Kent. She is greeted by Councillor Tom Mason, Mayor of Rochester upon Medway. The royal party is conducted into the Prince's Hall of the Corn Exchange where Her Majesty signs the City Customal and a photograph of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh, assisted by the Duke of Edinburgh and mayor, under the watchful gaze of Michael Moad, Curator of the Guildhall Museum and City Archivist (background). The royal party arrives in the Queen's Hall of the Corn Exchange for a banquet, heralded by the trumpeters of the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME), Chatham. The gathering of 300 guests is called to order and grace is said by the mayor's chaplain Father Michael Daniel. The guests dine on rosette of lamb, smoked mackerel mousse and salmon and Rochester pavlova. Outside the Prince's Hall in the High Street the Queen is presented with a posy by Katie Painter, daughter of Richard Painter, chief executive of Rochester upon Medway City Council. Her Majesty begins a walkabout eastwards along Rochester High Street, accompanied by the mayor, uniformed and plain clothes police officers, the bishop, her lady in waiting and the Lord Lieutenant, separated from the crowds by temporary pedestrian barriers. The Queen unveils a plaque on College Gate [cf. Chertsey's Gate] and is greeted by cub scouts assisted over the barriers by the Duke of Edinburgh. With Union flags much in evidence, the Queen accepts more posies. Finally she is greeted by a Dickensian reenactor dressed as Mr. Pickwick.

Part 4 begins with a glimpse of the route from the motorcade from Rochester to Chatham Maritime where Her Majesty visits the former naval dockyard and is greeted by Lieutenant General Sir Stuart Pringle, Royal Marines, chairman of the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust. The royal party moves on to the Captain's House at Pembroke Gate where she meets Christopher Waites, Chairman of English Estates who shows her a model of proposed developments on St. Mary's Island, Brompton. Accompanying the Queen is the Lord Lieutenant and in the background can be seen Councillor George Smith, Mayor of Gillingham, in chain of office.

Part 5 begins with street scenes in Gillingham showing crowds, onlookers, police officers and temporary pedestrian barriers. There is a fleeting glimpse of the royal motorcade along a route lined with Royal Marine cadets. The royal party arrives at Gillingham Business Park, Hoath Way, Gillingham, where posies are presented to Her Majesty during a brief walkabout. The Queen proceeds to the Jubilee Clip factory where she is guided around facilities on the shop floor. The narration refers to the company's founder, Commander Lumley Robinson, Royal Navy.

Part 6 records the Queen's visit to Gillingham Ice Bowl, also in the Business Park, where she and spectators watch an ice skating display by Robin Cousins, head of coaching and is introduced to Cousins, Karen Barber, Nicky Slater, directors and other staff. The Queen is presented with 4 small pairs of ice skates for her grandchildren by Abigail Price, daughter of David Price, Managing Director of Sport and Leisure Developments.

The film closes with reminders of the scenes in Rochester High Street.

Soundtrack and narration.

Written and narrated by Mike Fuller.

From the Gillingham Borough Archives (collection GBC, accession no. MTC/MR/13 (GBC/Box/21 [part])), comprising a video tape of a Coast to Coast production for TVS, Copyright ITV Meridian and reproduced by kind permission of ITV Meridian. The film includes footage not broadcast at the time.

For third party use of this film please contact Meridian's agents ITN Archive

File updated by Borough Archivist 27 July 2006

Date: 1984
Quantity: 21 minutes, 30 seconds
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