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The Story of the Brook Low Level Pumping Station, Chatham

Film illustrating the history, construction and operation of the Brook Low Level Pumping Station and Industrial Museum, Solomons Road, Chatham. The Station is regarded as the best preserved example of a diesel-powered water pumping station in Britain and is scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

The narration covers the geography of the Chatham area, Rats Bay and the Brook bourne and the opening minutes include old photographs and engravings of Chatham street scenes and the River Medway at Chatham. The narration mentions disease, the work of the Chatham Court Leet and explains earlier drainage arrangements and the legislative background to engineer John Radford and councillor E.A. Billinghurst's scheme, illustrating the film with the court leet minute book and technical drawings from the Chatham Borough Archives. The film moves on to look at the engines and equipment contained in the station including Campbell and Hamworthy engines, shows volunteers at work. The narration describes the operational characteristics and maintenance of the station and its equipment. The narrator describes the architecture of the station with internal and external views. We see the ceremonial key. The film goes on to illustrate and describe the complementary artefacts in the industrial museum including Alan Williams' windmill models, Alan Sparks' working model engines, printing presses and printing industry equipment including Samuel Caddel [cf. Caddell] of Rochester's Columbia printing press of 1845, an Ashworth Barker twin cylinder steam engine from Tovill, a Hayward Tyler reciprocating pump possibly used in the local oil industry, a diesel air compressor from Borstal, a Hayward Tyler hor air engine and water bolier of 1898 and an Aveling and Porter road roller originally used by Rochester Corporation.

Soundtrack and narration.

Narrated by Mike Peevers and made by Simon Davies on behalf of Medway Industrial Archaeology Group (MIAG) and Heritage Section, Rochester upon Medway City Council, featuring some documents from the Chatham Borough Council Archives (CBA)

Copyright MIAG and Medway Council

Reproduced by kind permission of MIAG

Medway Archives accession no.: M53

NB the Brook Pumping Station has re-opened to the public after a period of service review. The Mayor of Medway formally re-opened the pumping station on 9 September 2006. Opening times are Tuesday 19.30 - 21.30 and Saturdays 09.30 - 16.00 Admission is free.

File updated by Borough Archivist 8 September 2006

Date: 1996
Quantity: 17 minutes, 14 seconds
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