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Medway MovieBase

Cutty Sark Scots Whisky Tall Ships Race and Parade of sail Chatham, 1985

Cine films produced by Medway Movie Makers (Howard Ashton, Robert James, Maurice Porter, Frank Waslin and Mark Waslin.)

Cutty Sark Scots Whisky Tall Ships Race

Opening with scenes at St. Mary's Island, Brompton, in the former Royal Naval Dockyard, Chatham, showing briefly a Leander class frigate, the Sail Training Ship Royalist, crew members of various vessels, onlookers, the Kingswear Castle paddle steamer and her passengers, sailing vessels plying the River Medway and concluding with scenes at Chatham Bight. Background scenes include the Medway City Estate on the Frindsbury Peninsula and Rochester Castle. Cameramen's vantage points include Fort Pitt Hill, Rochester and Fort Amherst, Chatham.

Parade of sail

Opening with scenes of the Medway Towns and showing a helicopter flying overhead, craft on the River Medway, Upnor Castle, a port authority patrol boat, rowing boat and paddle steamer tug alongside Anchor Wharf at the former Royal Naval Dockyard, Chatham.

Reproduced by kind permission of the depositor and Copyright owner. Digital version supplied by JAK Computing from 8mm original.

[DE1017 (part)]

For a comparison with still photographs of the River Medway and HM Naval Base, Chatham, see the Couchman Collection: Naval Base and River Medway

File updated by Borough Archivist 12 September 2006

Date: 1985
Quantity: 7 minutes, 29 seconds; 11 minutes, 1 second
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