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Result number 1 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0216 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0216.html

Records transferred from Rochester Library comprising miscellaneous title deeds i.e. of unknown provenance, to premises in Chatham and Rochester, viz:

assignment of mortgage to three dwellinghouses and three acres in Church Street, Gillingham, parties Moyse, Ramkin and Symons 1691;
Release or relinquishment of right of way leading from Rochester High Street, parties Thomas and Philpott, 1836;
releases to The National Liberal Land Company Ltd. by Gresham Life Assurance Society and National Provincial Bank of England Ltd., of various plots in Thorold Road, Luton 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889; Cross Street, Chatham 1888; Eldon Street 1888; Seymour Road and Luton Road, Chatham 1886, 1887, 1889, 1891, 1893; Merton Road, Chatham 1893; Chatham Hill 1891, each with block plan
and additional Wheatley MSS [see DE53/1] comprising letter from Alfred Wells of Newton House, 26 New Road, Rochester, to Canon S. Wheatley of St. Margaret's Vicarage, Rochester, about the history of Delce Lane, with hand-drawn plan, 1942

found with deposit DE215

see also DE289 and DE525.
Date: 1691-1942
Quantity: 15 items

Result number 2 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0385 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0385.html

Additional records of St. Nicholas and St. Mary's churches, Strood and United Benefice of Strood St. Nicholas with St. Mary, comprising:St. Nicholas' Church, High Street, Strood.death register [sic] c.1954-1971, correspondence on organ repair 1966-1967, inventory of movables 1964, photographs of choir and vicarage 1960, correspondence on clock 1964-1966, correspondence/plans on vicarage 1940s-1970, sequestration file 1967-1968, Parocial Church Council minute book 1957-1964, banns register 1977-1984 (call no. P150B) St. Mary’s Church, Vicarage Road, Strood  Quinquennial 1990, black and white photographs of St. Mary's Church by Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England 1992, baptism register 1969-1993 (call no. P150D)File updated by Borough Archivist 4 October 2005
Date: c.1940-1993
Quantity: 2 boxes
Result number 3 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0452 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0452.html

3 Kent Education Committee certificates for regular attendance and good conduct issued to Frank Dartnell of Higham Church of England School
Date: 1912-1914
Quantity: 3 items
Result number 4 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0585 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0585.html

Additional records of Parish of Rochester and its predecessor churches, St. Peter and St. Margaret, comprising:

minute book of the St. Peter's Temperance Society 1879-1881 (in support of the Church of England and Diocesan Temperance Societies) and of its sub-Committee the Coffee Tavern Committee 1879-1919;
St. Peter's Church Council minute books 1899-1919 (referring to the closure of the Coffee Tavern and listing the streets in St. Peter's parish) and 1934-1947;
and Parochial Church Council minute book 1947-1961;
printed matter of St. Margaret's Church, Rochester 1883-1919; The Parish Magazine (St. Peter with St. Margaret & St. Andrew, Rochester) 1960s-1970s, Rochester Parish Magazine 1970s-1980s and Neighbours, the parish newspaper of Chatham and Rochester 1983-1997.

[See also Methodist Church collection, item N/M5/1/B/7/1 for abstentionist, teetotalling or temperance movement interest]

P305 Additional; P305D Additional
Date: 1879-1997
Quantity: 5 volumes with loose enclosures plus 4 bundles

Result number 5 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0666 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0666.html

Records of Unity Lodge [Hoo Peninsula area] Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB), Grand Lodge of England, comprising

minute books 1968-1974, 1978-1997 (11 volumes),
initiation or affiliation book 1968-1979 (1 volume),
attendance registers 1968-1977 and 1984-1991 (3 volumes),
meeting registration books [i.e. attendance registers] 1991-1998 (7 notebooks),
red cash books 1988-1991, 1993-1994, 1995-1997 (4 booklets)
and cash account books 1994-1998 (4 booklets),
remittance counterfoils booklet 1992-1996 (1 booklet)
and printed matter, The Buffalo Quarterly Journal Autumn 1995, Spring 1997, Autumn 1997 (3 booklets),
Grand Lodge of England Rule Books 1980-1982, 1983-1985 (2 volumes)
and Rule Book, Manual of Instruction and Ceremonial Procedure 1991

Date: 1968-1998
Quantity: 37 volumes and booklets
Result number 6 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0674 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0674.html

Additional manuscripts of Richard F. Brain of 194-196 High Street, Chatham, department store proprietor, comprising notes on the English and British Navies from Saxon times to Oliver Cromwell, compiled c.1920 on letter-headings illustrating his shop front, with correspondence between Alfred John Dunkin, Esq. [adress not stated], H.G. Adams of Rochester, and John Levy concerning a custom at Ramsgate, Primitive Methodism and trade samples, 1858-1868, including a printed song or poem by Adams entitled England Over All with a reference to the Illustrated News, 7 August 1858

[See also: DE224, DE228, DE291 & DE479]
Date: 1858-1869; c.1920
Quantity: 1 bundle/20pp/items

Result number 7 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0681 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0681.html

Additional records of St. Margaret's Church of England Junior School, Rainham, comprising Boys' School log book 1930-1950, Girls' School log book 1928-1932, junior school log book 1950-1965 and Gillingham Association of Head-teachers' minute books 1915-1933, 1934-1947

Call No.: C/ES 296/1 Additional
Date: 1915-1965
Quantity: 5 volumes

Result number 8 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0694 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0694.html

Additional records of the parish of St. Nicholas with St. Mary, Strood comprising:

Registers of banns 1967-1977, 1984-1991 (2 volumes)
Registers of services 1965-1970, 1970-1975, 1975-1980 and 1979-1985 (4 volumes)
Parochial Church Council minute books 1964-1970, 1970-1972 (2 volumes plus loose enclosures);
Guildhall account book 1977-1980 (1 volume);
accounts kept in exercise books 1963 (x2), 1964, 1965, 9167 (x2) and 1968 (7 items in total);
parish magazines (including Strood Group of Churches and Church of England Men's Society journal, For Men The Church Monthly) and 225 pamphlets) 1876-1993 [NB some items restored from deposit DE770];
printed book The Book of Common Prayer printed by John Baskett, London 1717 inscribed on title page S. Roycroft Esq. 1779 (1 volume, mutilated);
printed book The Book of Common Prayer selected and arranged by Rev. Richard Mant DD 1820 (1 volume, missing boards).

Call no.: P150B additional.

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 21 June 2001. Duplicate magazines weeded, cf. further deposits of magazines (DE708 and DE770).

Date: 1717-1992
Quantity: A above
Result number 9 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0696 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0696.html

Additional records of United Benefice of Cobham with Luddesdown and Dode, Luddesdown Church and Parochial Church Council only, mainly comprising treasurer's records, including:

Parochial Church Council minutes 1968-1988, 1991-1998 (4 bundles/folders);
Account book 1982-1995;
Balance sheets 1956-1984 (1 folder);
Accounts and correspondence, Leywood Trust, Augmentation Trust/account and parsonage [1962] 1967-1996 with facsimile foundation documents and historical notes on same;
Returns to diocese of accounts, expenses, stipend, etc. 1986-1996 (1 bundle);
Accounts with Rochester Diocesan Board of Finance/repair fund, etc. 1992-1995;
Treasurer's general correspondence files 1983-1993 (2bundles);
Church of England Central Board of Finance file 1994-1996 including historical and architectural notes (1 bundle);
Quinquennial repairs [1981] 1982-1987 including architect's drawings (1 folder);
Maintenance of fabric, etc. 1971-1978 including facsimile architect's drawings (1 bundle);
Returns to the diocesan treasurer 1979-1986 (1 folder);
Budgets, balances of investments and income and expenditure accounts 1987-1992 (1 folder);
Finance Committee/Increased Giving Committee minutes and papers 1990-1993 (1 folder);
Cobham Rural Deanery treasurers and covenant secretaries 1991-1992 (1 wallet folder);
Accounts with Official Custodian of Charities 1990-1994 (1 folder);
Advertising space in parish magazine 1997 (1 bundle);
Treasurer's budget planning file 1985-1997 ( wallet folder);
Treasurer and secretary's reports 1996-1997 (1 wallet folder);
General correspondence including public footpaths and procedures for wedding flowers, with printed notes on prehistoric Luddesdown by A.M. Gull, 1982-1989;
Appeal for funds 1980-1982 (1 wallet folder);
History file, containing printed pamphlets relating to aspects of the history of Luddesdown, comprising:
A short guide to Luddesdown Church author's initials EJB, 1985 including plan;
The village of Luddesdown in Kent: a peaceful refuge of man for 4000 years by R. and E. Bassett c.1983;
Brief notes on Luddesdown parish church Kent: dedicated in the names of St. Peter and St. Paul c.1960;
Luddesdown festival of thanksgiving c.1980;
off-prints by A.M. Gull on Anglo-Saxon Luddesdown and Prehistoric Luddesdown [q.v.];
(1 wallet folder, 6 items contained).

Call no.: P235

Date: 1956-1998
Quantity: As above
Result number 10 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0705 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0705.html

Additional records of Frindsbury with Upnor Parish, Frindsbury Parish Church only, comprising Church of England Men's Society, All Saints', Frindsbury branch minute book

Call no.: P150
Date: 1938-1939
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 11 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0733 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0733.html

Records of Messrs. W.E.R. Randall (and City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd.), 23 Railway Street, Chatham, auctioneers, surveyors, valuers and estate agents, comprising mainly clients’ estates papers, viz:

deed bundle for Gainsborough Guest House, St. Margaret’s Banks, 254 High Street, Rochester 1899-1961 (with abstract of title reciting from 1886) parties Bowman, Brockwell, Boys, Cobb, Passby, Randall, Owens, Pearce, Crow & City of Rochester Land and General Investment Company Ltd., with site plan by George E. Bond of Rochester, architect and surveyor, showing abuttals and previous occupiers including Miss Topple and subsequently Miss H.A. Merry (principal), St. Margaret’s Bank School for Girls and Kindergarten, c.1900 (1 bundle);

printed particulars and conditions of sale for and correspondence about Blue Bell [Hill] Farm, Aylesford and neighbouring farms and estates e.g. Preston Hall Estate in Aylesford, Allington, Ditton, Boxley, Hale Farm, Aylesford, 30 acres of underwood at Burham and Aylesford and Cossington Fields Farm in Boxley and Aylesford, with hand-drawn plan of Blue Bell Hill Farm, Aylesford 1897 and tracing inclosure/enclosure plan of fields adjoining Seatons Road and Frith Wood Road, Aylesford, made 1868, and other plans, with family papers of James Peter Walter of Blue Bell [Hill] Farm, Aylesford/Burham Hill, W. Walter of Five Bells Lane, Rochester and Mr. P. Walter of 72 New Road, Chatham; 1868-1920; includes letter from H.A. Alexander, Commanding Engineer (Royal Engineers) of Central Hall, Maidstone, to J. Walter of Frith Farm, Burham, notifying him of impending construction of defence works on his land, 1915 (1 bundle);

testamentary and personal estate papers of Harry F. Tutt of 15 York Road, Rochester/Star Hill, Rochester/177-179 Eastgate, Rochester/54 & 56 High Street, Old Brompton; 1904-1942 (1 bundle);

leases and tenancy agreements pertaining to properties in Haig Avenue, Rochester, nos. 91, 105, 125 151, 1934-1963, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., Curtiss and Sons Ltd., Joseph Arthur Wesson, J.A. Steward, Smith & Brown (Brighton [Sussex]) Ltd. & Messrs. J. Durling & Son; 1934-1963 (1 bundle);

bundle of deeds to premises in Wilson Avenue (and Wallace Road), Rochester, nos. 56, 92, 253 & 255 and plot 663, and lock-up garages, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., T.C. Harwood Ltd., E.W. Stephens, P. Woolnough, City Way Service Station Ltd., Gerrard Land & Investment Company Ltd., Short Brothers & Harland Ltd., Lockwood, Beard and The Car and Electrical Services Ltd.; 1935-1963 (1 bundle);

bundle of papers pertaining to miscellaneous tenancies in Rochester, e.g. builder’s yard, no.2 estate, City Way 1942; shop in Beatty Road, parties The Gerrard Land and Investment Company Ltd./Parsons 1937; telephone kiosk Beatty Road/City Way 1938; 120 Maidstone Road, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., M.E. Lewis & P.A. Reed 1974-1976; nos. 46, 108, 110 Pattens Lane, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., Page, Edmonds, Shave, Gilbar Ladies Wear Ltd. 1943-1968; Mill Close 1953; 40 Blaker Avenue, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. and George Mason (Chatham) Ltd. 1957; The Den, Nag’s Head Lane, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. and Messrs. D.H.R. & N.J. Gray 1954; letter from No.12 Region, National Fire Service, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, to Messrs. W.E.R. Randall concerning circular steel dam at Grafton Avenue/Gerrard Avenue, 1942 (1 bundle);

leases and Hastings and Thanet Building Society deposit book pertaining to 18 Ravenswood Avenue, Strood 1958-1962, parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. and Weller (1 bundle);

deeds mainly leases for properties in Chatham High Street, no. 36 parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. and London and Manchester [Lancashire] Assurance Company Ltd., Marshall, The Provident Clothing and Supply Company Ltd. 1937-1982; no. 67 parties Deeley, Mills, Deacon, People’s Entertainment Society Ltd., Mills, Bellis, City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., Richards 1947-1979; no. 131 parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., Brandon, Richards 1959-1973; nos. 167 & 169 parties Messrs. W.E.R. Randall, Messrs. Cavendish Furniture Company Ltd., E.S. Randall, Marks and [or &] Spencer Ltd., 1923-1952; no. 254 parties E.S. Randall & Rochester City Council 1938; no. 173a parties Randall & Kentons Furnishing Stores Ltd. 1966; no. 295 parties Randall, Boyes & Cooper 1972-1980 (1 bundle);

bundle of papers pertaining to miscellaneous tenancies in Chatham, i.e. 37 Railway Street parties Bampton, Lazarus, Crossley, Johnstone 1937, 1949, 1978; Elm Cottage, 7 Manor Road parties Randall, Noel, Parkson Positive (Textile Machinery) Ltd., Ablett, Borley, Speedalink Ltd., 1960-1972 (1 bundle);

bundle of papers pertaining to miscellaneous tenancies in Gillingham, i.e. 97 & 101 High Street, Gillingham parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd., Rose, Chappell, Mearing and Mutter 1936-1965; 16 Arden Street parties Draper & Blow 1923; 54 Layfield Road parties City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. & Mann 1949 (1 bundle);

bundle of residual staff and estate management papers of Messrs. W.E.R. Randall and City of Rochester Land and (General) Investment Company Ltd. comprising lease of shop in Eythorne, parties Mrs. Catherine Vandersteen & Messrs. Vye & Son 1924; employees’ agreements of John Charles Fowler Knowlden of Cobtrees, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea 1961, John Shaul of 6 Albany Road, Rochester 1956 and Charles Edward Eglinton of 50 Bladindon Drive, Bexley 1957; with Westminster Bank cheque book stubs 1940; and Isle of Thanet Building Society paying-in book 1935-1936; various dissociated envelopes (1 bundle).

Re-edited by Borough Archivist 24 August 2000.

Accrual to first deposit, deposited 5 September 2000.

Business correspondence with other firms, contracts and extracts from board minutes, etc 1896-1979 (1 bundle);

Rochester area: Rochester

Conveyance, Gerrard Land and Investment Company Ltd. to Rochester and Chatham Stadium Ltd., land at City Way, Rochester 1933 [-1935] (1 item);

Conveyance and associated papers including site plans and abstract of title reciting from 1904 pertaining to land near north west side of Maidstone Road, Rochester, Watts’ Charity of Rochester to City of Rochester Land and General Investment Company Ltd. 1908-1926 (1 bundle);

Rochester area: Strood

Reconstituted bundle of title deeds, testamentary papers, certificates of redemption of rent charge, abstracts of title and site plans pertaining to various properties in Strood and Frindsbury comprising Cambridge Road, Strood (Shoobridge) 1939; Jersey Road, Strood, plan of plots only 1959; pieces of land at Brompton Lane Field, Strood, including Callicroft (parties Eve, Winch, Thomas Hellyar Foord, J.H. Foord, City of Rochester Land and General Investment Company Ltd., Rush, Stunt, Cobb, Arnold, Hester Prall) 1890-1924; Mill Road, Frindsbury (parties Baker City of Rochester Land and General Investment Company Ltd.) [1900] 1890-1959 (1 bundle);

Reconstituted bundle of title deeds, abstracts of title, correspondence, footpath diversion order (1902) and site plans pertaining to 4 acres near Delce Lane or Road and King Street in St. Margaret’s parish, Rochester, parties City of Rochester Land and General Investment Company Ltd. and J.H. Foord, [1870] 1901-1902 (1 bundle);

Chatham area

Leases to various properties in Chatham comprising 35 High Street Honey to Todd 1934; 171 High Street Randall to Randall 1924 (2 items); 173 High Street Randall to Skiller 1924; 254 High Street Randall to Di Marco 1934; 295 High Street Gamp to Randall 1947; 2 & 2A Railway Street, Chatham Randall to Kendall & Sons Ltd. 1946; Paddock Garages Randall to Watson and Scull Ltd. 1966;

Site plan of freehold building land, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, by J.W. Nash & Son of Rochester, surveyors 1897 (1 item);

Conveyance to land at or near Pattens Lane, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Stigant and Whitfield to Randall 1925 with related abstract of title 1901 each with site plan (2 items plus envelope);

Strood Rural area

Sale particulars, site plans, correspondence and legal opinions pertaining to land at Peartree Lane, Shorne and Higham, parties Childs Trustees Company (trustees of will of 8th. Earl of Darnley) and Sparkes 1955-1958 (1 bundle);

Gillingham area

Land Charges papers pertaining to Woodlands Road (formerly Lane), Gillingham, with site plan, 1935 (1 bundle);


Leases to ground floor 113A High Street, Sittingbourne, Randall to Bray, Randall to Rapier Cleaners Ltd. 1929 & 1936 (2 items);

Lease to 40 Biggin Street, Dover, Rubie to Wood 1923 (1 item);

Plan of freehold building land at Queen’s Road and Waghorn Road, Snodland by James W. Nash of Rochester, surveyor c.1900 (1 item);

3 bundles of title deeds to messuage, tenement and grocer’s shop lying on the south side of the Coldred to Eythorne road, Eythorne, parties Sampford, Clay, Usborne, Barton, Makey, Pyner, Spurling, Elwin, West, Weston, Hampshire, Rt. Hon. Frederick George, Earl of Guildford, Tomlin, National Provincial Bank of England Ltd., including schedule of deeds and documents and abstracts of title reciting from 1777, with site plans, 1833-1970 (3 bundles).

Date: 1868-1980
Quantity: See above
Result number 12 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1003 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1003.html

Additional records of Dickens’ Country Protection Society (DCPS) pertaining to proposed international airport on Hoo Peninsula at Cliffe and Cooling, High Halstow, Lower Stoke and Allhallows, comprising:

DCPS newsletter c.2002 (1 item);
Compilation of Society’s own circulars and press releases, notices, posters, environmental impact reports, circulars from other pressure groups, correspondence with MPs and Gravesham Borough Council and Swale Borough Council circulars and press releases, 2002 (1 bundle);
Car stickers, posters, notices, briefing notes, talk notes, press releases, web site print-outs pertaining to Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions methodology report, 2002-2003 (1 bundle);
SERAS CDs of technical reports in Adobe Acrobat format 2002 (2 CDs in sleeve);
Department for Transport national consultation publications 2002-2003 (9 booklets);
Reports produced for Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions comprising Preliminary Site Search of Options for New Airport Capacity to Serve the South East and East of England (final report and appendices) (3 booklets);
Two studies on the South East and East of England Air Service Study produced by Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic Services Ltd. for DTLR 2002 (2 booklets);
Optioneering Studies by Arup on new airport site for DTLR, South East of England Regional Air Services Study, Strategy Stage 1 and Part 1, 2001 (2 x A3 booklets);
South East of England Regional Air Services Study stage 2: appraisal findings report, supporting documentation 2002 (1 A3 booklet);
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) periodical Birds Spring and Autumn 2003 and Spring 2004 (3 booklets);
RSPB vinyl poster campaigning on corrugated plastic backing panel 2003 (1 item size A2);
Word-processed historical narrative of campaign 2002-2004 compiled by Eileen R. Harding, 2004 (1 sheaf);
Photocopies of part of Planning Basis for Kent, County Planning Survey 1948 and of part 1 The Search for a Site for a Third London Airport: Background Information Concerning Sheppey and Cliffe, Kent County Council 1968 (1 sheaf);
RSPB periodical Wingbeat containing article entitled Why a new airport shouldn’t get off the ground 2003 (1 booklet);
Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) periodical Countryside Voice Spring 2003 containing article entitled Sky-high resistance to airport expansion (1 booklet);
Brochure entitled Spaghetti Junction in the Sky! published by CPRE and Friends of the Earth 2002 (1 item);
Minutes, responses, representations and position statements of Kent County Council, Medway Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Cliffe Parish Council, South East England Regional Assembly, local MPs, DCPS and other pressure groups and interest groups 2002-2004 (1 bundle);
Newscuttings from local Gravesend and Medway Towns newspapers 2002-2003 (3 bundles);
DCPS exhibition material comprising news cuttings and word processed interpretive text 2002 (1 portfolio sized bundle);
Portfolio of DCPS and other groups’ campaign posters c.2002 (1 portfolio, plastic);
2001-2003 4 boxes

Date: 1948 - 2004
Quantity: 4 boxes
Result number 13 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1024 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1024.html

Additional records of Holy Trinity Parish Church, High Street, Dartford, comprising:

service register 1991-2004 (1 volume);
minutes of annual general and annual parochial meetings 1995-1999 (6 packets);
PCC attendance register 1962-1994 (1 volume);
printed notice of vestry meeting 1852 (1 item);
letters of sequestration 1984 (1 item);
PCC and incumbent’s correspondence 1985-1998, 1994-1997 and 2000 topics including West Window, Spilman Tomb and roof repairs (3 bundles);
colour photographs of east window with key March 1994 (1 packet);
bills of quantities for extension and refurbishment by Thomas Ford and Partners, Sydenham, London, chartered architects and Huntley Cartwright, Caterham, Surrey, chartered quantity surveyors, August 1995 (2 volumes);
Church of England Men’s Society (CEMS) certificate of registration of Dartford Church as a branch of CEMS 1962 (1p.);
intercessions books 1995-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999 and 2001-2002 (4 volumes);
photocopy of word processed statement by the vicar Rev. Martin Henwood BD about the re-ordering of the church 1994 (1.p);
statement by Thomas Ford and Partners, Sydenham, London, chartered architects and surveyors, on completion of repairs to Dartford Church c.1995 (1 sheaf);
correspondence with Thomas Ford and Partners, Sydenham, London, chartered architects about conversion of priest’s room, with drawing print-outs, 2000-2003 (1 folder);
drainage lay-out for new parish rooms and vestry, Covell Matthews and Partners, London, architects and planning consultants 1971 (1 sheet);
designs for church/Trinity Fare Café/parish centre noticeboard c.1995 (1p.);
colour photographs of the interior of Dartford Church pre-restoration, with contents page 1995 (1 bundle);
facsimile architectural drawings of Dartford Church, photocopies of articles pertaining and material published in celebration of local government in Dartford 1995, compiled c.1995 (1 bundle);
colour photographs of Dartford Church during restoration 1995 and black and white photographs of Dartford Church in 1962 (1 bundle);
colour photographs of church interior showing decay 1995 (1 packet);
correspondence about new boundary wall 2002 (1 packet);
correspondence with Mansell, Croydon, Surrey, contractor about final account for church re-ordering 1997-1998 (1 bundle);
photographs of gravestones revealed after flooding, 1968 (5 items);
typescript transcription of and notes on memorial inscription found at east end of church 1987 (1 sheaf);
MS notes on church records compiled c.1980s (1 bundle);
disbound leaves from scrapbook 1997-2000 (1 bundle);
photographs and captions illustrating the activities of the church family comprising bell ringers, communicants, Sunday School, after service coffee, lunch club, Trinity Tots nursery or play group and walking group, July 1995 (1 bundle);
Diocese of Rochester Thames Gateway Report compiled by Pauline Forrester, University of Greenwich, September 1999 (1 volume);
correspondence about Thames Gateway 1995-1999 (1 folder);
scrapbook containing newscuttings 1994-1997 (1 binder);
typescript history of Dartford Parish Church 1961 (1 bundle);
Dartford Town Centre draft townscape study and proposals, Moore, Piet and Brookes, Ealing, London, landscape architects, August 1994 (1 booklet);
application by parochial church council (PCC) to European Commission for financial assistance towards repair of Dartford Church, January 1995 (1 booklet);
correspondence about repair of church fabric, town planning and old church hall 1953-1971 with facsimile drawings of new west doors by J. Antony Lewis ARIBA, Crooms Hill, London 1965 (2 items);
leases, undertakings, condition reports and correspondence about use of church hall and yard 1914-1971 (1 folder);
correspondence about repairs to and insurance of church hall, Lowfield Street, Dartford 1947-1950 (1 folder);
correspondence about glebe land at Hawley Road, Wilmington, including site plans, [1786] 1887, 1962-1969 (1 folder);
correspondence about repairs to drainage to river 1984 (1 packet);
specifications for re-wiring the church 1935 by B. Wingfield Bowles and Partners, London SW1, consulting engineers (booklet, 2 copies);
mortgage and counterpart mortgage for drainage of vicarage under Gilbert’s Acts, 1897 (2 items with envelope);
site plan of vicarage 1897 (1 item, with envelope);
papers relating to dilapidations of vicarage and new vicarage 1954-1962 (3 packets);
typescript transcription of churchwardens’ account book 1642-1714, compiled by A. Cumberland, 1934 (1 volume);
annual church reports with accounts 1877, 1881 and 1886 (3 booklets);
fire insurance policy 1862 (1 item);
insurance policies 1983-1993 (1 packet);
typescript list of churchwardens 1720-1995, compiled c.1995 (1 sheaf);
institutions of clergy 1930-1969 and order in council regarding rural deaneries 1965 (1 packet);
typescript volume entitled monograph on the structural character of the walls and masonry of the church of the Holy Trinity, Dartford W.F. Bevis, 1943 (3 copies);
typescript monograph entitled An outline of the history of the parish church of Holy Trinity, Dartford G.H. Porteous, March 1963 (1 volume);
printed booklet entitled A guide to Dartford Parish Church of the Holy Trinity by G.H. Porteous, 1966 (1 booklet);
printed booklet entitled The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, Dartford c.1960 (1 booklet);
printed book entitled Collection and abstract of all the material deeds, wills, leases and legal documents relating to the several donations and benefactions to the church and poor of the parish of Dartford, in Kent and of the ‘spittal alms-houses, etc. by John Landale, 1829, inscribed George Cann 1829, with covering letter from Rev. Canon P.C. Collins, Crayford to Rev. Canon R.B. Griffin, Dartford 1978 (1 volume and enclosures; with second copy);
printed booklet entitled The Report of the Committee upon the Dartford Charities 1860 (4 copies);
photocopies of typescript articles and on various aspects of Dartford history and biographical MS notes, 20th. Century (1 packet);
printed booklet entitled Dartford Parish Church of the Holy Trinity 900th. Anniversary Appeal 1980 (1 booklet);
newscutting reporting 900th. anniversary service 1980 (1 item);
carbon copy of typescript address by Dr. R.D. Say, Bishop of Rochester at service to mark 900th anniversary of building of church 1980 (1 sheaf);
printed book entitled Dartford Country: The Story of the Hundred of Axstane Geoff Porteous, 1985, inscribed by the author (1 volume);
visitors’ book for Trinity 2000 launch day 30 January 1993 (1 volume plus loose enclosures);
certificate of award of Andrus Award of Dartford Historical and Antiquarian Society to Dartford Church’s Trinity 2000 Committee for church restoration, 1996 (1p.);
organ tuner’s notebook 1975-1987 (1 volume);
word processed article entitled The organs of the parish church of the Holy Trinity, Dartford, Kent by D.R.S. Force BA c.1985 (1 sheaf);
varied printed matter about Dartford Church including organ recital programmes and stewardship campaign leaflets, 1980s (1 packet);
opinion of J. Scarlett, Temple, London on office of organist, 1828 with typescript transcription 20th. Century; MS notes on vestry meeting of 24 April 1848; photocopy of notes on the office of organist 1852 with typescript transcription 20th. Century (5pp.);
nave visitors’ book 1997-2000 (1 volume);
desk top published booklet entitled Faith in Their Voices (FIT) c.2001 (1 booklet);
printed brochure entitled FIT Voices: turning negatives into positives c.2001 (1 brochure);
booklet entitled Dartford Deanery’s Parishes: Partners in Mission: church members’ views of their parish life today and tomorrow by Dartford Deanery Synod 1978 (1 booklet);
stencil typescript booklet entitled Dartford Deanery: report by ad hoc committee appointed to make proposals for the future pattern of pastoral care within the deanery 1972 (1 booklet);
framed and mounted notice for holding a memorial service for Richard Trevithick, 23 April 1933 (1 item);
order of service for re-opening of church (2 pamphlets);
service sheets for special services 1972-1986 (1 packet);
orders of service, church guides and other printed matter of local relevance 1997-2001 (1 bundle);
typescript transcription of will of Richard Fielder [cf. Feilder] proved 1693/1694 and typescript notes on Fielder family (1 sheaf);
income and expenditure book for luncheon club 1991-2004 (1 booklet);
parish magazines 1994-2000 (7 packets);
parish magazines 1996-2001 (1 bundle);
parish magazines containing articles by Geoff Porteous 1969-1985 (4 items);
correspondence about memorial to Geoff Porteous 1987-1992 (1 packet);
parish magazine January 1880 (1 item);
bond for payment of £600 to Isabella Lingard of Bromley, spinster 1792 (1 item);
certificate as to marriage by banns of William Carter and Ann Briscoe of Dartford, 1824 (1 item);
photographs of amateur theatrical productions in church including William Shakespeare’s Henry V c.1967 (1 bundle and 1 packet);
programme, script and song sheet for World War Two musical production c.1995 (1 packet);
letters from local school children and printouts of digital photographs of a school visit 2003 (1 packet);
letters from and drawings by local school children 1997-1998 (1 packet);
photograph of dedication of new vicarage 1962 (1 item, mounted, with typescript notes);
medallion awarded to Elsie Gurney for learning the catechism 24 March 1910 (1 medallion with box);
list of names of recipients of charitable or poor relief [?] including members of the 52nd. and 24th. regiments 1815, found in void under floor of priest’s room 2002 [fragmentary, UFP];
MS notes pertaining to erection of flag staff 1932, found under flagpole during re-roofing of tower 2000 [fragmentary, UFP];
carbon typescript constitution of Friends of Holy Trinity Church, Dartford c.1970 and correspondence about Trinity 2000 Charity 2000-2001 (1 sheaf);
newscutting reporting memorial service for Diana, Princess of Wales and condolence cards left at church, 1997 (1 binder);
printed pamphlet entitled The Literary Churchman 16 August 1860 (1 item);
lease and associated papers relating to Health Centre adjacent to church, tenant Thameslink Healthcare Services, National Health Service Trust, 1997-1998 (1 packet);
photograph of Peter and Heather Vale on occasion of wedding reception and first use of Trinity Fare Café c.1995 with café brochure (2 items);
service sheets and orders of service for marriage services 1998-2000 (1 packet);
group photograph of parish clergy, Rev. K. Johnson, Rev. E. Holland, Rev. N. Collard and Rev. R. Griffin c.1967 (1 item);
printed programmes for mayoress of Dartford’s at home party 1999 and visit of HRH The Duke of Kent to Dartford Church 2000 (2 items);
newscuttings, pamphlet and colour photographs relating to flower festival 1994 (1 packet);
letters from Mrs. S. Jackson, Alms House, High Street, Greenhithe to incumbent, asking for marriage certificate, with envelope 1949 (3 items);
word-processed, MS and printed ephemera and electricity meter card 1874-2000 (1 bundle)

Date: [1642] 1792-2004
Quantity: 6 boxes
Result number 14 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1031 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1031.html

Additional records of Darenth Parish Church, Darenth Hill, Darenth, comprising:

register of banns 1989-2002 (1 volume)

Parochial Church Council (PCC) electoral roll 2002 and correspondence with Friends of Kent Churches, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Diocese of Rochester, Thomas Ford and Partners, Sydenham, London, chartered architects and surveyors and others about finances and repairs, etc. 2001-2002 (1 bundle);

PCC standing committee minutes 1986-1998 (1 folder);

PCC minutes 1995-1998 (1 folder);

PCC minutes 2002 (1 bundle);

annual parish assembly minutes, agenda papers and vicar’s reports 1986-1998 (1 folder);

PCC treasurer’s correspondence 1996 and 1997-1998(2 bundles); receipts and expenditure books 1980-1995, 1993-1996, 1997 and 1997-1998 (3 volumes and 1 booklet);

printed booklet entitled An Episcopal Giant: an eightieth birthday tribute to Bishop David Say by RJM for Diocese of Rochester, 1994 (1 booklet);

TRIO or church stewardship pack with printed database or family roll of parishioners 1994 (1 folder);

correspondence and notes about tree planting ceremony, Green Street Green Common 1988 (1 sheaf);

correspondence, facsilime declarations and facsimile site plans pertaining to Darenth Park Hospital (formerly Metropolitan Asylum District Darenth Industrial Colony) Chapel and graveyards, [1878-1917] 1994 (1 folder);

local and Church of England printed and typescript notes on duties of churchwardens c.1981-c.1995 (1 folder);

minutes and agenda papers of 1st. Darenth (St. Margaret’s) Scout Group 1991-1998, associated correspondence 1986-1991 and some printed Scouting literature 1987 and c.1990 (1 folder);

correspondence with Purcell, Miller, Tritton and Partners, Sevenoaks, architects, surveyors and design consultants, English Heritage, the Council for the Care of Churches and the diocesan authorities, about quinquennial inspections, stonework repairs, window repairs and medieval wall painting restoration, with facsimile architect’s drawings, 1986-1991 (1 folder);

correspondence with Thomas Ford and Partners, Sydenham, London, chartered architects and surveyors about re-roofing works and with Purcell, Miller, Tritton and Partners, Sevenoaks, architects, surveyors and design consultants about stonework and chancel repairs 1991-1998 (1 folder);

printed and stencil typescript liturgical booklets, booklets on the history of Darenth church and manor and church guides, parish magazine (August 1926), photographs of the church, lists of vicars, facsimile plans, parish maps, newscuttings and programmes and orders of worship for special occasions including Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee (1977) and correspondence with Dartford Borough Council, Dartford Historical and Antiquarian Society, Paddie Drake of Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk and others on parish historical matters, also including printed and typescript material on Sutton at Hone church, [1900] c.1926-1998 (1 bundle)

ISAD (G) reference/call no.: P109

Date: [1878] c.1926-2002
Quantity: 1 1/2 boxes
Result number 15 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1033 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1033.html

Records transferred by the Community Librarian, Gillingham Library,  Education and Leisure Directorate, Medway Council of varying or unknown provenance, some possibly previously from Gillingham Borough Museum [cf. Woodlands Museum], Woodlands House, 48 Woodlands Road, Gillingham, comprising:Bond for due performance, penalty 200 marks, parties John Honywood [cf. Honiwood] of Elmstead, gentleman and William Painter, gentleman, in respect of deed of previous day to property in Gillingham comprising messuage called Friday’s House in Church Street occupied by John Pollin with 1 ½ acres called Stanghurst or Friday’s Close, 1 ½ acres called Culver Croft at Yorkham, 2 ½ acres at Shreves Oak, ½ acre called Thorpes and 17 acres called Digges Croft, 24 November 1568 (1 membrane with seal on tape with typescript description and transcription, 5pp. and envelope) [see also collection U398];Probate copy of will of James Sladden of St. Margaret’s, Rochester, maltster, proved 21 February 1653 (1 membrane with broken pendant seal);bond for quiet enjoyment between Robert Gardner of Chatham, glazier and Elizabeth Combes of Rochester, widow, in respect of conveyance of four messuages and gardens, tenants’ names given, witnessed by John Rosewell and James Bucknall, 22 September 1676 (1 item, paper) [Gillingham Library accession 120945];letters of administration granted to Edward Nordash husband of Sarah Nordash late of Chatham, intestate, 25 June 1679 (1 membrane, with pendant wafer seal);lease of lease and release [release not present] to Park Farm, Boxley of 83 acres, parties Sarah Saint John of Yelden, Bedfordshire, widow, Paulett Saint John of Yelden, Bedfordshire, clerk, son and heir of Sarah and John Clarke of Lincoln’s Inn, London, gentleman, 30 June 1712 (1 membrane) with accompanying typescript notes;plan of freehold estate adjoining Twydall Lane in Gillingham and Rainham, for sale by Messrs. Cobb, also showing York Farm and Twydall Farm, Rainham, Sharp and Green’s cement works,Horrid Hill and London to Canterbury railway line, 1913 (1 sheet);printed sale particulars for land called Two Acres adjoining Woodlands Lane, Gillingham, to be sold by Messrs. Cobb at the Bull Hotel, High Street, Rochester, 1898 (1 item);printed sale particulars for land called Simmon’s Field of 13 acres adjoining Beggar’s Lane, East Rainham, with site plan, to be sold by Messrs. Cobb at the Bull Hotel, High Street, Rochester, 1898 (1 item);printed sale particulars for land called Crown Farm in Gillingham and Rainham of 252 acres, adjoining Watling Street south of Rainham Mark, to be sold by Messrs. Cobb at the Bull Hotel, High Street, Rochester, 1890, with site plan (1 item);printed sale particulars for freehold estate called Wigmore with site plan, including Lambs Frith Wood, Levan Strice Wood, Ling’s Frith Wood, Wigmore Wood and Platters Wood in Gillingham and Rainham, to be sold by Messrs. Cobb at The Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London 1902, with site plan (1 item);printed booklet entitled Speculative Ideas upon the Probable Consequences of an Invasion, on our Late Encampments, and on the State of some of the Sea-Ports in England in the form of an open letter to Henry Herbert, 10th. Earl of Pembroke, by an officer in the Army, with plan of area between Strood, Meopham and Dartford (Kent) and Mucking in Essex, showing Shorne Wood, Gravesend, Tilbury and the River Thames, printed for T. Egerton, Charing Cross, London, 1782 (1 volume);facsimile of the Report of the Committee Appointed to Enquire into the Construction, Condition and Cost of the Fortifications Erected or in Course of Erection under 30th. and 31st. Victoria and Previous Statutes together with the Minutes of Evidence and Appendix 1869, with facsimile map of the Chatham defences 1860, facsimilies supplied by Royal Engineers Library, Chatham c.1950 x c.1960 (1 bundle);printed booklet comprising An Essay on Ways and Means to Maintain the Honour and Safety of England, to encrease Trade, Merchandize, Navigation, Shipping, Mariners and Sea-men, in War or Peace by Sir Walter Raleigh or Sir Dudley Digges with a post script by Sir Henry Sheers pertaining to the ports of Kent, especially Dover, 1701 (1 booklet);printed booklet entitled Animadversions upon a Scurrilous Pamphlet entituled The History of the Kentish Petition with postscript entitled Advice to the Kentish Long-tails by the Wise Men of Gotham in Answer to their late Sawcy Petition to the Parliament 1701, (1 booklet);printed order of service on occasion of unveiling Old Brompton [cf. Gillingham] War Memorial, 20 March 1921, with roll of honour at rear (1 booklet);printed circular letter from Rev. Daniel Cooke, incumbent of Holy Trinity, Brompton, asking for parish support in establishing a district visiting society and National School, 1847 (1 item);abstract of title of Mrs. Ethel May Winch to Platters Wood Estate, Wigmore, reciting from 1885, 1912 (1 sheaf);)[See also DE1035 and MTC/EL/LEI/LIMS/LIB/3]
Date: 1568-c.1960
Quantity: 1 box
Result number 16 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1044 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1044.html

Printed and photographic material presented by representatives of namesake towns and cities in the United States of America (USA) to Rochester City Council and Rochester upon Medway City Council, comprising:

printed book entitled Fulton County Folks volume 2 edited by Shirley Willard for Fulton County Historical Society, Rochester, Indiana, 1981, inscribed by society members 1984, previously held at Rochester Public Library and transferred to Local Studies Unit, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre in 1993 (1 volume);

printed periodicals entitled Fulton County Historical Society Quarterly numbers 54-56 (numbers 55-56 combined in one booklet, with duplicate) 1983-1984, previously held at Rochester Public Library and transferred to Local Studies Unit, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre in 1993 (3 booklets) [note: pp.74-99 contain a report of the Rochester Heymakers' visit to Rochester, England in 1984];

photograph album presented by E. Marshall to Rochester City Council comprising photographs of views of the City of Rochester, New York State c.1922, previously held at Eastgate House Museum, Rochester, subsequently transferred to Rochester Public Library or Guildhall Museum, Rochester c.1978 and again to Local Studies Unit, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre c.1993 x c.2005 (1 volume)

Date: c.1922-1984
Quantity: 5 volumes or booklets
Result number 17 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1075 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1075.html

Additional records of St. Aidan’s Parish Church, St. Aidan’s Way, Gravesend, comprising:

Parochial Church Council (PCC) minutes 1956-2001 (46 packets/bundles);

PCC minutes 1984-1989 (1 folder);

annual vestry meeting minutes, agenda papers, chairman’s reports and annual balance sheets 1973-1983 (1 bundle);

vicar or parish officer’s PCC, annual vestry and standing commitee minutes and agenda papers 1995-1997 (1 bundle);

PCC and annual vestry minutes and agenda papers 1973-1984 (1 folder);

management committee and standing committee minutes (1 bundle);

PCC, standing committee and nursery committee minutes 1997-1998 (1 bundle);

finance committee minutes and agenda papers 1974-1977 (1 folder);

finance and standing committee minutes 1968-1989 (1 folder);

annual general meeting papers 1983 (1 bundle);

social and fundraising committee minutes, mission and evangelism committee minutes and worship group and service sheets 1993-1997 (1 packet);

correspondence about sale of land to Gravesend Churches Housing Association 1974-1980 (1 folder);

correspondence about outside giving 1974-1980 (1 folder);

correspondence about nursery, Sunday School and sponsored child in Kenya, Africa 1975-1979 (1 folder);

correspondence about PCC membership 1974-1980 (1 folder);

Correspondence about the Christopher Centre, Riverview Park, Gravesend 1974-1981 (1 folder);

general correspondence about social work, land development, training, outside giving, annual events, nursery and hall management, etc., including a summary of the Church of England’s Report of the Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry on the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood, prepared for the PCC by K.J.A. Knight, secretary, 1974 (1 folder);

minutes and reports of Gravesend Deanery Synod combined with St. Aidan’s Church correspondence, topics including pastoral measure, Christopher Centre, accounts, hall management and ecumenical activities 1970-1976 (1 folder);

PCC secretary’s correspondence about fabric, deanery boundary reorganisation, Christopher Centre, housing and homelessness, etc., 1990-1998 (1 folder);

Jubilee planning group minutes, events calendar, exhibition guide and service sheet 1987-1988 (1 packet);

minutes of Gravesend Deanery Synod 1974-1984 (1 folder)

ISAD (G) reference number/call number: P159D

Date: 1956-2001
Quantity: 4 ½ boxes
Result number 18 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1090 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1090.html

Additional records of the United Benefice and Parish of High Halstow with Allhallows and Hoo St. Mary, comprising:

High Halstow Parish Church (P167)

correspondence between Dr. P.W. Ruggles, of Kememan, High Halstow, churchwarden, diocese of Rochester, Martyrs’ Memorial and Church of England Trust, London and others about interregnum, proposed pastoral reorganisation and scheme and repairs 1972-1975 (1 packet);

citatation for installation of electric radiant heaters, removal of reredos and screens, levelling of churchyard and other works 1965 (1 item);

facsimile quinquennial inspection report from Ann Stocker of Purcell Miller Tritton of 9 London Road, Sevenoaks, architects, surveyors and design consultants1980 and facsimile correspondence about defective and illegal repairs to church windows 1983 (1 folder);

facsimile quinquennial inspection report from Ann Stocker of Purcell Miller Tritton of 9 London Road, Sevenoaks, 1985 with report on electrical installation 1984, 1984-1985 (1 folder);

United Benefice (P167)

correspondence between Rev. P.F. Worthen and Rev. R. Green of High Halstow Rectory, diocesan authorities and others about disposal of redundant St. Mary’s Church, with churchyard plan, PCC minutes and inventories of contents, 1974-1984 (1 folder);

correspondence between Rev. F. St. C. Goldie, Rev. J.D. Cuthbertson and Rev. S.G. Davidson of High Halstow Rectory and others about usage of and repairs to St. Mary’s Church, 1948-1963 (1 folder);

correspondence and printed matter relative to the nomination of a pensioner to Cobham College on behalf of the former parish of St. Mary Hoo, 1946-1990 (1 folder);

correspondence about setting up a Hoo Peninsula Group Council of churches, proposed parish reorganisation and pastoral scheme, Nonconformist activity, personalities of church officers and state of congregations with group council minutes, 1976-1987 (1 folder);

minutes of the annual parochial church meeting, with annual statements of account 1976-1982 (1 folder);

guidelines for second marriage issued by the bishop of Rochester, 1987 (1 sheaf);

correspondence with F.H. Browne and Sons Ltd., Canterbury, Canterbury Organ Co. Ltd., Ash, Canterbury and Hill Norman and Beard of Lewes, Sussex, organ builders, in respect of repairs to organs at High Halstow and All Hallows’ churches, 1971-1987 (1 folder);

correspondence with Medway Division, Kent County Council Education Committee and others relative to management of High Halstow County Primary School, staff appointments and disposal of premises, with minutes and agenda papers, 1962-1974 (1 bundle)

ISAD (G) reference/ call number: P167 (additional)

Date: 1946-1990
Quantity: 12 folders/bundles/items
Result number 19 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1114 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1114.html

Manuscript material of varying provenance transferred from Medway Library Service and the Guildhall Museum, Rochester via Local Studies, comprising:

scrapbook relative to history of Bredhurst and Bredhurst Church, compiled 1964-1968 and 1975 by L.A. Griffith of 152 Barnsole Road, Gillingham and later of 1 Aynsley Court, Wilbury Avenue, Hove, Sussex, member of Lower Medway Archaeological Research Group, to mark occasion of extension of parish of Bredhurst 1964-1965, containing letters received, ephemera, notes, drawings, newscuttings and facsimiles of documents held at Kent Archives Office, Maidstone, British Museum, London and Public Record Office, London, with copy of compiler’s booklet Bredhurst 1966
[Gillingham Library]
(1 volume with loose enclosures)

historical notes on and extracts from records of St. John’s Church of England School, New Road Avenue, Chatham, compiled c.1943 (1 notebook) [Chatham Library KD50.03StJ] (C/ES 85/5 (additional));

Medway Poor Law Union receipts for poor rates levied on Messrs. W. Boots and Co., 24 High Street, Chatham, carriers and naval baggage agents and Alfred G. Browning, Military Road, Chatham, jobmaster 1910 (2 items, paper);

Chatham Borough Council receipt for general district rate levied on Browning as above, 1910 (1 item, paper);

receipted bill from Co-operative Ideal Dairies Ltd., 181-187 High Street, Chatham, to Royal Naval Depot for laundry, 1939 (1 item, paper);

correspondence between Henry Smetham of Newton St. Loe, 78 Goddington Road, Strood and A.A. Arnold FSA of Cobhambury, Cobham, regarding Osterland, Stoke and mentioning Rev. F.J. Hammond of Allhallows and Rev. Canon Dr. Samuel Bickersteth of Canterbury Cathedral, 1926;
letter from H. Lambarde of Ash Rectory to A.A. Arnold asking for assistance in his nephew’s application for membership of the Society of Antiquaries c.1926;
4 items/paper(found in A.A. Arnold’s copy of William Lambarde’s Alphabetical Description of the Chief Places in England and Wales 1730 (local studies collection ref. QK942LAM))

list of members of the elocution class of Strood Working Men’s Club and Institute subscribing towards testimonial to Charles Roach Smith, their president, c.1900 (1 item/paper) [see also strood Institute elocution Class minute book (with loose enclosures) 1894-1902 (Call no.: DE53 (part)]);

Additional records of Christchurch Luton County Primary Junior Girls’ School comprising letters and circulars from J.L. Smith, Divisional Education Officer, Kent Education Committee, Fort Pitt House, New Road, Rochester to Mrs. J.S. Joyce, 18 Connaught Road, Chatham, school manager, 1956-1959 (1 bundle/11pp./items) (C/ES 85/11-);

Printed circular from C.S. Knight, mayor of Rochester on behalf of the local Civil Defence Services, HQ, King Edward Road, Rochester, to W.P.B. Goodfellow of 19 Brompton Lane, Strood, standing him down and stencil typescript circular from head warden to same concerning final parade, 1945 (2pp.) [Donated by the Faversham Society, Fleur de Lys Heritage Centre to the Guildhall Museum, Rochester and transferred to Local Studies 2004] (local studies ref. VF940.53ROC);

Receipted bills or vouchers of Wakeley Brothers (Rainham, Kent) Ltd., Wakeley Lane, Rainham, agricultural merchants, from their suppliers 1934-1936, 1950 (1 folder);

Franked or stamped, addressed envelopes apparently of no common origin and collected as having local relevance, five from Kentish Town, London NW to Madame Rose Wright, 20 Theobald Square, Rochester (one including a letter from a Mrs. Collins at 18 Wincanton Cottages, Sussex Road, Tonbridge and one from Ma and Pa) 1909-1910, one from Bulawayo, Rhodesia, to Mrs. C. Hobart, 36 Richard Street, Rochester 1940, two from Huddersfield, West Riding, Yorkshire to Mr. J.W. Newell, W.C. Holmes and Co.’s representative, C/o Gas Works, Gas House Road, Rochester 1936, one to P.P. Roome, Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Officer, ARP HQ, Maidstone Road, Rochester 1940, one to Mr. D. Albury, Air Ministry Technical Costs Officer, Messrs. Short Brothers, Airport Works, Rochester 1940 and one from Fr. de Winne, Horsemeat Salesman, Kloosterstreet, 55, Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium to Mr. R. Hook, horse slaughterer, 220 Chatham Hill, Chatham 1936
13 items

apprenticeship indenture of Cyril Valentine Hayzelden of Deramore, Palmerston Road, Chatham, to Short Brothers (Rochester and Bedford) Ltd., Seaplane Works, Rochester, [aeronautical engineers] (2 items, paper) 1930;

Christmas card from the Royal Aero Club, London W1, illustrated with a photograph of Horace Short, Orville Wright, Oswald Short, Wilbur Wright and Eustace Short at the Aero Club Flying Ground, Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey, marking the 50th. anniversary of powered flight, 1953, sent by Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Short (1 item) [Guildhall Museum dep. no. 1292 1984];

Printed booklet entitled A Royal Visit: A Souvenir of the Visit of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Works of Short Brothers (Rochester and Bedford) Ltd., Rochester by Griffith Brewer, 1939 (1 booklet) [Guildhall Museum gift dep. 632 1976];

Stencil typescript press release issued by Directorate of Public Relations, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Millbank, London SW1 supplying description and attributes of Shorts’ Shetland flying boat, 17 May 1945 (2pp., foolscap);

Typescript and stencil typescript reports, minutes, printed pamphlets, flyers and correspondence of the Amalgamated Engineering Union (AEU) side in Medway Divisional Joint Production Consultative and Advisory Committee meetings with management of Short Brothers, Seaplane Works, Rochester, kept by a Mr. Dickenson of the Engineers’ Department, pertaining to industrial relations, closure of works and transfer of operations to Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland 1938-1947 (2 folders) [Guildhall Museum gift deps. 1257 and 1273];

Facsimile plan of Shorts’ Seaplane Works, Willis Avenue, Rochester, showing factory shops, foreshore and deep air raid shelters, c.1942 (1 item, paper);

C.S. Knight, mayor of Rochester’s copy of itinerary for royal visit to Shorts’ Seaplane Works, Willis Avenue, Rochester, with site plans, 1939 (1 folder);

Greetings card bearing colour print of Kenneth Denton’s painting of a Short Brothers’ C Class Empire Canopus flying boat over Rochester 1936, signed by the artist, c.1990 (1 item, paper);

Stencil typescript Short Brothers’ aircraft type and data list 1908-1951 (1 sheaf/6pp.);

Plan of graveyard, High Halstow parish church, compiled by Sarah Cook, Susan Hackett, Tracey Horne and Kathryn Worthen, 1977-1978 (1 roll/83 1/2” x 58” (2120mm x 1479mm)) (call number P167 (additional)) [see also DE83]

Narrative, progress sheets, notes, photographs and facsimile sectional drawing pertaining to renewal of No.2 Rotary Kiln, Cliffe Cement Worls, Alpha Cement Ltd. Cliffe, 1950 (1 folder)

File updated by Borough Archivist 16 March 2006

Date: c.1900-c.1990
Quantity: 1 box, 1 roll
Result number 20 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1123 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1123.html

Additional records of Halling Primary School, Howlsmere Close, Halling, comprising glass plate negatives of Halling Village, possibly the work of Stephen James Foreman.

[Archivist's note: cleaned and digitised by Mr Roger Smoothy, a volunteer for England’s Past for Everyone, part of the Victoria County History of Kent Project.]

ISAD (G) reference/call number: C/ES 165

Date: Exposed c1910
Quantity: 39 glass plate negatives
Result number 21 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1148 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1148.html

Additional records of Medway Branch, Dunkirk Veterans’ Association (DVA), meeting at Royal British Legion Club, 78 Livingstone Road, Gillingham, and personal records of Arthur N. Oates of Gillingham, Dunkirk Veteran, comprising:


minutes 1999-2000


attendance register 1987-1997 (1 volume)


register of members giving name, address telephone number, branch number, regiment or branch of service, service number, life number and date of death 1991-2006 (1 volume)


2nd. newsletter 1995 (1 sheaf)


personal journal of Sergeant Arthur N. Oates of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps kept during the campaign in north west Europe 1944-1945


scrapbook containing postcards and mementoes of holiday in Austria, Jugoslavia, Belgium, Holland/Netherlands and Luxembourg, summer 1983 (1 volume)


printed matter and circulars pertaining to DVA and Royal Army Service Corps activities 1948-2004 (1 folder)


felt burgee issued by Rochester upon Medway City Council to Dunkirk Little Ships on occasion of 50th. anniversary of Dunkirk evacuation 1990 (1 item, fabric)


recollections of Arthur Oates, driver and motorcyclist in Royal Army Service Corps, 48th. Division, Dunkirk and England 1940 and Germany 1945, composed c.1995 (3pp.) with circulars and correspondence about Dunkirk Veterans’ Association business, associated printed leaflets and personal photographs of Bayham Abbey, Lamberhurst, Sussex (1975), Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Sussex (1975), Great Witley, Worcestershire, Ledbury, Herefordshire, Allington Lock, Allington and Chatham Dockyard (1975), Charlocote House, Warwickshire, Chester (1978) and Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk (1975) (1 packet);


printed matter including reprints of wartime newspapers commemorating evacuation from Dunkirk 1940 and D Day 1944, 1990-1994 (1 bundle)


certificate awarded to A.N. Oates, Royal Army Service Corps, by the Town of Dunkirk [1990?] (2 copies) [French] [cf. France]


Photographs and newscuttings relating to winding up of branch 1994-2005 (1 bundle)

Deposited 11 September 2007


service records of Lance Sergeant Arthur N. Oates of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, with active service edition of the New Testament, printed book of devotions for men on active service, French, Dutch and Belgian pre-war banknotes (4 items in small wallet), diploma issued by French Government to Mr. Oates for service in Normandy 1944-1945 (2003), service sheet for visit of SS Jeremiah O’Brien to Chatham Maritime1994 and photographs and printed matter pertaining to depositor post-war. Includes printed booklet entitled Life of a British PoW in Poland May 31st 1940- April 30  by James Stedman of Gillingham, 1992 and small printed booklet entitled My Faith on Active Service c.1940 and other ephemera


Deposited 11 September 2007



Deposited 11 September 2007


[Historical note. The depositor was secretary of the Medway Branch DVA 1991-2000 and Treasurer of Lord Kitchener Memorial Home, Chatham 1980-1995]

[For previous deposit see DE742]

File updated by Borough Archivist 2 October 2007

Date: 1944-2006
Quantity: 1 box
Result number 22 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1182 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1182.html

Items of varying provenance transferred from the Local Studies Unit, Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre, comprising:


Printed book entitled Random Recollections of Woodland, Fen and Hill by J.W. Tutt c.1895, inscribed A.C. Holliday, 1 Mitre Road, Rochester and Duffryn House, New Road, Nantyglo (Rantyglo), Monmouthshire, containing newscuttings about hopfields 1941, studio photograph of Tutt, letter from J. Herbert Tutt, Coopers Hill, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey, author’s son 1944, returned letter from Holliday to Tutt junior 1951 and letters news articles by Holliday pertaining to Tutt senior including Rambles in Welsh Valleys 1941-1942

Formerly at Gillingham Public Library

1 volume with loose enclosures

c.1895; c.1941-c.1951


Letter from Lewis Levy, 16 Kingswood Villas, Gillingham, to [A.A.?] Arnold [Cobhambury, Cobham], thanking him for assistance and describing bad weather, 1 March 1925

1 p.


Printed flyer advertising Edwin Harris’ Olde Curiostie Shoppe, 89 (later 151) High Street, Rochester, in style parodying the Court of Pie Powder, Rochester


1 p.


Printed article or off-print entitled Surveys of the English Coast 1779-1793: from records of reports made by the Inspector of Royal Artillery on the Coast Defences of England, by Major A.E. Macrae, bound with newcuttings and typescript and MS notes by Thomas [?] Blomfield or P.F. Hogg on early guns and the Medway forts, together with forts at Tilbury, Essex and Brighthelmstone, Sussex (including newscutting entitled Old cannons in Rochester, Chatham and Brompton, Chatham Observer, by Edwin Harris, 1929)

Hogg Collection [see also DE263, DE292, DE303, DE346 and DE913]

Formerly at Chatham Library


1 booklet


File on Gillingham Town Centre Plan: objections and amendments, 1981

1 folder

Formerly at Gillingham Library


Printed pamphlet entitled Report on the Borough of Chatham with a description of the proposed boundary, Session 1831-1832, with map

1 folder

2 copies

Formerly at Rochester Library ref. VF CHA352.0072


Kent River Authority Fishery Byelaws 1970

1 folder

Formerly at Gillingham Library ref. K445KEM


MS monograph entitled A tale or legend of Rochester Castle in the olden time by an inhabitant of modern Rochester


Author Miss Anne Stone, daughter of Mr. H. Stone of Hall Place, Bexley, banker

Presented to Eastgate House Museum, Rochester by Miss Elizabeth Newnham, 4 Wayville Road, Dartford 1949

1 booklet


Stencil typescript transcript of: architectural survey by Robert Smirke of Stratford Place, London of Rochester Cathedral (1825); the opinion of James Savage of 34 Walbrook, London on the tower (1826); and personal journal of Robert Stevens DD, Dean of Rochester on the repair of Rochester Cathedral by Lewis Nockalls Cottingham (1825-1826)

1 booklet

Compiled 1972


Printed book entitled Fawkham: The Story of a Kentish Village by W. Frank Proudfoot 1951

Presented to Kent Archives Office by the author 1951

De-accessioned from the parish records by Kent County Council and transferred to Medway Archives.

Former reference P157/28/14 [part]

Previously in the Medway Archives office library, ref. OA/LIB/88

1 volume


Apprenticeship indenture of James Moore, son of John Moore of Strood, mariner, bound to Thomas Boucher of Rochester, fisherman and dredgerman and hoyman

Witnessed by Thomas Patten, attorney and notary, Rochester

Donated by Mr. A. Torry of Dartford to Dartford Library 1960

Transferred from Dartford Library 2008


1 membrane


Assignment of James Moore as apprentice from George Telfer of Strood Intra, fisherman and dredgerman (being about to leave the City) to Richard Wildish of Strood Intra, fisherman and dredgerman (reciting previous assignment of James Moore from Thomas Boucher of Rochester, fisherman and dredgerman and hoyman to Telfer in 1827)

Witnessed by Richard Prall and Richard Harper, clerks to Mr. Boys of Rochester, solicitor

Donated by Mr. A. Torry of Dartford to Dartford Library 1960

Transferred from Dartford Library 2008


1 item, paper


Oath of James Moore, fisherman and dredgerman on admission to the Freedom of the City of Rochester

Donated by Mr. A. Torry of Dartford to Dartford Library 1960

Transferred from Dartford Library 2008

1 membrane


Date: 1825-1972
Quantity: 5 volumes/booklets, 5 items/packets, 3 folders
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Additional records of St. Mark’s Parish Church, Canterbury Street, Gillingham, comprising:


Guarded volume of correspondence between Rev. Alfred Willis of Strood and later New Brompton and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and Admiralty concerning the erection of a church and church school in New Brompton and the constitution of the parish, 1861-1871 (1 volume)


receipted bills for building St. Mark’s Church 1862-1868 (1 guarded volume, dismounted)


photocopies of church building receipts (1862-1866) c.1980 (1 bundle)


bond for performance to build the church 1864 (1 item, paper)


Parochial Church Council (PCC) minute book 1945-1960 (including annual vestry meeting and annual parochial church meeting 1946-1960) (1 volume)


Parochial Church Council (PCC) minute book 1960-1968 (including annual vestry meeting and annual parochial church meeting 1960-1967) (1 volume)


Parochial Church Council (PCC) minute book 1968-1972 (including annual vestry meeting and annual parochial church meeting 1968-1971) (1 volume)


PCC special meetings and standing committee minute book 1964-1969 (1 volume)


Standing Committee and Finance Committee minute book 1960-1964 (1 volume)


Buildings and fabrics sub-committee minute books 1963-1967 and 1967-1969 (2 volumes)


inventory 1924-1965 (1 volume)


quinquennial reports 1977-1993 (1 bundle)


curates’ licences 1923-1966 (1 bundle)


Marksman (monthly newsletter) and Marktime (weekly news-sheet) 1984-1989 (10 bundles)


Parish magazines 1866-1989 (gaps) (1 bundle)


Parish magazine February 1931 (1 booklet)


MS draft of and notes on parish history by Ken Wheeler c.1983 (1 bundle)


MS research notes comprising extracts from local newspapers, parish magazines and the London Gazette (1863-1935), interviews and notes on general sources, compiled c.1980 (5 volumes, 1 bundle)


Photocopies of early parish magazines and documents associated with foundation of parish, andsome MS notes, compiled c.1980 (1 bundle)


typescript version of Ken Wheeler’s parish history 1984 (1 sheaf)


final typescript version of Ken Wheeler’s parish history c.1985 (1 bundle)


correspondence of Bishop Colin Buchanan on mission, new vicarage, youth and team ministry c.1987-c.1996 (1 bundle)


correspondence with the Church Commissioners, Diocesan Office and others 1939-1956 (1 folder)


correspondence and papers pertaining to the closure of Holy Trinity Church, Maxwell Road, Brompton 1950 (1 folder)


An Act to carry into effect, with certain Modifications, the Fourth Report of the Commissioners of Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues 1840 (1 sheaf)


Printed transcript of Valor Ecclesiasticus (1535) for the Diocese of Canterbury, watermarked 1805 (1 sheaf) [mutilated]

New Brompton Church of England School (St. Mark’s Church Boys’ School) log book 1905-1935 (1 volume) [donated by P. Matthews, Northfleet] (restored to collection C/ES 153/8)

Date: 1805-1996
Quantity: 4 boxes
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Records of the The United Church (United Reformed and Methodist), (Medway District, United Reformed Church), High Street, Snodland 1976-1982, formerly The Congregational Church and previously The Independent Church (Congregational or Independent Dissenters), comprising:

The Congregational Church

minute and memorandum book of the Independents 1836-1920 (1 volume);
minute books 1920-1948, 1948-1959, 1959-1968 and 1968-1970 (4 volumes);
duplicate baptisms 1883-1907 (1 volume);
Women's Adult School minute book 1907-1911 (1 volume);
deacons' minute books 1894-1911, 1934-1945 and 1950-1966;
roll of church members 1949-1982 (1 volume) [i.e. Congregational Church and United Church combined];
account books 1906-1925, 1926-1934 and 1966-1973 (3 volumes);
annual statements of accounts 1935-1952 (1 volume);
loose accounts comprising vouchers, bills and receipts 1947-1952 and 1952-1956 (2 folders);
Miss R.M. Fletcher, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining mainly to trusteeship matters, with Nativity Play script, 1936-1948 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to repair of fabric, finances, ministry or pastorate and War Damage, 1947-1949 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to reconstruction, the manse, outings and finances 1949-1951 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to systematic prayer, the manse and pastoral matters 1951-1953 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to Civil Defence, lay preachers, service arrangements and pastoral matters 1953-1956 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to lay preachers' plans, finances and fund raising, hymn choosing and pastoral matters 1955-1957 (1 folder);
Frank R. Mabbott, secretary and treasurer's correspondence file, pertaining to insurance, fund raising, pastoral matters and lay preachers, including printed booklet order of service for thanksgiving for commemorating the tercentenary of the Great Ejection from the Church of England 1662-1962, Winter Gardens, Margate (1 folder);
facsimile and original architects' drawings and associated correspondence pertaining to rebuilding work 1964-1978 with other papers pertaining to sharing agreement between Congregational and Methodist churches locally 1977 (1 folder);
minutes of joint meetings of deacons of Snodland, Rainham and Hempstead Congregational churches (1953-1954), notes of marriages performed at Snodland (1921-1925), loose accounts, account books, insurances and extracts from the trust deed, c.1900-c.1960 (1 folder);
papers pertaining to the reinstatement of War Damage sustained by the church and manse including estimates and schedules, the welcoming home of demobilised service personnel, letting of the manse, and question sheets and checkpoint list for motor car treasure hunt around Kent, taking in Goudhurst, Tovil and the A229 area (c.1963), c.1938-c.1963 (1 folder);
blank membership, Sunday School and attendance cards with printed booklets and pamphlets pertaining to church membership and Kent Congregational Association and the Congregational Churches of England and Wales policies and activities c.1931-c.1966 (1 folder);
minutes and agenda papers of combined or United Congregational and Methodist clergy and members, correspondence and draft constitution pertaining to amalgamation of Snodland Congregational and Methodist churches 1967-1977 (1 folder).

Call no.: N/URC/342

Date: 1836-1982
Quantity: As above
Result number 25 - Please quote Reference: 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/DE0777 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/ DE0777.html

Records of Leonards (Rochester) Ltd., 108-122 High Street, Rochester, department store, drapery, outfitting, furnishings and household linens, ladies and children's fashion specialists, agents for Jaeger, with some family memorabilia and personal records of John Leonard, comprising:

C.R. and E.P. Leonard Partnership account book 1901-1929 (1 volume);
C. Leonard and Sons account book 1901-1912 (1 volume);
diary of Sergeant John Leonard, Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) no. 7522546 kept during 1946 on station and leave in Germany, Belgium, France and England, with letter written on back of photograph of military personnel and motor vehicles at a middle eastern fort 1940 [?] (1 volume and enclosure);
linen department order books 1962-1971, 1970-1979 (2 volumes);
notebook of J. Leonard JP of 120 High Street, Rochester, magistrate at Rochester Magistrates Court, Guildhall, High Street, Rochester, containing record of sentences handed down with index, stencilled typescript court memoranda and doodles 1960-1962 (1 volume and loose enclosures);
memorandum book of John Leonard as above, containing record of membership of organisations and clubs including Rochester Rotary Club and Catenian Association, offices and appointments held, churchgoing, recreational activities, philately, countries visited, ships sailed in, aircraft flown in, ports passed through or visited, list of Christmas card recipients, investments, insurances and banking arrangements and social engagements 1935-1970 (1 volume and loose enclosures);
miniature oil painting of riverscape looking towards Rochester Castle from Rochester Bridge, showing the River Medway shoreline, rowing boat, sailing boat and Ladbury's Cottage, unascribed, c.1800 (i item, framed).

[NB further Leonard's material comprising printed matter pertainng to the business and family and photographs of Sergeant Leonard RAMC's active service in the Middle East have been passed to the Local Studies Unit at this centre.]

[A pedigree, typescript notes and newspaper cuttings pertaining to the Leonards family and business were deposited on 6 September and added to the local studies collections.]

Date: c.1800-1979
Quantity: 8 items/volumes plus loose enclosures
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