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Result number 1 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0013 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0013.html

Documents transferred from Chatham Library, comprising:

Chatham Borough Council register compiled under provisions of Housing & Town Planning Acts 1909 and 1919, later Housing Acts 1925 and 1930, Section 17, giving address, name of owner, date of inspection, etc., with remarks as to repairs or demolition, 1917-1934 (44ff. used), with TS index CBA Additional
Chatham Borough Council Register of Houses in Clearance Areas (Brook Area, King Street, Middleton Square, Whittaker Street, Russell Square and Caroline Square, Best Street, Lower Mount, Rhode Street, Sharsted Road, Luton High Street, Clover Alley, John Street, Dargetts Road, Walderslade and New Road), compiled under provisions of Housing Act 1930, giving address, name and address of owner, name of occupier and date of demolition by owner, 1932-1939 CBA Additional
lease for 21 years, parties Dean and Chapter of Rochester and Thomas Ferreby/Ferrabee of Chatham, boatswain of HMS London to two messuages in Smithfield, Chatham, 2 May 1699
label addressed to Mr. John Simmons, attorney, Rochester, c.1800
Final concord between James Allen and William Bingham, querentes and John Hull and Mary his wife, deforciants to two messuages in Chatham, 1707 with two pages of MS pencil notes of transcription

Date: 1699-1939
Quantity: 8 items plus two envelopes
Result number 2 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0028 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0028.html

Medway Borough Council records of the building of North Dane Wood residential estate, Chatham, comprising correspondence, accounts and maps, plans and technical drawings, involving the Greater London Council

CE/CC/2  Unappraised/uncatalogued. Notice required if access needed

Date: 1975-1984
Quantity: 9 boxes
Result number 3 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0152 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0152.html

MS items of various and unknown provenance transferred from Chatham and Rochester Libraries, comprising:

Letter from James Aubrey of Tooks Court [London] to a Mr. Acworth of Rochester, solicitor discussing cases of Shrewsbury v. Burr, Hulkes Assignees v. Day, Chatham Intra, and Pearce v. Morson, mentioning [John] Campbell as the best junior counsel for the Hulkes v Day case, 8 July 1824 with covering note from Rochester Library;
Letter from Samuel Comyn of Serjeants' Inn, London to James Boys Esq. [of Rochester] thanking the City of Rochester for appointing him Recorder of the City and electing him a Freeman, 7 November 1826;
Two postcards from P. Fitzgerald Hogg of 136 Pamerston Road, Chatham to G.S.D. Lindsay, Librarian, Public Library, New Road, Chatham, discussing a MS list of ships built in the Medway 1640-1926 and an exhibition, 1949 [see also deposits DE263, DE292, DE303 and DE346];London SW1 covering delivery of 100 catalogues for "Young Contemporaries, 1949" with an exhibition 1950.
Date: 1824-1950
Quantity: 6 items

Result number 4 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0175 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0175.html

Business records of H. & R.L. Cobb of Rochester, Higham and London, auctioneers, comprising:

estate maps and plans of clients' estates viz Great Clayne Farm, Chalk 1941; estate centring on Weeds Wood and Snodhurst Wood 1911; Rose Court (Rosecourt) Farm and Marshes, Isle of Grain c.1900 giving tenants' names; and land belonging to Rochester Bridge Wardens and major Best in St. Margaret's Parish, Rochester 1894;
lease City of Rochester to Messrs. W. Wood & Son, to Cattle Market, Corporation Street, Rochester 1955;
correspondence, sale particulars and plans for sale of Digges Place or Marshes, Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey 1920;
and book containing and inventories, valuations or agreements for farms and estates in Higham, Hollingbourne, Shorne, Cobham, Borstal, High Halstow, Hoo St. Werburgh and 59-61 High Street, Rochester 1927-1932 and accounts for handling sales 1929-1930 (rear)
Date: 1894-1955
Quantity: 1 folder, 1 volume, 5 other items

Result number 5 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0181 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0181.html

Additional records Rainham parish church mainly relating to the fabric, comprising:

Cartoon of proposed breastwork for chancel seats by Alexander Gough of Lancaster Place, London, architect c.1850 [?];
two off-prints entitled Kentish Items by Ralph Griffin FSA relating to the Rainham Church brasses (fromTransactions of the Monumental Brass Society Vol. VI pp.354-371 1914[?]) and Church Plate in Kent: Sittingbourne Deanery [Canterbury Diocese] by Rev. C.E. Woodruff MA from Archaelogia Cantiana 1903;
printed booklets comprising Sunburst parish magazines January - December 1991 (12 items)
bundle of letters and other papers comprising letters from Robert Marchant, 2 Bedford Square, London WC1 and Rev. R.U. Potts, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury (Advisory Committee on Faculties, Canterbury Diocese) to Rev. A.D. Hodgson, The Vicarage, Rainham about proposed vicars' nominal board 1929; circulars from Ministry of Town and Country Planning, 38 Onslow Gardens, London and Church Commissioners , 1 Millbank, Westminster SW1 about inclusion of Rainham Church in List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest 1950; letter from Christopher Chavasse, Bishop of Rochester to a Mr. Jordan covering a drawing of the parish chest 1953; letter from H.C. Maule of The Pyghtle, East Bergholt, East Suffolk to an unnamed addressee with an heraldic enquiry concerning the Tufton tombs in Rainham Church and Sir Winston Churchill 1938; plan of Broadview Garden Estate, Rainham, vendor C.E. Andrews c.1921; brass rubbings; notes on two silver flaggons c.1950; with photocopies of all same including photocopy of Gough's drawing as above;
sequestration issued on resignation of Rev. C. Cobb 1908;
curates' licences 1935 - 1965 (4 items) ;
Rural Dean's report 1923;
Memorandum of Reading of 39 Articles of Religion 1955;
Faculties 1897-1931 (7 items);
Call No.: P296 Additional
Date: c.1850-c.1991
Quantity: 1 bundle

Result number 6 - Please quote Reference: 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/DE0191 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 03_DE_SERIES_0001_0250/ DE0191.html

Disrupted title deeds etc., of uncertain provenance but putatively of Mackey of Rochester, solicitor's origin comprising:

land comprising King's Field in St. Margaret's Parish, Rochester belonging to Jacob Cazeneuve Troy, parties Twopeny [cf. Twopenny], Tappen, Cheesman, Harman, Goble and Rooke 1790 [See also DRc/T305];
Marriage settlement, parties Berisford, Howes, Hulkes and Weekes 1792;
Apprenticeship indenture of William Edmund Jones of Arden Street, New Brompton, to Mr. William Jones of 104 Copenhagen Road, New Brompton, as carpenter and joiner with memorandum of agreement 1883;
Apprenticeship indenture of James Walter Chidley of St. Margaret's Banks, Rochester to Messrs. William Henry Sampson and Robert George Sampson of Chatham, carpenters and joiners 1881;
Apprenticeship indenture of Frederick Manson Lawson of Stopford Road, New Brompton to Mr. Samuel Waghorn of Grove Cottage, Canterbury Street, New Brompton, decorator 1884;
Apprenticeship indenture of Frederick Thacker to David French, Coury Cooperage, Chatham, cooper 1862;
Mortgage of land at Stopford Road, New Brompton, parties Harden & Packham 1888;
Deed to lead the uses of a fine to messuage and land at Gadshill in Gillingham and Stoke and Allhallows, parties Bourn, Sheafe and Collins, 1731 (2 membranes);
Transfer of mortgage by demise of house called Whittington House at London Road, Forest Hill, parties French and French 1869;
Settlement, parties Stunt and Muddle 1867;
Lease for 21 years, Smithfield or Brookfield, Chatham, parties Dean and Chapter of Rochester and Peck, 1668;
Lease for 21 years of shop in High Street, New Brompton, parties Davison & King 1871;
Settlement, parties Stunt & Muddle, 1879;
Bond to accompany mortgage, parties Stephens & James 1824 (2 items);
Paper regarding disposal of personal estate of Thomas Tippin 1875;
Lease of lease and release to messuages and marsh land in or near Frindsbury Street, Strood, parties Berisford, Hulkes and Weekes 1792;
Lease of two messuage in Brookfield or Smithfield, Chatham, parties Dean and Chapter of Rochester and Charleton, 1728;
Lease of three tenements lately erected in Brookfield or Smithfield, Chatham, parties Dean and Chapter of Rochester and Pack/Peck, 1700;
Counterpart lease to 7 messuages or dwellinghouses in Church Street, Gillingham, parties Matthews & Newnham 1799;
Office or probate copies of wills of Margaret Crompe [Cromp, Crump, Crumpe] of Rochester, widow, written 1728 [proved but no date of probate supplied]; Henry Sheafe of Strood, gentleman, proved 1753; George Haylor of Chatham, cheesemonger, proved 1783;
Copy of lease and release to messuage and land at Cliffe, parties Brett and Brett 1800 (1735);
Copy of release with covenant to levy a fine and assignment of term in trust to messuage, barn, outbuildings, garden and four acres in Cliffe, parties Emmerey [cf. Emmery], Bedell, Prebble & Tilden 1800 (1792).

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 21 May 2001.

Date: 1668-1888
Quantity: 1 box
Result number 7 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0303 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0303.html

Notebook containing distances of railway stations from London also giving 1915 populations of those places, P.[?] F. Hogg collection

See also deposits DE263, DE292]
Date: c.1915
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 8 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0355 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0355.html

4 notebooks containing transcripts of account rolls of Rochester Cathedral Priory 1384-16th. Century, originals of which among Thorpe MSS in Society of Antiquaries, London. Signed F.H.D.

DRc Additional  (uncatalogued)


Call number: DRc (DE355)  - please put this ref on your pink slip

Date: 1888
Quantity: 4 volumes
Result number 9 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0407 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0407.html

Roll of facsimile or blue-print drawings of pumping stations in Chatham including Snodhurst Valley by Gimson of Leicester, Leicestershire Simpson of London, Taylor of Westminster, Middlesex and Marshall of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

CBA Additional?
Date: c.1898-c.1922
Quantity: 11 sheets

Result number 10 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0417 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0417.html

MS items separated from Local Studies collections at former Rochester Upon Medway Studies Centre (now Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre) comprising Rochester upon Medway City Council Medway Valley [Leisure] Park facsimile drawings 1991 with bundle of Rochester upon Medway City Council printed Bye-laws 1970s-1980s; ex-Chatham Library material comprising sale particulars for Woodlands Farm, Chatham Hill 1907; Medway Divisional Executive (Kent Education Committee) minutes 1964-1968; presumed ex-Rochester Library material comprising MS notebook entitled "Rambles by Two Js" F.J. Bloomfield and Mr. J. Kenworthy relating mostly to Kent places and London 1947-1949; Rochester Jubilee Free Library minute book including accounts 1887-1893; letters from Chapter Clerk, Rochester and D.B. Lewis, Rochester to Messrs. Norwood, Smart & Norwood, Charing, solicitors 1831 & 1809 respectively about Land Tax and lease renewal; Rochester 500 Charter celebrations booklet; City of Rochester victuallers list 1898; ; City of Rochester wine and beer certificates; agreement for "Rose Cottage", Hoo St. Werburgh 1933; sale particulars for land in Rochester and Chatham 1885; sale particulars for property in The Brook and High Street, Chatham 1889; release/reconveyance Plot no. 34 Chatham No.1 Estate 1890: Mackey provenance?

RUMCC Additional; C/EC Additional; RCA Additional
Date: 1809-1991
Quantity: 1 box

Result number 11 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0446 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0446.html

Records of Chatham Unitarian Church (The Church of the Good Companions), Hammond Hill, Chatham comprising mainly committee and council minutes. These records were formerly held at Dr. Williams' Library, 14 Gordon Square, London.

Handlist available.

The Church Book 1801-1849 and Sexton's Burial register 1833-1854 have been transcribed and issued amongst the General Baptist Assembly's Occasional Papers.

Date: c.1801-1952
Quantity: 15 volumes plus loose enclosures

Result number 12 - Please quote Reference: 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/DE0453 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 04_DE_SERIES_0251_0500/ DE0453.html

Facsimile architect's drawings comprising sections through roads and sewers by Raymond J. Sargent, registered architect, 6 Queen Street, Mayfair, London, for Rochester Garden City Estates Ltd., vicinity of Weller Road, Rochester
Date: 1936
Quantity: 1 item, rolled
Result number 13 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0503 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0503.html

Items recovered from basement of offices of Lewis Bell Darley Gambrill, solicitors, 45 High Street, Rochester, comprising:
(a) incomplete register of deeds and wills relating to Rochester charities including Gunsley, Watts, Sir John Hayward, Francis Barrell and St. Catherine's Hospital period 16th. - 19th. Centuries, compiled c.1850and
(b) maps of Watts Charity's estates at Rochester, Frindsbury, Strood, Higham, Shorne and at the corner of Aldersgate Street and Long Lane, London, with a plan and elevation of the Six Poor Travellers’ House and garden High Street, Rochester, by Edward Gotto of Rochester, architect and surveyor 1843 51" (1300mm) x 36 1/2" (930mm)

Date: 16th.19th. Centuries
Quantity: 2 items

Result number 14 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0536 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0536.html

Various unrelated items of Rochester interest de- accessioned from Rochester Bridge Trust archives, comprising: artist's aerial perspective plan of King's School, Rochester late 20th. Century; City of Rochester Surface Water Drainage Scheme, Stage 2 1972 booklet; printed foolscap notice of sale or lease of house in St. Margaret's Street, Rochester, occupied by a Dr. Vaughan 1826; notice from South Eastern Railway to Dean and Chapter of Rochester of intention to apply to Parliament to build a railway from London to Chilham with branches 1845; Medway Borough Council facsimile architect's drawings of scheme at junction of Gundulph [i.e. Gundulf] Square & Rochester High Street, 1977- 1978.
Date: 1826-c.1978
Quantity: 8 items
Result number 15 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0538 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0538.html

Title deeds (c1727-1857) to properties in Chatham and Gillingham, parties Phillips, Lloyd, Purcell, Jackson, Oldham, Demand, Greenfield, Martin, Parlby, Olive, Lock, Stephens, Luck, Bullard, Skinner, Admiralty, Bailey, Marsh, Knox, Ward, Payne, Brooks, Eufton, Arworth, Joques, Commissioners of the Navy, City of Rochester, Hulbert, Simmons, Jenner, Lepine, Baroness Howe, Marquess of Sligo, Baron, Waller, Metcalfe, Burton, Loton, Long, Baldwin and Bavand (all Chatham properties), and Phillips, Jackson, Reed, Cox, Blicke, Walker, Wear, Bibby, Oldfield, Grant, Marsh, Woolley, Chouler, Barlow, Acworth, Jenner, Rimington, Swan, Solomon, HM The Queen [Victoria], Admiralty, Beauclerk, Gilbert, Cowlishaw and Smith (all Chatham and Gillingham)

[Acquired from the registry section, Treasury Solicitor, Queen Anne's Gate, 28 Broadway, London]

Rough list available in MALSC searchroom (Accuracy of list unknown)

Date: 1695-1859
Quantity: 5 boxes
Result number 16 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0542 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0542.html

Additional constituency papers of Mr. A. Rowe, MP, House of Commons, London comprising correspondence with constituents and topical files

See also DE62, DE107, DE425 and DE578

For DE425 click here

Embargoed. Access by written request only

Date: c.1980s-c.1990s
Quantity: 17 boxes
Result number 17 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0578 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0578.html

Additional constituency and constituents' papers, Mid-Kent constituency (pre-1 May 1997) of A. Rowe, MP, House of Commons, London, comprising constituents' case files 1995, day files 1993-1995 and House of Commons Public Accounts Committee papers 1996-1997

See also DE62, DE107, DE425 and DE542]

Embargoed under Data Protection Act 


Date: 1993-1997
Quantity: 13 boxes
Result number 18 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0590 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0590.html

Records of Ladbury, Hills, and Wilkins families of Rochester (and Wilkins, United States of America) 1804-1900, including sepia photograph of Ladbury’s Cottage, Rochester c.1860, with 35mm colour negative [see also M69 for sepia negative photograph copy], certificate of enrolment of John Ladbury as a Sea Fencible 1809, appointments as Water Bailiffs of City of Rochester 1824-1828, apprenticeship indentures as fishermen and dredgermen 1804-1841, oaths of Freemen of City of Rochester 1811-1814, personal estate papers 1897-1899, with letters from Charles L. Wilkins, 1436 Johnson Avenue, San Luis Obispo, California USA 1969-1970, facsimile Ladbury Civil Registration records 1902-1981 and pedigrees.

[For the Sea Fencibles, see also Naval Chronicle volume 22, July-December 1809 pp.373-374 & pp.473-476 and volume 23, January-June 1810 pp.37-40, and for an article entitled The City of London River Fencibles see Coast and Country volume 8 no.1 February 1979 pp.8-11, by W.H. Lapthorne (photocopies), held in the local studies collections at this centre.]

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 9 January 2001.

Date: 1804-1900
Quantity: 1 bundle
Result number 19 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0614 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0614.html

Miscellaneous documents or documents of unrelated provenance comprising:

register of certificates issued by Commissioners of the Land Tax to persons redeeming or purchasing Land Tax for the North Division of the Lathe of Aylesford 1798-1873 giving date of certificate, name of official signatory e.g. Edward Twopeny [alias Twopenny] & George Essell, parish, names of parties, description of premises, name of owner, name of occupier, rate assessed, terms of redemption and date forwarded to Tax Office;
printed sale particulars and conditions of sale of 6 acres comprising estate of E.J. Chambers located at crossroads formed by Lower Rainham Road (B2004), Horrid Hill and Twydall Lane, Gillingham, plan showing Twydall Farm [now Manor Farm] and Alfred Place 1913;
printed sale particulars and conditions of sale of 101 acres comprising Little London Farm at Twydall, Gillingham, plan showing also Twydall Farm and York Farm and Horrid Hill with railway sideline to Sharp’s Green Cement Works;
also 6 acres between Danes Hill and Grange Road, plan also showing Hastings Arms Public House and Gillingham Portland Cement Works, comprising estate of John Friday Esq. 1913;
printed sale particulars and conditions of sale to houses and plots of land at Bryant’s Place, Alexandra Terrace, Stanhope Road and Weston Road, Strood 1882;
5 disrupted title deeds comprising office copy of will of Margaret Bryant of Chatham, widow, proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1831;
King, Tomlyn and Johnson families of Chatham to 12 acres occupied by Nicholas Wisdome in Gillingham 1736;
Warren of Chatham, Featherstone of Birling, Miller of Gillingham and Hore/Hoar of Chatham to premises in Chatham and Gillingham 1732;
Pratt of Chatham and Mortlake, Surrey and Young of Chatham to premises in Chatham, 1819, 1827.

Believed Mackey provenance

[See also DE167, DE191, DE214, DE402, DE408, DE417, DE450, DE457, DE485].
Date: 1732-1913
Quantity: 10 items

Result number 20 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0653 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0653.html

Additional records of Horton Kirby parish church comprising: Parochial Church Council (PCC) account book including general fund and church hall fund 1952-1974, , altered Tithe apportionments and Tithe redemption certificates including maps and plans 1885-1936, marriage licences, faculties and boundary alteration papers 1950s-1960s, correspondence about formation of meeting place and alteration of west end of church with associated faculty 1977-1979, correspondence between incumbent and Christopher Chavasse (Bishop of Rochester) and Secretary General of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament about tabernacle, ciborium and continuous reservation for the sick 1926-1942, correspondence between incumbent and Day and Son, commissioner for oaths, Millbank House, 2 Wood Street, London about sale and replacement of viacarage 1935-1936, plans of parish boundary alterations 1969, career records of Rev. W.A. Passmore BSc 1934-1957, faculties, deeds and plans of churchyard or graveyard, road improvements and vicarage 1895-1943. ISAD (G) ref: P153 (accession DE653)


File updated by Archivist 23 February 2004.

Date: 1885-1993
Quantity: 3 boxes
Result number 21 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0655 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0655.html

Additional records of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester/ Chatham 1873-1949, comprising numerous architects’ original and facsimile drawings of elevations, plans, site plans, sections and details, to various scales, mainly of additions to and extensions of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital including mortuary or pathological laboratory 1927 (Read & MacDonald, 16 Cork Street, London W1), and garden between latter and Chatham High Street, and site plan of the Hospital’s estate in and around Chatham High Street, also with possibly related drawings of: St. William’s Infectious Hospital, Rochester 1914, 16 cottages for Messrs. Mangon & Stroud in Ernest Road, Chatham c.1900 and proposed landing stage or wharf for Messrs. Arkcoll, Lion Brewery, Chatham c1900, and new stores at steam flour mill at Chatham Intra for W. Kimmins c.1900 (J.H. Andrews, 7 Medway Terrace, Rochester), all previously accumulated by the architect Roy Walsh.


Call no.: MH/Me  uncatalogued (min 5 days notice needed)

[For other plans and architectural drawings of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester please see collection CH2 items CH2/31-37]


Up-dated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 6 October 2000.

Date: 1873-1949
Quantity: 68 plans
Result number 22 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0694 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0694.html

Additional records of the parish of St. Nicholas with St. Mary, Strood comprising:

Registers of banns 1967-1977, 1984-1991 (2 volumes)
Registers of services 1965-1970, 1970-1975, 1975-1980 and 1979-1985 (4 volumes)
Parochial Church Council minute books 1964-1970, 1970-1972 (2 volumes plus loose enclosures);
Guildhall account book 1977-1980 (1 volume);
accounts kept in exercise books 1963 (x2), 1964, 1965, 9167 (x2) and 1968 (7 items in total);
parish magazines (including Strood Group of Churches and Church of England Men's Society journal, For Men The Church Monthly) and 225 pamphlets) 1876-1993 [NB some items restored from deposit DE770];
printed book The Book of Common Prayer printed by John Baskett, London 1717 inscribed on title page S. Roycroft Esq. 1779 (1 volume, mutilated);
printed book The Book of Common Prayer selected and arranged by Rev. Richard Mant DD 1820 (1 volume, missing boards).

Call no.: P150B additional.

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 21 June 2001. Duplicate magazines weeded, cf. further deposits of magazines (DE708 and DE770).

Date: 1717-1992
Quantity: A above
Result number 23 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0697 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0697.html

Additional records of Parish of Holy Trinity, Gillingham (Twydall), comprising:


Minute book of Main Committee 1951-1954 (1 volume);
Minute book of Twydall Green church committee 1955-1956 (1 volume);
Correspondence between Rev. F.W. Jordan of Rainham Vicarage and others planning for the new church/church extension scheme 1952-1957 (1 folder);
Twydall New Church Fund pocket account book 1952-1953 (1 small booklet);
Facsimile architect's drawings for Twydall parsonage 1953 (1 packet);
Correspondence with London architects about Twydall parsonage 1953-1954, with facsimile drawings (1 wallet folder);
  Accounts and correspondence associated with building of church hall [?] and social activities at Twydall organised from Rainham 1952-1955 (1 folder);
Hall licencing 1953-1957 (1 folder);
Parochial Church Council secretary's correspondence 1964-1972 including correspondence with F.A. Burden MP, House of Commons, Westminster, Middlesex;
Parochial Church Council minutes and reports 1967-1969, 1972-1975, 1982-1993 [gaps] (2 wallet folders, 1 bundle);
Church guide or leaflet c.1985 (1 pamphlet);
Log book recording maintenance work and weather conditions 1977-1989, referring to Great Storm of 17 October 1987 and containing architect's drawings and plans 1950s-1980s (1 volume and loose enclosures);
Ecclesiastical Insurance 1954-1969;
Quinquennial repairs 1973 (1 folder);
Strayed papers relating to organ, rating and valuation, welfare foods, faculties, clergy and church building with facsimile architect's drawings including printed orders of service for dedication of Twydall Green chapel and hall 1954 and licencing of Rev. Stephen G. Crookshank BA as priest-in-charge of Holy Trinity, Twydall 1958, etc. (1 bundle).

Call no.: P153K

Date: 1951-1993
Quantity: As above
Result number 24 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0699 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0699.html

Letter from Humphrey Wickham of Strood to Charles Roach Smith of 5 Liverpool Street, London discussing the binding of journals, identification of nails and a piece of silver found in a Strood garden.
Postmarked, with penny red stamp and seal wax with impression of armorial seal, all features fully complete.

Date: 27 May 1850
Quantity: 1p.
Result number 25 - Please quote Reference: 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/DE0700 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 05_DE_SERIES_0501_0750/ DE0700.html

Additional records of Hoo St. Werburgh parish church, comprising:

Register of services 1983-1995 (1 volume);
Mothers' Union registers 1900-1914, 1916-1961 (2 volumes);
Minute book, Deanery Chapter, Rural Deanery of Strood 1985-1993 (1 volume);
Inspections, specifications and reports under quinquennial arrangements, in account with Purcell Miller and Tritton, architects and design consultants, 9 London Road, Sevenoaks, 1973-1994 (13 booklets);
Copies of the London Gazette 17 August 1877, 5 August 1910 and 4 July 1913 (3 booklets);
Correspondence with F. H. Browne & Sons (Organ Builders), St. Mildred's, Canterbury and William Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Ltd, 71 High Street, Hornsey, London N8, 1966-1967 [1983] (1 folder);
Correspondence about and photographs of the hatchments 1984-1986 (1 wallet folder);
Parochial Church Council minutes and accounts 1989-1996 (1 wallet folder);
Lightning damage, repairs and fund raising 1976-1987 (1 folder);
Hoo St. Werburgh brass band photographs, of Gale family of Upnor origin, c.1900 x c.1920 (3 items/prints).

Accession no.: P190
Date: 1900-1996
Quantity: 1 box

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