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Result number 1 - Please quote Reference: 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/DE1134 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06a_DE_SERIES_1001_1200/ DE1134.html

Additional records of Longfield Parish Church, Main Road, Longfield, comprising:


Printed book entitled The Holy Bible printed at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, Oxfordshire by Peter Parker and Thomas Guy 1685


[Archivist’s note. An inscription inside the front board by Rev. Canon William Parker, Rector of Longfield implies this Bible was at Longfield Church prior to 1887 when it was given by Rev. Peter Harnett Jennings, Rector of Longfield (1866-1886) to St. Clement’s Church, East Dulwich c.1885 where his son Rev. Prebendary H.E. Jennings was incumbent for 53 years and was <em> returned </em> to Longfield Church in 1938]


Register of baptisms 1969-1997 (1 volume);


Register of burials 1972-1999 (1 volume);


Registers of services 1981-1988 and 1988-1996 (Longfield Church) and 1992-2002 (Longfield Hill Mission Room 1992-1999 and Longfield Church combined with Longfield Hill 1999-2002) (3 volumes)

Date: 1685, 1969-2002
Quantity: 6 volumes
Result number 2 - Please quote Reference: 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/DE0852 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/ DE0852.html

Records of Rogers, Stevens and Chance, (formerly C.E.T. Rogers, Son and Stevens), 10 New Road, Chatham, chartered surveyors, brewery agents and valuers of licensed property, comprising:correspondence with mortgage lenders and site plans pertaining to valuation of private houses in Medway Towns and surrounding area c.1965-c.1982 (2 boxes);statements of change of tenancy of public houses, off-licences and hotels mainly in the Medway Towns (Strood, Rochester, Chatham and Brompton/Gillingham) and Kent (including Maidstone, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Tenterden, Folkestone, Dover, Isle of Thanet, Sheerness and and Queenborough), but with many also covering the out-county area chiefly Sussex (including Northiam, Robertsbridge, Hastings, St. Leonards-on-Sea and Brighton) and Essex (including Bishops Stortford, Burnham-on-Crouch, Southend and Clacton-on-Sea), with a small coverage of Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire (Dorchester-on-Thames), Wiltshire (Marten), Surrey (including Godalming), Berkshire (Reading), Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Devon (Bear Inn, Colyton), London, Middlesex, Cambridgeshire (Cambridge), Norfolk (Spread Eagle, Barton Bendish) and Switzerland (San Domenico, Castagnola), parties (a) Rogers, Stevens and Chance acting as agents of brewers and (b) tenants, many containing valuation inventories of stock in hand and fixtures and fittings room by room, war damage correspondence and papers, dilapidations surveys, property inspection reports, monopopy valuations (stating social class of clientele), photographs and biographies of tenants, facsimile architects' drawings and site plans and correspondence with brewers, insurers and tenants, c.1871 *-c.1970. Some files contain only the firm's management correspondence on matters including petrol rationing early 1950s and use of motor vehicles c.1940 (164 boxes);finding aids to statements of change as above and correspondence files (2 1/2 boxes);brewery rating files pertaining to breweries in Kent and Norfolk, breweries comprising:
Mackeson’s Brewery, High Street, Hythe 1933-1972 (1 file);
Courage (Eastern) Building Department garages, stores and premises at 1 Buckland Road, Maidstone 1964-1967;
Fremlins Pale Ale Brewery, Stores and Offices, Earl Street, Maidstone 1950-1972;
Truman Hanbury Buxton and Co. Ltd., Bottling Stores, Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk 1950-1968;
Phoenix Brewery, Bow Road, Wateringbury 1923-1974 (1 file);
Cooperage and Sawmills, garages and premises, Buckland Road, Maidstone (Courage Eastern Ltd.) 1949-1974 (1 file);
Whitbread Fremlins, 43-47 Earl Street, Maidstone 1980-1983 (1 file);
Truman Ltd. Bottling Stores, 139-141 King Street, Norwich, Norfolk 1974 (1 file);
Medway Brewery, St. Peter’s Street, Maidstone, Courage (Eastern) Ltd. 1923-1977 (1 file);
The Brewery, Court Street, Faversham, Shepherd Neame Ltd. 1965-1978 (1 file);
Malt House, Nettlestead, Whitbread Fremlins Ltd. 1928-1980 (1 file);
Smaller Malt House, Nettlestead, Frederick Leney and Sons Ltd. 1928-1957 (1 file);
Off Licence 31-33 Pudding Lane, Maidstone; offices, garage, stores, workshops and premises, Pudding Lane, Maidstone, Whitbread Fremlins Ltd. 1931-1984 (1 file);
Wine and Spirit Stores, Court Street, Faversham, Whitbread Fremlins Ltd. 1963-1984 (1 file);
Brewery, Court Street, Faversham, Whitbread Fremlins Ltd. 1957-1983 (1 file);
(2 boxes);public house inventory books c.1915-c.1933, labelled George Taylor FAI, 13 and 19 Watts Place, Chatham, auctioneer and valuer, (7 1/2 boxes);letter books 1910-1932 (20 boxes);rating assessment books 1973-1974 (3 volumes);address book c.1970 (1 volume);valuation books 1967-1982 (4 binders);account books 1973-1980 (2 volumes) [* Most statements of change files post-date 1940. The only file prior to 1940 is an inventory for The Chequers public house, Higham, 1871. The surviving sequence begins at number 4591 before which the finding aid references are redundant. NB the statements of change have been weeded. 98% of files pertaining to the Medway Towns have been retained. About 40% of out area files have been destroyed as not containing inventories or other documents of social, architectural or economic value.]File updated by Borough Archivist 10 January 2004.

Not  accessible without minimum 10 working days notice: UNCATALOGUED

Date: c.1871-1984
Quantity: Pending
Result number 3 - Please quote Reference: 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/DE0901 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 06_DE_SERIES_0751_1000/ DE0901.html

Additional records of Unitarian Church, Hamond Hill, New Road, Chatham, comprising King James Bible containing genealogical events of Bartlett family of Chatham 1790-1846, found in a Unitarian church in Devon and given to Chatham Unitarian Church c.1980. Front cover inscribed T. and A. Bartlett 1813. Published by Dawson, Bensley and Cooke, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Call no.: N/U/85 additional.

Date: 1810
Quantity: 1 volume
Result number 4 - Please quote Reference: 07_M_SERIES/M043 on request slip.

Path: Accessions/ 07_M_SERIES/ M043.html

Photocopy of Dunkley family visitors book, address at Valley View Road, Rochester, for Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR), Royal Naval Reserve [i.e. Merchant Navy] (RNR), Royal Marines (RM) and Royal Hellenic [i.e. Greek*] Navy (RHN) engineer officer attendees of courses based at HM Naval Barracks, Chatham (living at Cookham Wood Camp, Borstal) during the Second World War 1943-1945, family correspondence 1943-1944 and bicycle ride log with route plan London - Oxford, Oxfordshire, June - July 1944, with photographs of Victory in Europe (VE) Day street party in Valley View Road, Rochester 1945, Home Guard rifle position at south end of Two Post Alley, Rochester and photographs of Royal Navy (RN), RNVR Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) officers indoors and outdoors.

[* cf. Greece]
Date: Original 1940s; photocopied 1995 (original photographs re-scanned 2005)
Quantity: 1 bundle

Result number 5 - Please quote Reference: Church_of_England_Historical_Information/List_of_Bishops_of_Rochester_604_Date on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ Church_of_England_Historical_Information/ List_of_Bishops_of_Rochester_604_Date.html

List of the Succession of the Bishops of Rochester

604 St. Justus, consecrated by St. Augustine; translated to Canterbury 24 April c624; died 10 November c627 buried in St. Peterís Porch, St. Augustineís, Canterbury
622 or 624 Romanus; drowned on his way to Rome
634 St. Paulinus; archbishop of York
644 St. Ithamar
c655/656 Damianus; died 664
See vacant 5 years
669 Putta; resigned
676/677 Quichelmus, or Gulielmus (Cwichelm) ; resigned
678/681 Gebmund, Godmundus, or Godwin I?
693 Tobias, the first Englishman who was bishop of this see
727 Adulfus, or Aldulfus, or Ealdwulf
740 Duina, or Dunnus, Dunn
747/764 Earduff, Eardwulf
c770/775 Diora, or Deora
c783/790 Weremund, Waermund I
802/c803 Beornmod, or Beornredus
804 Tadnoth, Tatnoth
** Bedenoth, Beadunoth
** Godwin I, Dean of London
c860 Waermund II
** Cutherwolf, Cuthwulf
** Swithulf, Swithwulf; died 897
** Buiric
c904/** Cheolmund, Ceolmund
c926/** Chineferth, Cynefrith
934/945 Burric, or Burrhieus, Burhic, Beorhtsige?
c955/980 Alfstanus, Aelfstan
995 Godwin I?
1001/1009/1012 Godwin II?
Godwin III?; died 1038?
See vacant 20 years
1058 Siward, Siweard, abbot of Abingdon
1076 Ernostus, or Arnolf, or Arnost, monk of Bec in Normandy, France; died July 15, same year
1077 Gundulph, Gundulf, monk of Bec
1108 Ralph, or Rodolph; Ralph díEscures, translated to Canterbury 1114
1115 St. Earnulph, Ernulf, abbot of Peterborough
1125 John I, archdeacon of Canterbury
1137 John II?
1142 Ascelyn, Ascelin, a monk
1147 Walter, archdeacon of Canterbury
1183 Walleran, Waleran, archdeacon of Bayonne
1185 Gilbert de Glanville, Chief Justice
1214 Benet de Sansetun, (Benedict of Sausetun) precentor of St. Paulís
1226 Henry de Sanford, archdeacon of Canterbury
1235 Richard de Wendover (Wendene), rector of Bromley, Kent
1250 Lawrence (Laurence) de St. Martin, chaplain and councillor to the king
1274 Walter de Merton, lord chancellor [founder of Merton College, Oxford, Oxfordshire in 1274. Died 27 October] 1277
1278 John de Bradfield, monk of Rochester; John de Kirkeby, archdeacon of Coventry, elected, but declined the dignity
1283 Thomas de Inglethorpe (Ingaldsthorpe), dean of St. Paulís
1291 Thomas de Wuldham (Wouldham), or Suthflete (Southfleet), prior of Rochester; chosen but refused the see; again chosen, and accepted it
1316 Hamo de Hythe (Hethe), confessor to the king
1352 John de Sheppey, prior of Rochester; lord treasurer
1360 William de Whittlesey, archdeacon of Huntingdon; translated to Worcester
1364 Thomas Trelleck (Trilleck), dean of St. Paulís, died 1372
1372 John de Hertley, elected; but set aside by the pope
1373 Thomas de Brinton, confessor to the king; died 1389
1389 John Barnet, elected; but set aside by the pope; William de Bottlesham; translated from Llandaff
1400 John de Bottlesham (Boctisham), prebendary of York
1404 Richard Young; translated from Bangor
1419 John Kempe (Kemp), archdeacon of Durham; translated to Chichester 1421
1421 Thomas Spofforth, or Spofford, elected; but set aside by the pope
1422 John Langdon, monk of Canterbury
1434 Thomas Browne (Brouns), dean of Salisbury; translated to Norwich
1436 William de Wells, abbot of York, afterwards provost of Beverley; keeper of the privy seal
1444 John Lowe (Low), translated from St. Asaph
1467 Thomas Scott, surnamed, Rotherham, provost of Beverley; translated to Lincoln
1472 John Alcock, dean of Westminster; master of the rolls; translated to Worcester
1476 John Russell, archdeacon of Buckinghamshire; translated to Lincoln
1480 Edmund Audley, prebendary of York; translated to Hereford
1492 Thomas Savage, canon of York, and dean of the kingís chapel; translated to London
1496 Richard Fitz-James, prebendary of St. Paulís; translated to Chichester
1504 John Fisher, chancellor of Cambridge and master of Queenís College; cardinal; beheaded for denying the king [Henry VIII]'s supremacy
1535 John Hilsey, prior of Dominican Friars, in London
1540 Nicholas Heath, archdeacon of Stafford, almoner; translated to Worcester
1544 Henry Holbeach, dean of Worcester, suffragan bishop of Bristol; translated to Lincoln
1547 Nicholas Ridley, master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; translated to London
1550 John Poynet (Ponet), prebendary of Canterbury
1551 John Scory, one of the six preachers in Canterbury Cathedral; translated to Chichester 1552
See vacant 2 years
1554 Maurice Griffin (Griffith), archdeacon of Rochester
1559 Edmund Gheast (Guest), archdeacon of Canterbury; translated to Salisbury
1571 Edmund Freake (Freke), dean of Salisbury; translated to Norwich 1575
1576 John Piers, dean of Salisbury, and Christchurch, Oxford, almoner; translated to Salisbury October 1577
1578 John Young [cf. Yonge], prebendary of Westminster
1605 William Barlow, dean of Chester; translated to Lincoln
1608 Richard Neile, dean of Westminster; translated to Lichfield and Coventry
1610 John Buckeridge, president of St. Johnís College, Oxford; translated to Ely
1628 Walter Curle (Curll), dean of Lichfield; translated to Bath and Wells
1629 John Bowle, Dean of Salisbury
1637 John Warner, dean of Lichfield
1666 John Dolben, dean of Westminster; translated to York
1683 Francis Turner, dean of Windsor; translated to Ely
1684 Thomas Sprat [cf. Spratt], dean of Westminster
1713 Francis Atterbury, dean of Christchurch, and preacher at the Rolls; dean of Westminster 1713; deprived and banished; died 1723
1723 Samuel Bradford; translated from Carlisle
1731 Joseph Wilcocks; translated from Gloucester
1756 Zachary Pearce; translated from Bangor; resigned the deanery of Westminster 1758
1774 John Thomas, dean of Westminster; died 1793
1793 Samuel Horsley; translated from St. Davidís; translated to St. Asaph
1802 Thomas Dampier, prebendary of Durham 3 August; translated to Ely
1808 Walter King, 3 December; died 22 February 1827
1827 Hon Hugh Percy, 28 June; translated to Carlisle same year; George Murray; translated from Sodor and Man 14 November; died 16 February 1860
1860 Joseph Cotton Wigram, archdeacon of Winchester 7 April; died 6 April 1867
1867 Thomas Legh Claughton, honorary canon of Worcester 26 April; translated to St. Albans
1877 Anthony Wilson Thorold, vicar of St. Pancras and rural dean, 19 June
1891 Randall Thomas Davidson
1895 Edward Stuart Talbot
1905 John Reginald Harmer
1930 Martin Linton Smith
1939 Christopher Maude Chavasse
1961 Richard David Say
1988 Anthony Michael Arnold Turnbull
1995 Michael Nazir-Ali

Note: the personal coats of arms of many of the above bishops are displayed on painted mural tiles in the cathedral choir.

Sources: Haydnís Book of Dignities 1894, reprinted 1969
Succession of the Bishops of Rochester, D.H. Maxted
Rochester Diocesan Directories
NB Canon Wheatley's MSS (collection DE53/1) contain notes on the early succession of the Bishops of Rochester (DE53/1/12) in which reference is made to Stubbs' Registrum Sacrum Anglicanum 2nd. Edition 1897 pp. 235-236 (DE53/1/12/1-2)

Last updated by Borough Archivist 23 November 1999.
Date: N/A
Quantity: N/A

Result number 6 - Please quote Reference: Church_of_England_Historical_Information/List_of_Deans_of_Rochester_1533_Date on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ Church_of_England_Historical_Information/ List_of_Deans_of_Rochester_1533_Date.html

Records of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester: historical information pertaining

List of the Deans of Rochester

1533 Walter Phillips [cf. Philippes, Philips, Phyllyppes, Phylyppes, Phylippes, Phillippes, Philyppes, Philypes], 18 June; last prior and first dean; died 1570
1570 Edmund Freake [cf. Freke], 10 April; bishop of Rochester 9 May 1571
1574 Thomas Willoughby [cf. Wollowbie, Willobie, Wilughby, Willowghby, Willowghbye, Willoughbie], 23 June; died 19 August 1585
1585 John Coldwell, 7 January; bishop of Salisbury [Wiltshire], 26 December 1591
1592 Thomas Blague 1 February; died October 1611
1611 Richard Milbourne 11 December; bishop of St. Davidís [Pembroke, Wales] 9 July 1615
1615 Robert Scott 13 July; died December 1620
1620 Godfrey Goodman 6 January; bishop of Gloucester [Gloucestershire] 6 March 1624
1624 Walter Bancanqual [cf. Balcanqual] 12 March; dean of Durham 1638
1638 Henry King 6 February; bishop of Chichester [Sussex] 16 February 1641
1641 Thomas Turner 26 February; dean of Canterbury 1643
1660 Benjamin Laney 24 July; bishop of Peterborough [Northamptonshire], same year
1660 Nathaniel Hardy 10 December; died 1 June 1670
1670 Peter Mew, bishop of Bath and Wells [Somerset] 1672
1673 Thomas Lamplugh 6 March; bishop of Exeter [Devon] 12 November 1676
1676 John Castillion 15 November; died 21 October 1688
1689 Henry Ullock; died 20 June 1706
1706 Samuel Pratt [cf. Prat]; died 14 November 1723
1724 Nicholas Clagett 4 January; bishop of St. Davidís, [Pembroke, Wales] January 1731
1731 Thomas Herring; bishop of Bangor [Carnarvon, Wales] 1737
1743 William Bernard; bishop of Raphoe [Donegal, Ireland] 1744
1744 John Newcombe; died 10 March 1765
1765 William Markham, dean of Christchurch [Oxford, Oxfordshire] 1767
1775 Thomas Thurlow 8 November; bishop of Lincoln [Lincolnshire] 1779
1782 Thomas Dampier; bishop of Rochester 1802
1802 Samuel Goodenough; bishop of Carlisle [Cumberland] 1808
1808 William Beaumont Busby 15 March
1820 Robert Stevens 17 October
1870 Thomas Dale 23 February; died 14 May 1870;
1870 Robert Scott 16 June
1887 Samuel Reynolds Hole 31 December; died 1904
1905 Ernald Lane
1913 John Storrs
1928 Reginald Thomas Talbot
1932 Francis Underhill
1937 Ernest Morell Blackie
1943 Thomas Crick
1959 Robert William Stannard
1966 Stanley Woodley Betts
1978 John Robert Arnold
1990 Edward Frank Shotter

Haydnís Book of Dignities 1894, reprinted 1969
Rochester Diocesan Directories
Kellyís Directories

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 31 July 2001.

Date: N/A
Quantity: N/A
Result number 7 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_As1 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 02_DRc_As_Cathedral_Statutes_1689_to_c1850/ DRc_As1.html

The Dean of Rochester his Book

p.1 Refoundation of the Cathedral
p.2 Number of persons to be maintained in the Cathedral (for a salary)
p.3 Dean's oath
Dean's office
p.4-5 Visiting estates
p.5-6 Demising lands and tenements to ferm
p.6-7 Handing over the decanal possessions
p.7-8 Dean's residence
p.8 Obedience to the Dean
p.8-9 Qualifications, election and admission of prebendaries
p.9-10 Prebendaries' oath
p.10-11 Prebendaries' residence
p.11 Sermons to be preached in church
p.12 The prebendaries' common table
p.12-14 Stipends of the Dean and prebendaries
p.14 Election of officers
p.15 Office of Vice-dean
p.15-16 Office of Receiver General
p.16 Office of Treasurer
p.17 Qualifications, election and admission of minor canons and lay clerks
p.17-18 Residence of minor canons and lay clerks
p.19 The precentor and his office
p.19-20 Sacrist and subsacrist
p.20-21 Choirmaster and choristers
p.21-23 Masters of the Grammar school and the scholars
p.23 Almsmen and their office
p.24 Minor secular officers
p.24-27 The common table of minor canons, lay clerks' precentor, sacrist and subsacrists, choirmaster and choristers, masters and scholars, almsmen and other minor secular officers
p.27-28 Allocation of cloth and sums of money for the same for outer garments to all except the Dean and prebendaries
p.28-29 Stipends of minor canons and other minor officials
p.30-31 The Common treasury, the custody of the Chapter seal and of the muniments
p.32 Accounts to be rendered each year
p.32-33 Correction of excesses
p.33-35 Alms, and scholars at the universities
p.35 Chapter meetings
p.35-37 Visitations of the Cathedral
p.38 Prayers to be said in Church
Morning prayers
Evening prayers
p.38-39 Morning prayers in school
p.39 Evening prayers in school
Prayers to be said by the almsmen
Injunction to keep the statutes, dated 30 June 1545
p.40 Oath of Bishop of Rochester
Statement that these are the statutes of the Cathedral given by the founder King Henry VIII
p.41-42 Index of Chapter headings
p43-44 Form of procedure for the election of a bishop
p.45-52 Copy of foundation charter of 18 June 1541
p53-56 Copy of the surrender of the priory by Walter Boxley, Prior of Rochester on 8 April 1540

Stuck onto the back fly is a copy of the power of attorney granted by King Henry VIII to George, Lord Cobham, Walter Hendle, Francis Sydney, Thomas Spylman and William Sydley esquires, and George Richardson, gentleman to hand over the site to the former priory to the recently founded Dean and Chapter of Rochester, dated 4 July 1541

Stuck on the back board is a copy of the Act of 6 Anne entitled An Act for the avoiding of Doubts and Questions touching the statutes of divers Cathedral and Collegiate Churches , reaffirming the original statutes as granted by King Henry VIII to present doubts and disputes occasioned by loss of muniments during the 1649-1660 rebellion, 1707-1708

Also tucked into the book are copies of the copy of the statutes made at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Oxfordshire in 1722
Date: ?c.1689-1706
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 8 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_As3 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 02_DRc_As_Cathedral_Statutes_1689_to_c1850/ DRc_As3.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester

Cathedral Statutes

A copy of the Cathedral statutes made at the request of Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester by Joseph Bowles, Bodley's Librarian from the original copy of the statutes in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Oxfordshire in 1722.

It was evidently unbound when it reached the bishop for in his signed inscription in the front he left it to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester and their successors desiring that, for the better preservation of this fair and correct MS, they would bind it up in like manner as they have bound the Textus Roffensis, and would make Mr. Bowles such an Acknowledgement for it, as shall be thought proper. This he added I had intended myself to have done, had I not been obliged abruptly to leave England in a few days after the MS. came to my hands. This was done as he requested, probably quite soon after Dr. Atterbury's flight to Brussels * in 1723 to escape death for his espousal of the Jacobite cause.

This is regarded now as the official copy of the statutes for legal purposes, and was produced in Chancery in the case of [Robert] Whiston versus the Dean and Chapter of Rochester and shown to George Essell the Chapter Clerk at the time of swearing his affidavit in his cause, 24 July 1849

The pages are unnumbered but the page numbers of the original book of statutes have been written in the left hand margin. The text of the statutes is the same as in DRc/As1 and DRc/As2 as is the index of titles arranged in alphabetical order. Each chapter of the statutes is numbered, and the pages have been numbered in pencil for ease of reference.

(p.4) Statement that the book was produced in Chancery, 1849
(p.5) Francis Atterbury's inscription, 1723
(p.7) Short title and Bodleian Library Catalogue mark
(p.8) Names of the first six prebendaries and where they live
(p.9) (Frivola quaedam scribuntur, quaedam delentur in hac pagina: nihil notatu dignum)
(p.12) Bishop of Rochester's oath
(p.13) Memorandum of the installation of John Kennal as prebendary on the death of John Denmay, 1555
(p.14) (Excerpta quaedam e statutis sequentibus) with folio references which do not apparently refer to this volume
(p.17) Title pages
(p.19-21) Index of Chapter headings, giving the number of the paragraph
p.23-112 Text of the statutes, signed on p.112 by Joseph Bowles, 1722
p.114 Memorandum that an acquittance for money due to the Exchequer was put in the seal chest, 1589
Memorandum that Edward Williams was sworn and admitted as one of the minor canons, 1579
Memorandum that John Porter, rector of Crundale in the diocese of Canterbury should have a pension of 20 shillings a year in consideration of his faithful services to the Cathedral
p.114-115 Memorandum that John Symkyns [cf. Simkins] should have the next living, 1555. Vacated because he was presented to St. Margaret, Rochester, (1565)
p.115 Memorandum of a deed delivered for safe keeping until it could be registered, 1563
p.117-118 Order of instituting scholars (Entry unfinished)
p.121-128 Rules for Residence of Deans and prebendaries, 1785

[* cf. Flanders, Belgium and Austrian Netherlands/Holland; Austria]

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 1 June 2001.

Date: 1722
Quantity: 1 volume
Result number 9 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_As_00_Intro on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 02_DRc_As_Cathedral_Statutes_1689_to_c1850/ DRc_As_00_Intro.html

Cathedral Statutes

The original copy of the Rochester Cathedral Statutes is now in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, Oxfordshire, where it has probably been since the mid seventeenth century. There are three copies in existance: DRc/As 1 which probably belonged to Henry Ulock, Dean of Rochester 1689-1706; DRc/As 2 which is possibly a copy of Drc/As 1 made in the early eighteenth century; and DRc/As 3 which was made by Joseph Bowles, Bodley's librarian at the request of Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester in 1722, and given by the Bishop to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester in 1723.
Date: N/A
Quantity: N/A

Result number 10 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Arb_02 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 03_DRc_Arb_The_Red_Book_1660_to_1852/ DRc_Arb_02.html

The Red Book: volume 2

Accounts ; 35; to be fully up to date at Midsummer and ready for auditing at the November audit, 52a; Dr. Robert Dixon's accounts, 67.
Alienations : not to be made without licence, 39.
Almsmen : Joseph Knight, John Marshall 1660, 8, 17; Francis Betterton, Thomas Biggs, Richard Furnace, John Sanders, Richard Straw 1661, 17; Lawrence Gascoigne 1661, 13, 16a; John Picket 1673, 50; lists of patentees, 16a-17, 50a(*)
(*) These lists give the date of the original patent. Some of the almsmen addmitted in 1661 were in fact already dead.
Archdeacons, installations of : Thomas Plume 1675, 85-85a; Thomas Spratt [cf. Sprat] 1704, 116-119; John Denne 1728, 228a-231.
Auditor : John Alleyn 1661, 18a; Thomas Manley 1669, 19a, 33.
Augmentations : persons receiving them to appear in person in Chapter, 43a; to be paid to augmentee in person at either General Audit only, 53; valuation and estimate to be taken of Stockbury vicarage and parsonage to decide whether the augmentation should or should not be paid, 60.
Bromley: John Davidge 1660, 4;
Leeds : Henry Nicholls 1660, 6; withdrawn, 26; order to proceed against for no rendering an account, 30; Hearn Thurston 1664, 28; [John Gyles (*) 1674, 60a[;
Rochester Cathedral manors (Ambree, Bonecakes [cf. Boncakes], Franklins, Wouldham, Sharsted, Lidsing [cf. Lydsing], Settington, Frinsbury and Darenth) : John Alleyn 1665, 31; [John Gyles(*) 1674, 60a].
Barber and porter : John Hogg 1660, 12.
St. Bartholomew's Hospital : William Codd, gentleman given a room as a brother 1672, 40.
(*) appointed bailiff for manors not served by John Crompe.
Bishops elections of : John Dolben 1684, 92: Francis Atterbury 1713, 145-158 (+); Samuel Bradford 1723, 183-199; Joseph Wilcocks 1731, 233-242.
Bell to be rung each night at 8pm, 79a.
Bricklayers : John Taylor 1675, 72a.
Butler and Vergerer : Samuel Moore 1660, 3.
Carpenter : John Wade 1675, 72a.
Caterer : John Bedford 1660, 9; Anthony Heardson 1669, 9.
Chapter Clerk : George May 1660, 2: John Alleyn (reversion) 1660, 4: James Dixon (reversion) 1671, 37a; Bishop's judgement on a complaint that this was not honoured, 58a; John Crompe 1672, 48, 49; fees, 29.
Charity : letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury on gifts to, aimed as an aswer to those who think the Church has much and does little , 38.
Choir : Andrew Kemsley, 43; orders for the regulation of the chioir, 30a.
Cook, Head : William Head 1660, 11; Thomas Clarke 1667, 26.
Under : Humphrey Lorkin [cf. Lorkyn, Lurkyn, Lorkyns] 1660, 11; Thomas Clarke 1665, 9; Gabriel Chapman 1667, 26, 31.
Counsel : Francis Barrell 1662, 22.
(+) deprived from supposed Jacobite sympathies.
Deans, installations of : John Warner alias Lee 1666, 36; Thomas Lamplugh 1672, 44-46a; John Castillion 1676, 76a, 78-78a, Simon Louth 1688, (cancelled) 98a-101a(**); Henry Ullock 1689, 102a-105; Samuel Pratt 1706, 126-129a; Nicholas Clagget 1723, 199-203; Thomas Herring 1731, 242a-244.
Dean's Orchard, case : 82-82a
Dotation charter : to be exemplified, 39.
Election of Officers 25, 18, 38a, 40a, 43, 56, 63, 79.
Elemosynaryes : allowed to resident prebendaries, 25.
Fines : 28; to be divided on receipt, 52a.
Fire of London , reference to: 74.
Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire : acquittances to sequestrators, 32, 32a.
Income : to be handed over to the Treasurer by the Receiver immediately upon receipt, 52a; estimate of what should be due at each Audit, 53.
Lamplugh, Thomas, Bishop of Exeter (++): payment of debt to, 79a.
Lawsuite : Sir Richard Hard's case versus [ .....] Diggs [cf. Digges] referred to the Church Counsel, 33.
(**) He was unqualified as he held the degree of MA and under the statutes he had to be at least Bachelor of Divinity. The entry includes the Bishop's letters withdrawing his mandate.
(++) Dean of Rochester 1672-1676
Lay Clerks : Thomas Leather 1665, 28; Richard Person [cf. Parson] 1669, 33: William Head 1674, 58: Charles Cresswell 1675, 65(+*); James Thurston 1675, 73a; salary augmented, 76.
Leases : covenants relating to timber and days of payment, 13; convenant relating to taxation to be endorsed, 29; Denton manor to be leased for years not lives, 31a; refusal to grant leases for lives in future, 39.
Livings : rules regarding disposal of patronage among the Chapter, 40a.
Minor Canons : Richard Hurt 1661, 18; John Howgrave 1661, 18; William Wrothwell 1662, 18; John Thompson 1662, 18; Edmund Burges 1662, 18; Thomas Crompe 1665, 18; George Wren 1667, 17a; John Wyvell 1667, 18; Robert Topp 1671, 37a; John Crumpe [cf. Crompe] for one year 1671, 40; Thomas Fidge 1675, 73a; orders 24, 30a; fines for non-attendence, 67.
Organ : Barnard Smith to repair old organ and build a new chair organ, 30; contract with Barnard Smith for repair of, 39.
Organist : William Rothwell (reversion) 1661, 19; pension for John Heath, 30; Daniel Henstridge 1674, 58; house to be repaired, 58.
Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire: exclusive and perpetual reservation by the Crown of one prebendal stall to the Provostship; George Carter to be first holder 1713, 161a-164(+**).
Patent and grant money : to be paid in person to patentee at general Audits only, 53.
(+*) Promised next vacancy, 61.
(+**) Admitted 1719.
Patents, Episcopal,: Chancellor : Edward Alderne 1661, 16; Registrar : Peter and John Stowell 1661, 15; Vicar General : William Trumbull 1670, 41-43.
Pensions : 12a; all persons drawing pensions to appear in person at the general Audits, 22.
Porter's Lodge : tenant to pay no rent, 19.
Prayers : times of, 52a, 67a.
Prebendaries, installations of : Henry Ullock 1675, 64-65; Thomas Plume 1679, 86-88a; John Wyvell 1680, 88-89; Daniel Hill 1684; 93-94; Thomas Sparks 1684, 97-98; John Gilman 1689 1689, 122-124; John Harris 17078, 132-135a; Richard Blichindon 1710, 136-137a; same 1711, 140-142(*+); John Robinson 1713, 159-161; George Carter (Oriel) 1718, 177-17a; Henry Bridges 1720,180-182a; Walter Hodges (Oriel) 1728, 221a-225; William Bradford 1728, 225a-228; Benjamin Andrews 1729, 232-232a; Joseph Butler 736, 251a-253; John Upton 1736, 253-254a.


Ashford : Richard Whitlock 1662, 15; Thomas Rysdon 1666, 21a: john Edwards 1673, 53a; Samuel Warren 1673, 54a;
Aylesford : Daniel Alderne 1663, 22, 24; Thomas Tilson 1666, 14a; John Weeks 1666, 21a.
Boxley : Benjamin Crompe (? reversion) 1663, 24;
(*+) On the first occasion he took the oath under the Act of Settlement incorrectly.
Chart Sutton : Richard Whitlock 16652, 15; Daniel Alderne 1662, 17; Peter Browne 1663, 19; Richard Morris 1663, 24; Peter Browne (renewed) 1667, 19;
West Farleigh : Oliver North 1661, 19;
Goudhurst : Edward Thurman 1661, 19;
Halling ; Thomas Yarley 1661, 9a; Robert Yardley 1661, 14; John Howgrave 1663, 20; John Edwards 1676, 79a;
Hartlip : John Lorkin [cf. Lorkyn, Lurkyn, Lorkyns] 1660, 7; Benjamin Crumpe [cf. Crompe] 1662, 14a; John Edwards 1664, 16a;
Hoo, All Hallows: Francis Kirke [cf. Kirk] 1660, 10; John Howgrave 1662, 19; Edmund Burges 1663, 22, 24; Thomas Crompe 1663, 24; Rochert Topp 1672, 49; Thomas Fidge 1676, 73a;
Hoo St. Werburgh : Ferdinand Booth 1674, 63a;
Kingsdown with Maplescombe : John Lorkin 1662, 20; Edward Archold 1662, 20;
Lamberhurst : John Worthington 1662, 22; Charles Darknoll 1670, 9a, 35, 37;
Leatherhead [Surrey]: John Franck 1671, 9a, 40a;
West Peckham : Thomas Brian 1662, 19; Francis Aungier 1667, 14a;
Rochester, St. Margaret: John Codd 1662, 12, 20; John Lorkin [cf. Lorkyn Lurkyn, Lorkyns] 1662, 20; James Fenn 1672, 48, 48a; [William] Clarke 1676, 76;
Rolvenden: Richard Morris 1662, 22; William Scott 1664, 17, 24; John Viner 1665, 22; Benjamin Horner 1669, 9a, 33;
Shorne: Charles Bowles 1669, 9a; resignation of Richard Balam 1669, 32a; Charles Bowles 1669, 33; Thomas Ayerst 1671, 9a, 39a;
Stockbury: Robert Dixon 1670, 21a, 34a;
Sutton Valance: Thomas Pollington 1660, 7; James Browne 1665, 22;
Wilmington: Robert Beadle 1661, 14;
Woodnesborough: Joseph Jackson 1660, 10; John Beck 1667, 9a; Isaac Lovell 1672, 43a.
Procurators: 35 (cancelled); Francis Durant de Breval for Miles Criche in Chapter, 49a; Thomas Lamplugh for Francis Durant de Breval in Chapter, 57; John Grant and Francis Barrell, to protest against the adjournment of the visitation to the episcopal palace at Bromley 1725, 219-220; Convocation 1737: Dean's return of himself as procurator and mentioning the death of John Grant, former procurator, 255-256.
Quitrents: Collector and Receiver: George May 1668, 31; 1669, 80; collection of, 21, 53, 80.
Receiver, deputy: John Crompe 1673, 57.
Records: 34a.
Rents, arrears of: to be looked into, 53; to proceed against those in arrear, 28.
Repairs: raising funds for, 27, 174-175a; use of Bishop Warner's legacy for, 29; episcopal chair, 20; steeple and church walls, 34a; prebendal houses, charging of, 19, 25, 28, 29.
Roll of Chapter: 51-51a; 55-55a; 59-59a; 62-62a; 69-69a; 71-71a; 75-75a; 77-77a.
Rye House plot: congratulations sent to King Charles II on his escape from, 144a-145.
Salaries: to be paid quarterly, 25; reservation of salary for a lay clerk, now an apprentice barber, 43a.
School: Admissions: 25, 26, 31, 37, 38a, 39a, 52, 56, 60, 75a; Exhibitions: John Berisford [cf. Beresford], George Williams to Cambridge, 43a; Robert Berisford [cf. Beresford] to Cambridge, 79a; Augustine Caesar to Oxford, 34, 43a; Robert Dixon, Edward Browne, John Frank, 19; James Dixon, [......] Bearblock, 22; Nathaniel Shute, 29; John Lorkin [cf. Lorkyn ,Lurkyn, Lorkyns], 30; John Edwards, 34; John Clerke [cf. Clerk, etc.] to have next Oxford exhibition, 39a; supernumerary place, 40; Rules: 38a; Scholars: admonished, 62a; Staff: master, Thomas Yarley or Yardley 1660, 17; John Edwards 1663, 16a, 25.
Seal Money: prebendaries and members of the choir exempt, 13.
Sealing of documents: to be done only in the presence of a prebendary, 34a.
Sermons, extraordinary: 52a.
Steward, High: Sir Francis Clerke 1660, 2.
Steward, Under: John Alleyn (reversion) 1660, 5; Francis Barrell 1672, 48, 48a.
Strood chancel: opinion of able civilian to be taken, 43.
Subsidies, royal: to be paid, 31a; vote for trial at law, 34; statements relating to the rent due to the Crown, 37a.
Terrier: to be produced before a new lease can be made, 34a; to be made up one month after lease is made, 37.
Timber: to be excepted in all leases, 13; Allowed for repair of property: Frindsbury manor, 58; Sharsted manor house, 56; Sir William Swan's house in Southfleet, 24.
Tithes: vicars of Boxley and Gillingham to be summoned before Chapter concerning portions of tithe due to the Church, 12a.
Vergerer and Sexton: resignation of Henry Smith 1666, 28; John Hawley 1666, 29; Richard Bayley [cf. Bailey] 1666, 29.
Visitation, episcopal: 1662, injunctions, 23-23a; interrogatories, 23a, b, c, 22+++; answers, 22-24; 1675, interrogatories and answers, 68-70; 1695, interrogatories and answers, 112-114; 1716, interrogatories and answers, 164a-173a++++; injunctions, laying particular stress on the necessity of building up a fabric fund as the Cathedral was in a ruinous state and no provision had been made for its repair in the statutes, 174-175a; 1724-1725, interrogatories and answers, 206-213a; copy of the Act relating to the residence of Deans and prebendaries 1724, 214-214a; injunctions demanding statements on the repair fund, proceeds of the sale of the Chatham estate, and orders made in Chapter since 1715, and a copy of the case of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham, 214a-215; 1733, interrogatories and answers, 245-251A; proxy granted to John Grant, vice-dean and Edmund Barrell, prebendary to protest against the adjournment of the visitation to the Bishop's palace in Bromley 1725, 219-220.
+++ Five pages inserted and unnumbered.
++++ This includes the answers made by Daniel Hill, prebendary who answered the interrogatories in person in addition to the general answer forwarded to the Visitor. No reason is given.
Date: 1660-1737
Quantity: 1 volume

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Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 03_DRc_Arb_The_Red_Book_1660_to_1852/ DRc_Arb_03.html

The Red Book: volume 3

Addresses, loyal:

to King George III on the death of Frederick, Duke of York 1827, 316-317;
to King William IV on the death of George IV 1830, 380;
to Queen Victoria on the death of King William IV 1837, 389;
to Queen Victoria on her marriage to Prince Albert 1840, 390;
to Queen Victoria on her escape from an attempted assassination [on Constitution Hill, London] 1840, 391;
to Queen Victoria on the birth of Victoria, Princess Royal 1840, 391;
to Victoria on the birth of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales 1841, 394;
to Prince Albert on the same, 395; to Victoria, Duchess of Kent on the Queen, her daughter's escape and the birth to her of a son and daughter 1841, 396;
to Queen Victoria on her escape from an attempted assassination 1842, 397;
to Prince Albert on the same, 397.

Archdeacons, institutions of: John Law 1767, 48; Walker King 1827, 342-343; writ of mandamus from the King's Bench decreeing that it was henceforth unnecessary to install an archdeacon as prebendary since being archdeacon made him ipso facto a prebendary, 373-377.
St. Asaph and Bangor: petition against the union of the sees 1842, 403-404.
Bishops, elections of: Zachary Pearce 1756, 1-19; John Thomas 1776, 68-92; Samuel Horsley 1793, 146-169; Thomas Dampier 1802, 196-217; Walker King 1809, 248-278; Hugh Percy 1827, 321-341; George Murray 1827, 348-363; expenses of, 46.

Deans, installations of: William Markham 1765, 40-41; Benjamin Newcome 1767, 52-55; Thomas Thurlow 1775, 95-98; Richard Cust 1779, 103-105; Thomas Dampier 1782, 111-115; Samuel Goodenough 1802, 219-220; William Beaumont Busby 1808, 245-248; Robert Scott 1820, 301-303; expenses of, 47.
King George III: proceedings of 50th anniversary of accession of, 1809, 273-274.
Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: petition to the Bishop of Lincoln, patron of the livings, that they be united into one parish as they have all three been served by one man since 1748, [1761], 37.
Law, John, Archdeacon of Rochester: address of thanks to, both as Treasurer and Receiver General on his management of the Cathedral revenues, and his reply on his resignation from those offices 1825, 307-308; memorial on the death of, after holding the office of Archdeacon for almost sixty years 1767-1827, 317.
Library: memorandum on money for the purchase of books, 59.
London, Fleet ditch: Licence granted to the Mayor and Commonalty of London to build on land, held there by the Dean and Chapter before the expiry of the Chapter's lease, in the construction of Blackfriars Bridge 1787, 131-138.
Patronage: right of options: 45, 60; cycle of presentations made 1812-1824, 284; 292; options for the schoolmaster and minor Canons 1827, 345.

Prebendaries, installations of: Chardin Musgrave 1757, 20-21; Charles Coldcall 1760, 31-33; James Andrew 1765, 42-44; John Law 1767, 49-51; John Clark 1768, 56-57; Henry Reginald Courtenay 1773, 61, 63-64*; Robert Pye 1774, 65-67; Peter Pinnell 1774, 92-95; Charles Tarrant 1776, 99, 101-102; John Eveleigh 1781, 110-111; Henry Reginald Courtenay 1783, 116-117; Thomas Hey 1788, 139-141; Thomas Willis 1791, 145-148; William Henry Cooper 1793, 170-172; Hon. Jacob Marsham 1797, 187-190; John Chappel Woodhouse 1797, 190-193; Robert Footer 1798, 193-196; George Woodhouse 1797, 190-193; Robert Footer 1789, 193-196; George Strahan 1805, 230-233; Hon. Frederick Hotham 1807, 242-244; Edward Coplestone 1815, 290-192; Matthew Irving 1824, 303-306; William Frederick Baylay 1827, 318-321; John Griffith 1827, 345-348; Edward Hawkins 1828, 363-365; Robert William Shaw (honorary) 1851, 465-467; Thomas Robinson 1854, 467-471; refusal to administer oath to Walker King already instituted and inducted into the Archdeaconry 1827, without his being installed as a prebendary 1832, 373-375; oath administered to same 1832, 375-376; lawsuits concerning prebendaries: case, and Mr. Dampier's opinion on the Rev. W.F. Baylay's title to his share of fines of which division was made among the prebendaries 1831-1832, 377-379**; William Henry Cooper inhibited by the bishop from holding his prebendal stall because he had criminal conversation with the wife of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Cadogan and had been found guilty and fined 1794, 172-174, 185-186.
* Resigned.
** Mr. Baylay's appointment was declared void in the Court of King's Bench 1831, and difficulties arose, because at the time of the division he was still legally a prebendary.


Ashford: James Bond 1774, 67;
Boxley: John Benson 1780, 109-110.
Procurators: chapter: Henry Jones for Henry Reginald Courtenay, 62; Robert Fountaine for Charles Tarrant, 100; Hon., Frederick Hotham for Dean Stevens, 404-405; Convocation: Edmund Barrell and John Lawry 1761, 34-36; John Lawry and Erasmus Sanders 1768, 55-59; Charles Coldcall and John Clark 1780, 106-109; Charles Coldcall and Robert Pye 1784, 118-120; Charles Coldcall and John Eveleigh 1790, 142-144; John Eveleigh and Thomas Hey 1796, 174-176; same 1806, 235-238; same 1807, 238-241; John Eveleigh and the Hon. Jacob Marsham 1812, 284-288; Hon. Jacob Marsham and Thomas Willis 1818, 293-296; same 1820, 299-300; same 1826, 312-316; Hon. Jacob Marsham and the Hon. Frederick Hotham 1830, 366-372; same 1833, 380-383; Hon. Frederick Hotham and Matthew Irving 1835, 384-387; Hon. Jacob Marsham and the Hon. Frederick Hotham 1837, 387-389; John Griffith and Edward Hawkins 1852, 447-450; Visitation at Bromley: John Law and Henry Reginald Courtenay 1796, 187.

Repairs: fabric fund, 234, 306-307, 309-312; prebendal houses, 391-392, 398-340.

Residence: rules relating to, 1785, 121-124; official residences, 391-394, 398-402; agreement to relinquish non-residence forfeitures, 218; episcopal licence granted the Hon. Frederick Hotham to reside in the house in the Vines attached to the Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire prebendal stall, as his own is too small 1819, 297; renewed 1832, 376-377; John Griffith 1831, 372.

Verger and subsacrist: allowance to Richard Puplett on his resignation 1832, 379.

Visitations, episcopal: (interrogatories and answers only); 1757, 22-30; 1776, 124-130; 1796, 177-185; 1803, 220-230; 1810, 275-283; 1830 Primary Visitation, 365; 1852, 456-465 (including answers to complaints made by Rev. Robert Whiston, headmaster of the Cathedral Grammar School relating to the school; and requests for increases in salary from the choirmaster; a minor canon and the lay clerks, in all of which complaints the Bishop refused at that time to interfere.)

The Whiston Matter, 1845-1852

In 1845 the headmaster of the Cathedral Grammar School, the Rev. Robert Whiston, asked the Dean and Chapter if they would consider raising the stipends of the four exhibitions from the school at the universities from the £5 specified in the statutes to its then present day value of about £60; and also of the twenty scholars at the school who, he claimed should, according to the statutes, be maintained by the foundation.

Contrary to Mr. Whiston's expectations, the Chapter did nothing. He therefore appealed to the Cathedral's visitor, Dr. George Murray, Bishop of Rochester, and as he received no satisfaction from that quarter, he took the case to law. He lost; and in order to gain sympathy for his cause, published a pamphlet dealing with the new Cathedral foundations set up by King Henry VIII after the suppression of the monasteries, and how they abused the trusts placed on them by their founder, on which he had for some time been working. It was called Cathedral Trusts and their Fulfilment . The Dean and Chapter took exception to the pamphlet which they claimed was libellous for Mr. Whiston had been specific and his statements implied that they had appropriated the increased revenues of the Cathedral to their own profit while neglecting the scholars on their foundation, and were not therefore abiding by their statutes. They therefore dismissed Mr. Whiston from his headmastership without a hearing. Since Mr. Whiston by now fully believed that the Dean and Chapter did not intend to abide by their statutes, he again appealed to the bishop, and when again he received no satisfaction, he took the case to Chancery. Once more he lost; but in one respect he had won, for the court ruled that the Dean and Chapter had acted illegally in dismissing their headmaster without offering him a chance to defend himself.

The Dean and Chapter cancelled the deed of dismissal and them, after hearing Mr. Whiston, proceeded to dismiss him legally. Again, Mr. Whiston appealed to the Bishop, (although he persistently denied throughout the Chancery hearing that the Bishop had any authority over the school) and this time was granted a hearing before Baron Parke, Dr. Stephen Lushington, Chancellor of the Diocese, and Dr. Murray. The hearing lasted several days, Mr. Whiston conducting his own defence, and turned eventually on the following points: whether Mr. Whiston had in fact libelled the Dean and Chapter in his pamphlet; whether for this he could be dismissed under the 35th. statute De Corrigenda Excessibus ; and whether what he had written was a gravius delictum for which he could only be admonished. There was evidently considerable doubt upon the matter at the hearing, but perhaps owing to Baron Parke's influence, the bishop finally declared in Mr. Whiston's favour and ordered him the Dean and Chapter to reinstate him. They did so-protesting-and Mr. Whiston remained headmaster, a source of perpetual annoyance to the Cathedral Chapter, until his retirement in 1877.

Mr. Whiston had regained his position and to a certain extent had won his point over the exhibitioners' stipends, for very soon after the Chapter did raise their value a little, though even this was nowhere near what Mr. Whiston required.

Copies of documents relating to the Whiston Matter 1849-1852

Notice to Rev. Robert Whiston of the intention of the Dean and Chapter to reinstate him as headmaster and to abandon proceedings against him 1849, 405-407.

Citation to Rev. Robert Whiston, headmaster, to answer for an offence in having published a certain libellous pamphlet 1849, 407-417.

Copy of Chapter minutes (appended to the citation) with the conditions of his appointment, the school rules and the appointment 1842, 417-420.

Notice to Rev. Robert Whiston that the Dean and Chapter intend to proceed against him in respect of the instrument of citation 1849, 420-421.

Instrument of removal of Mr. Whiston from his post of headmaster of the Cathedral Grammar School 1849, 422-425.

Authority of the Dean and Chapter to demand possession of the schoolhouse and other hereditaments in Rochester from Mr. Whiston 1849, 425.

Royal mandamus to reinstate Mr. Whiston with the Chapter's return, quoting relevant statutes, and refusal to comply 1849, 426-442.

Letter of the Dean and Chapter addressed to the bishop, to Mr. Whiston's appeal for reinstatement 1851, 444-446.

Further answers to further statements; withdrawal of the Chapter's opposition to the bishop's hearing the appeal 1851, 446-447.

Judgement of the bishop in favour of Mr. Whiston 1852, 447-452.

Authority to notify Mr. Whiston of the same 1852, 452-453.

Notice of Mr. Whiston's reinstatement 1852, 454-456.
Date: 1738-1852
Quantity: 1 volume

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Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_01.html


Liber Capitularis Roffensis ( book of the chapter of Rochester) 1575 This book was kept by Martin Cotes, Chapter Clerk, and is signed throughout by him. It has been paginated 1-37 for convenience.

Adjournment for lack of a quorum, 3, 4.

Almsmen: John Richemonde [cf. Richmond] (Richemon) admitted 1577, 9; allowed to appoint a substitute, 17; renewed, substitute Thomas Mayler, 23; Nicholas Clemente, Groom of HM Pantry 1578, 11; John Greves (Greaves) 1579, 14; admitted 1582, 26; Richard Harrys [cf. Harris] dismissed 1582, 26.

Auditor: Richard Galley 1583, 28; renewed for life, 29.

Bailiff of Frindsbury: Peter Brakenbery 1578, 12;

Bailiff of Frindsbury and Stoke: Philemon Flete 1581, 20;

Bailiff of Stoke: Thomas Brayfylde 1583, 27; Peter Bucke [cf. Buck] 1584, 29;

Bailiff of Shawstead [cf. Sharsted], Lidsing [cf. Lydsing] and Settington: Nicholas Whyte [cf. White] to take the place of George Bespytche (Besbyche) and to be his surety for paying off all arrears owed by him 1582, 23;

Bailiff of former Leeds Priory Estate: Edward Webbe [cf. Webb] 1577, 6.

Bailiffs: refusal to grant patents to, for more than their own lives, 29; Chapter Clerk authorised to take accounts of fines from, 17, 23.

Bellringer: reversions to: Robert Hope, servant to Mr. Absolon, prebendary 1576, 3; John Lynne 1580, 17; William Campyon [pcf. Campion] 1580, 17.

Butler: Nicholas Leafe 1578, 12; Reversions to: Richard Malyn of Newhithe [cf. New Hythe], shipwright 1577, 5; William Rawlinson 1580, 17.

Caterer: Thomas Willowghbye [cf. Willoughby], junior to succeed Richard Wattes [cf. Watts] 1577, 5.

Chapter Clerk: memorandum that Martin Cotes was sworn in 16 July 1575, 2; for his pains, Martin Cotes to be recompensed with some suche thinge he shulde espye out , 6.

Choir: admissions: Thomas Churcheman [cf. Churchman] 1577, 7, 8;[John] Gilbert 1577, 9; Anthony Harryson [cf. Harrison] 1578, 12; John Shawe [cf. Shaw] 1579, 13; Casey Bedlowe 1580, 18; Philip Heathe [cf. Heath] made a clerk 1581, 20;

Choir: discipline: Peter Rowle ordered to be more diligent in attendance, 4; Peter Rowle and John King dismissed, 9; absolute dismissal of Thomas Morice [cf. Morris] and John Kinge [cf. King] for cautinge of Alehouses etc. , 13; admonitions for bad reading and non-attendance; John Shawe [cf. Shaw] admonished for bad reading, and for hunting and playing bowls in service time; threatened with expulsion; Thomas Morice [cf. Morris] reproved for accusing the Dean and prebendaries of being all helhounds, reprobates and also knaves, save two of them....., 16; John Bartlett alias John King warned for unseemly behaviour and speeches on pain of expulsion, 21;

Choir: gratuity to James Prince, chorister, to be paid until a minor canonship falls vacant, 15.

Choirmaster: Thomas Churcheman [cf. Churchman] 1577, 9.

Counsellor: Edward Manninge [cf. Manning] 1577, 6; [John] Frenche [cf. French] 1578, 13; Alexander Hamonde [cf. Hammond, etc.] 1582 (vacated), 23; Robert Cranmer 1582, 24; Henry Hall 1584, 30.

Courts: to be kept henceforth once a year only at Michaelmas 1584, 31.

Dean: installation of John Coldwell 1581, 22.

Discipline: See Choir and Minor Canons.

Election of Officers: 4, 8, 12, 14, 17, 22, 24, 27, 31.

Elections: orders relating to precedence, 17, 27.

Frindsbury: order to survey land called Pyvenden claimed by Lord Cobham, 28.

Lawsuits: order authorising the appropriate persons to proceed with regard to Rotherfield and other matters, 27; power of attorney to pursue litigation granted to prebendaries, 30.

Lay Clerks: Ordered to attend sermons and lectures on pain of fine, 3.

Leases: extract from the act of 13 Elizabeth, cap. X (1570-1571) forbidding long and unreasonable leases and limiting leases of ecclesiastical property to 3 lives or 21 years unless contrary to the cathedral statutes; and an extract from the act of 14 [Queen] Elizabeth, cap. X1 (1571-1572) forbidding the issuing of bonds and covenants except for the assurance of leases, 1*.

Minor Canons: admissions: John Gilberte [cf. Gilbert], on the dismissal of John Kinge [cf. King] on account of sondrye mysdemenors... and the generall evell fame of his Lewde Behavor etc. 1577, 7, 9; Edward Adames [cf. Adams] 1578, 10; renewed for life 1581, 18, Hamlett Taylor 1578, 10;

Minor Canons: discipline: ordered to attend sermons and lectures on paid of fine, 3; John Kinge [cf. King] and Thomas Morice [cf. Morris] ordered to decide whether they will serve the cathedral or their cures, 5. See also Choir.

Organist: Thomas Hillye allowed 20s. for playing, 18; renewed quamdiu se bene gesserit 1582, 24.

Organ loft, access to seat in, 25.

Patent: agreement to surrender, 3.

Pensions: Thomas Wardegar given an allowance to collect 1583, 27.

Poor relief: William Sanders a poore Innocente maintained by the church now to be maintained by Walter Hayte, senior at 28s. 6d. a year for life, 5, 25; parish of origin to be informed about a person the Chapter intend to render homeless, 30.

Prebendal houses, repair of: Mr. Absolon's, 29; no person to spend more than 5s. a year on repairs without cause or consent, 31.

* Wrongly dated in the Chapter Book entry as 17 [Queen] Elizabeth cap. X.


Ashford: Joseph Mynge 1581, 22; John Hollande [cf. Holland] 1584, 30;

Darenth: [William] Wythers to be presented upon bringing a Resignacion 1581, 23;

West Farleigh: [John] Bridgeman 1582, 24;

Hoo, All Hallows: George Gladwell 1577, 6;

Kingsdown: John Turner 1577, 6;

Sutton Valence: resolution to present John Hollande [cf. Holland] if John Maplesden resigns Barming to Thomas Partridge 1577, 6; John Baker 1580, 17.

Records: access to 8; receipt of rentals of Wardendale [alias Stonehill] manor, Wilmington and Mottingham tithes, 9; order that an inventory be made on parchment of all the Chapter records when they have been collected together; and further that they are to be kept in the east end of the vestry or Chapter House fastened to chaynes , 21.

Rent: reduction of, 8, lawsuit for recovery of arrears, 20; order to arrest Thomas Wilkins for non-payment of rent due for property in Stoke 28; discharge or arrears on account of poverty, 28.

Sacrist: Mr. Roydon, usher to be paid 40s. a year out of the sacrist's office for his services, 18.

Salaries: Rdmund Rockley (Rockrey) allowed £5 for the first quarter to make him accept the office of receiver, 8; Chapter Clerk, 8; Walter Hayte allowed an average of his wages due to him, 13.

School: order relating to the number of scholars which may be elected by the Dean and prebendaries each year, 9; services arranged so that boys may be at school by 6 a.m. in the summer and 7 a.m. in the winter 1581, 20;

School exhibitions: Edward Berbloke made a gift of 20s. for his advauncemente and furtherance in Lerninge , 5; renewed, 18; John Wybarne to Oxford, Oxfordshire, 11; John Lucas given 20s., 18; William Wheler awarded an exhibition in hope of his well parfetinge , 25; order that no more than 3 scholorships be awarded each year, 25.

Sermons: each prebendary to preach 4 times a year on pain of a fine, 17.

Services: to be written down, 9; order for morning prayer at 6 a.m., 21.

Sexton: reversion granted to Robert Hope 1577, 5.

Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing] woods: order to vacate property illegally erected there on pain of immediate demolition. Warning to be sent to parish to provide for him, 28.

Steward: Richard Herde, servant to Sir Francis Walsingham to have a reversion of the patent if he can come to an agreement with Mr. Colpepper, the present holder 1578, 34.

Undercook: John Johns 1578, 12.

Vergerer: Nicholas Leafe given leave to appoint a deputy when he must be absent, 25.

Visitation: prorogations, 11, 13, 14; injunctions read, 14; specimen copies for the certificate, calendar of names and citation, and notes on the order in which they should be filed 1576, 35-36.

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Date: 1575-1584
Quantity: 1 volume [on disc]
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Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_02.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester

Chapter Book I nos. 1-6

One volume made up of seven small books bound together. Each book is separately paginated or foliated.

1. 31 December 1678 - 19 August 1679 Pp. 1-80.
2. 1 October 1679 - 25 October 1679 Ff. 1-21.
3. 25 November 1679 - 30 March 1680 Ff. 1-47.
4a 8 June 1680 - 2 February 1681 Ff. 1-58.
4b 2 June 1681 - 2 November 1681 Ff. 1-20.
5. 24 November 1681 - 1 April 1682 Pp. 1-78.
6. 13 June 1682 - 2 June 1684 Ff. 1-108.

On the cover of 4a. is a note that it had been missing for several years but was found in 1741 (among Papers formerly belonging to Mr. Cromp [cf. Crumpe, Crompe]), by Mr. Henry Sheafe and was delivered by Him to Me E[dmund] B[arrell] [i.e. Edmund Barrell] and by me to the Dean and Chapter. There are rough notes on the final four pages referring to various events between 1680-1684.

DRc/Ac 2/1 St. Bartholomewís Hospital, Rochester: rights of the Dean and prebendaries as to the disposal of patronage, 25, 48-50;

St. Bartholomewís Hospital: Knight's Charity disposal of money collected at services to poor widows, 15.

Bell, recasting of Great, 66.

Choir seating: 79-80.

Dean's Orchard: dispute between the Dean and prebendaries over the actual ownership of the orchard and secondarily whether the prebendaries had any right or not, without the Dean's consent, 19-32, 35, 53.

Election of Chapter Officers: 74.

Haddenham manor, Buckinghamshire., financial state of, 73-4.

Library: gift of Anualium Mundi , 5; books borrowed, 74.

Minor Canons houses: 71, 72.

Pensions: 66.

Poor Relief: 71.

Precedence in choir seating: part relation of the disturbance caused by James Dixon who chose to sit on the Dean's side whereas he usually sat on the vice-dean's side, 79-80+.

+Part of the book may be missing as rhe relation ends in mid sentence.

Precinct: the removal of persons that shall come to seate themselves within the precincts of this Church and the prevention of their return, 71.

Procurators in Convocation: 57.

Rents: dicussion of actual rent payable to the king for Chapter estates with reference to the dotation of King Henry VIII, 53-56, 61.

Repairs: 66.

Residence of prebendaries: 32-38; suspension of Francis Durant de Breval for speaking petulantly to the Dean, not giving adequate warning of his absence, and refusing to accept his bond resealed, signed and delivered by the bishop, 56.

Salaries: complaints against the Dean by the prebendaries that he takes a full share of their arrears but not their debts; and received a full share of profits for 15 months whereas the prebendaries received not a penny of their salaries, 36-37, 40-47, 51, 53, 66, 76.

Southfleet: addition of manor to the dotation, 61.

DRc/Ac 2/2

Accounts: money paid over, 3, 21.

Agenda: 18.

Archdeacon' patent: registrar: Rupert Browne [cf. Brown] in place of John Crompe [cf. Cromp, Crumpe] 1679, 11a.

Choir: submission of James Dixon to Chapter order relating to seating in, 17.

Counsel: votes cast for Anthony Weldon 1679, 14a; sworn, 17a; oath, 17a; order to consult, about Mr. Mayne, 17.

[Manorial] Courts: order to pay Mr. Woodruffe for making up the [rolls], 11.

Dean's Orchard dispute: 3, 5, 14a, 15-15a; case transferred to Anthony Weldon on death of Francis Barrell, 20; papers relating to, 20, 21a.

Debts: alteration in payment of, to prebendaries mentioned, 13.

Episcopal patent: refusal to confirm patent of registrar granted to Rupert Browne; protest by John Stowell, present registrar, 11, 11a.

Fee Farm Rent: West Farleigh mill, 19.

Fines: 4.

Halling: augmentation due to vicar's administrators, 9.

Minor Canons: Mr. Fidge's petition granted. (Crossed out), 20a.

Organ: payment to [.....] Popely to encourage him to learn, 20.

Poor relief: allowance to Mrs. Heath, 7; from Communion money, 21; for burial of, 21a.

Prebendal house for Archdeacon: 5, 15.


Leatherhead, Surrey: Francis Durant de Breval's request for, and offer to resign if lessee dissatisfied, 14a;

Sutton [at Hone]: postponed, 18.

Procurator in Convocation: 1; votes cast for Francis Durant de Breval 1679, 13, 13a; declarations by the Dean and Archdeacon that they thought the Chapter should be represented by an Englishman and not a forrinar [i.e. foreigner], 13, 13a; fees paid to apparitor for bringing the citation, 7.

Records: Haddenham, Buckinghamshire lease and papers returned, 3.

School: repairs: bill for bricklaying to be speedily considered as Mr. Gamble is threatened to be arrested for the stuffe used about that worke , 11; staff: usher, resignation of Mr. Crew without leave 1679 1679, 9, 9a, 11; appointment of John Wyburne 1679, 21.

Steward: votes cast for James Dixon 1679, 14, 14a; sworn, 17a; oath, 17a.

Surveyor: Mr. Guy of Strood mentioned, 21a.

Surveys: order to survey houses leased before renewal, 1; report, 4, 5, 14; Dean's house and that part of the orchard not in dispute, 3; report on premises in Chatham High Street, 17; order to survey church, 21a.

Visitation: 6th injunction of 1662 to be sent to the bishop, 13.

DRc/Ac 2/3

Accounts: 8, 10, 11, 19.

Agenda: 3a, 4, 18a, 19, 35. Apprenticeship: Master's refusal to accept conditions, 15a.

Archdeacons patent: Registrar: Rupert Brown 1679, 7a.

Arrears, recovery of: 3a, 5a, 9, 28a-29.

Benefactors, list of: 17-17a.

Bounds: to be set around a wharf and quay in Maidstone, 34a.

Chatham: parish officials (named), 35.

Choristers: to be considered, 15.


15a, 19, 19a, 23, 23a, 24, 25, 26-17a; Archbishop of Canterbury's preference for the Chapter to be represented by an Englishman, 27, 28a-29, 30; letter to Bishop of Rochester from the Dean on Dr. Brevalís ill dealing and the differences between him and the prebendaries, 30-30a, 32, 33-35, 37a-38, 43a-47.



Election of Officers:

1, 3a, 4a, 11, 24a; difficulties over Dr. Cooke's election as treasurer, 4a, 21, 24a.

Episcopal Patent: Diocesan registrar: threat by John Stowell, present registrar, to demand compensation if the Chapter confirms Rupert Brown's patent, 7; confirmed, 7a.

Exchequer, suit in:

Warrant (with correspondence) served on Dean and Chapter at suit of Richard May, 26-26a.

Fee Farm rents:

5, 10a, 11a-12.


query, 13.

Hoo St. Werburgh:

Demand for tithes by late vicar's widow, 28.

Lay clerks:

proposals relating to placings, 15; petitions for, 4a.


Memorandum on leasing. (See also DRc/E1b2 p.340), 10a.

Legal affairs:

26-27, 35-36.

Organist, apprentice:


* This dispute inevitably became intermixed with others, notably those over St. Bartholomewís Hospital, Rochester and salaries, hence there is a great deal about these also on the same pages.

Patentee: 40.

Pensions: Cuxton, 16a, 38; Crundale, 3a, 4, 10a; St. Margaret, Rochester, 10a.

Plumber: William Gimmett 1679, 17.

Poor relief:
Money for poor of St. Nicholas, Rochester, 27a; maintenance of Sarah Cooke, 7a, 14, 24a; maintenance of Mrs. Heath's child, 10, 18a, 23a; Henry Smith, 24a; 45a.

To begin at 3 p.m. from Michaelmas-Lady Day 1679, 49.

Enquiry into persons living there, 10; damage done by vehicles and refuse in, 24.

Hoo, St. Werburgh: John Wren 1679, 43;
Leatherhead, Surrey: Robert Hansbury 1679, 16;
Sutton Valence: refusal to elect incumbent, 20.

Quitrents: 21.

Hadden lease, 4; delivery of court records written up, 6a,; enquiry after records in the possession of the late Mr. Barrell, 8, 21a; list of, brought in by Mr. Woodruffe which were put into the lower most drawer next the chynny , 21a; letters put in Mr. Crompe's [cf. Cromp, Crumpe] desk, 24; 1649 survey books borrowed by the Dean, 25a; sent to London, 27; returned with Martin Cotes Register, 27a; Statutae de Officio thesaurii sent to London, 27a; records returned, 28.

Cathedral, 12a, 14a, 28a-28a; paving of Lady Chapel, 15; Chapter house stairs, 15; money still owed the late Dr. Warner to be used for repair of his house, 9a, 21, 21a, 25; contribution towards repair and rebuilding of St. Paulís Cathedral, London, 23a.

Survey of St. Margaretís parsonage, 6; augmentation, 12a, 35; pension, 35.

Roll of Chapter: 2-3.

Royalties: 37.

sum owed Mr. Barrell to be paid to his widow, 8, 9a, 40a; Mr. Fidge's petition for arrears, 14; Dr. Dixon's demand for a depositum. 25a.

Admissions 17, 18, 28a; vacancy caused by departure of scholar, 24a;

Repairs: payment for, 24a; bill for glazing work demanded, 25a;

Salaries: payment to Paul Bairstow as encouragement, 11;

Staff: resignation of Mr. Wyburne, 43.

Stockbury: Augmentation, 57.

St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester, 6; report on the Cathedral spire, 14a; wharf and quay in Maidstone, 36; property in Maidstone, 40.
Sutton Valence:
Purchase of parsonage, 34a; valuation of, 36.

payment of, by Chapter tenants, 22, 36; enquiry into taxes levied on land since the Restoration, 23a.

Wood and reparations money: 9a, 10.


Against Mr. Wyburne for using threatening words towards the verger, 11a.

Agenda: 3a.

Almsmen: 2, 4-5.

Augmentations: 8, 13a. 44a.

Benefactors: 7a.

19; borrowing of records for , 13a, 14, 15; case James Dixon, the understeward, 25-26, 28-28a, 30a-31, 57a-58.

Dean's Orchard dispute:
9, 12a, 32a, 33a, 51a; leases of premises on the orchard, 2a, 5a-6, 34a, 41,53a.

Dispute: Between Dr. Clarke and John Crompe, 53.

Election of Officers: 8a, 9, 29, 30, 32a, 50.

Fines: Collected but not divided, 49a-50.

Hoo [St. Werburgh]: dispute over leasing of manor and parsonage,16a-18, 19a, 31, 37, 41a, 42a, 47a, 53.

Lay clerks: Thomas Huggins, probationer 1680, 15a; salary, 10.

Library: 15a.

Minor Canons:
John Wyburne discharged of locum tenens, 37a; Robert Beresford 1680, 40.

Organ: Mr. Henstridge, the organist to teach William Popely to play, 40.

Poor relief:
Headcorn, 18a, 20, 22, 24a; money collected in the Precinct for persons captured in Algeria and Africa [cf. Barbary, Sally], 26a-27; 38a, 45a, 53a.

Preaching: 45

Hoo [St. Werburgh] supposed to be elapsed on the 2d. of August next , 7.

Procurator in Convocation:
46-46a; Francis Durant de Breval 1680, 53, 54a; votes cast, 53.

Quitrents: 50a.

Rental: a new one ordered, 42a.

Cathedral and steeple, 7a, 8a, 14, 16; contribution towards rebuilding St. Paul's Cathedral, London, 23a.

Admissions: 38a, 40a, 44a, 47a; enquiry into low condition of school, 4.

Staff: master, proposed resignation of in return for a living, 48; usher, Mr. Wyburne to remain as usher, 37a, and receive salary, 42; Ralph Beresford's refusal of the usher's place, 46a.

Stray Mare: 5, 7.

Warner alias Lee, John, Archdeacon: proposed monument to, 49, 55a-57.

Ac2/4b Almsmen:
Privy Council letter concerning soldiers from Tangiers to be considered for vacancies in all royal foundations, 7-7a; John Bostock 1681, 20-20a.

6a; William Davidson bound to Benjamin Wilson, 18.

Bailiff of former Leeds Priory Estate: Robert Thomas 1680, 14, 15.

Chapter procedure:
Correspondence between the Dean and prebendaries on procedure at the Audit during the Dean's illness and consequent absence, 1-2a, 6-6a, 11-12a.

Choristers: John Joy, 9; James Henstridge, 10.

Courts: Forraigne [cf. Foreign] or out Courts to be held, 18a; records borrowed for, 18a-19.

Dean's Orchard: 4; 13a.

Debts: 8a, 18a.

Dixon, Robert, Vicar of Stockbury: Dispute over, 10a.

Grain, Isle of: Land leased on, 3a, 5a.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: 9, 11, 13.

Hoo [St. Werburgh]: Lease of manor and parsonage, 3a, 14a, 15a, 17a.

Lay clerk or Singing man: William Davidson to be considered, 18.

Library: Dr. Sumner's Saxon Dictionary given by Dean, 19a.

Disputed ownership of land into the warfe [cf. wharf] of Fleetditch and the High Streete leading to Ludgate , 3a.

Mowbray, Sarah, alias: Sarah May: solution of dispute over death of, 8.

Poor relief: 12a.

Prebendary, installation of: John Wyvell 1681, 19a.

Quitrents: Account to be examined, 18.

Rent of assize: Pleas for discovery of, 4a.

Roll of Chapter: 16-17.

School: Admissions: 5, 9a, 10a, 18;

Staff: Paul Bairstow summoned to explain the early break-up of school at Whitsun 1681 and the position of young Heath and his master, 6a; master, Mr. Wilson in case Mr. Bairstow can be found another situation, 19a.

Sexton: Steven Bennett 1681, 18a.

Visitation, episcopal: 19.

Warner, John: Henry Lee and the monument to his father John Warner alias Lee, 3, 15a.


Accounts: 23, 25, 54, 69.

Agenda: 64, 68.

Almsman: John Bostock, 31.

Apprenticeship: Heath bound to Bostocke, joiner, 41; 77.

Bailiff of former Leeds Priory estate: Edmond Randoll 1681, 12; 16; to collect pensions also, 19; 50/

Burials: 50.

Construction of a weet Docke [cf. wet dock?] for the King's use, 53-56; request from the Governors of the Chest for a free lease of property on Sellars Marsh as a home for poor seamen, 63-64.

Choir: Dispute over seating, 50.

Commission money: To be kept, 37.

Dean's Orchard: 10, 11, 14.

Debts: 36, 37, 54.

Dixon, James, understeward: 11, 18.

Dixon, Robert, Vicar of Stockbury: Payment to, 35; rent owing 35, 36; Depositum, 36; letter relating to the fine for property in Marden, non-renewal of a lease and the church's debt to him, 49.

Election of Officers: 7-8*.

Fines: List of, to be paid to the treasurer by his deputy, 37; 49; division of, 60; refusal to abate, 75.

Grain, Isle of: Land leased on, 26, 47; survey, 55; 68, 69, 73, 75; threat to destroy estate, 77.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: financial state of, 24, 45, 47, 71; 42-43; 54, 69, 76.

Hoo [St. Werburgh]: Lease of manor and parsonage, 16, 17, 34; petition for augmentation of vicarage, 77' late vicar's wife, Mrs. Booth allowed to remain at vicarage for a year and to retain profits, 37.

* Voting for offices of Vice-dean and Receiver shown.

DEAN AND CHAPTER OF ROCHESTER Inventory of Church, records and library delivered, 55

Law: list of persons to be sued at Common Law by order of the Chapter, 40.

London: Fleetditch estate, 14.

Map: Bishop's Spring in Cobham Park to be mapped, 43.

Minor Canons: Mr. Jacocke of Salisbury, Wiltshire 1681 (conditional), 43; Mr. Ekins of Peterborough, Northamptonshire 1681 (conditional), 52; Robert Beresford, 58.

Patentee: Payment to, 30, 32; dispute over sum payable to, 39.

Pensions: order to demand, for Dartford, Woolwich, Chislehurst, 76.

Poor relief: 32, 40, 56, 58.

Halling: resignation of Thomas Wren 1681, 12, 47; petition in favour of Alexander Lawson for a presentation to Hawly, or Ensworth, or some other good vicaridge [i.e. vicarage], 15; 58; Mr. Bayly 1682 (conditional), 73; presented, 78;
Wouldham: 58; Mr. Ekins of Peterborough, Northamptonshire 1682 (conditional), 73.

Protestant convert: allocation of money to Adam Brown, a convert from Roman Catholicism, 72; public statement made by him, 74.

Protestant, French: James Axe and James Thurstone to collect for, 56; account of money collected for, in the Precinct, 66-67.

Quitrents: 54.

Receiver, deputy: present of £10 paid to Thomas Manley for his year of office as, (1680), 26; do. to James Thurstone (1681), 35.

Records: missing Chapter Books, 22; arrears book and rental delivered, 25, 55.

Repairs: 26, 32, 35.

Roll of Chapter: 3-5.

Royal Subsidy: 39.

School: Admissions: 1, 13, 31, 38, 50, 73; exhibition: John Petty, now Poastmaster at Merton to Oxford, 50; salaries: payment to Paul Bairstow for acting as usher, 31; order to pay certain quarter salaries, 61; staff: usher, Robert Beresford 1681, 58.

Sealing of documents: 57.

Sexton: Thomas Huggins locum tenens 1682, 76.

Shorne: case relating to the tithes of Monken Barn, 27-28, 56, 65.

Southfleet: order to enquire after the manor, lost from the church , 52, 54.

Surveys ordered: Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Wood and Monk Wood, Wouldham, 78.

Timber: 38, 39; allowed for repair of Chatham parsonage, 58; cut without leave, 58; enquiry about, at Frindsbury, 78.

Trespass, case of: 64.

Warner alias Lee, John: church's account with Henry Lee, 29; 43.

Xenium : £40 out of the £90 due to the Bishop remitted in advance for the repair of the Cathedral, 26.


Accounts: 32; Edmond Randoll, Bailiff of Leeds, 3; John Crompe's [cf. Crompe, Crumpe], 40; mistake in same, 102a-103a; of Archdeacon's visitation, 56a; Dr. Cooke's, 68a.

Agenda: 8a, 10, 20, 27, 32, 35, 37, 67, 84a.

Almsmen: Henry Jefferies, Tangier [Tunisia, Africa] soldier 1683, 76a; application of Michael Harman, 57, 76a, 87a.

Apprenticeship: 2a; (Heath), 14a.

Arrears: Book kept by Dr. Dixon, 8a; order to sue for, from parsons listed, 26; 14; 54; demand for, from Henry Smith, organblower for the porter's lodge, 27a.

Bells: 32; to consider casting and rehanging, 42a.

Bill: 12.

Books: list of, belonging to the school, 45a. Burials: division of money received for, 51a, 87.

Chatham: Smithfield survey, 107.

Choir: candidates to be tried out, 25; Thomas Rogers, 38, 38a; A[...] Kidd, 38a; reference to seating order of 1679, 31; order to provide new singing and organ books, 25; money given for, 35; payment for, 38; present of 2 guineas given Dr. Rogers for presenting several services, 38.

Clock: maintenance, 38a.

Cobham Park: orders relating to Bishop's Spring Wood, 10a.

Cooke, Dr. Ralph: dispute with Chapter, 65a, 68a-69.

Courts: account of proceedings demanded, 12; account of journey 23-27 April 1683 to hold courts, 71-72a; records etc., 31, 37, 46, 47, 47a, 52a, 53, 53a, 54a.

Crompe [cf. Cromp, Crumpe], John, Chapter Clerk: claims, 14.

Dixon, James, understeward: 6, 22a, 31, 33a, 36a, 37a, 47, 75-75a, 86; demand for payment for holding courts, 87; 89a.

Dixon, Robert, Vicar of Stockbury: claim for debt due from the Church and case in Chancery for non-payment of rent, 1-1a, 3, 4, 4a, 7a, 9a, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17a, 18a, 23-23a, 35a, 4, 45, 47, 49a-50, 50a, 52a, 55, 62a, 63-64, 65, 75, 75a; Stockbury tithe valuation and setting of fine, 82-82a, 84a, 85, 96a.

Elham tithe portion: 9a, 32a, 39, 102.

Election of Officers: 28a-29a; 94.

Episcopal election: order to search for record of election and installment of John Dolbin, 79; Francis Turner 1683, 79a-81a.

Farleigh, West: fee farm rent payable for Tutsome Hall, 34, 43-44, 46a, 47, 54a, 59A, 60, 65a, 78a, 83, 91a, 92.

Fees: demanded, 52a, 53; Dr. Dixon ordered to pay James Axe for preaching for him, 67a.

Fines: fixed, 2a, 81a, 83a, 98a; division of, 12a, 36, 40, 51a, 52, 77, 91a; list of, 69a; abatement demanded, 4a; reduced because barn blown down by a violent winde [i.e. wind], 18; voting on, 22.

Grain, Isle of: land leased at, 7a; lessee ordered to plough and sow mustard seed, 10; survey ordered, 14, 14a, 15, 17; order to prevent ploughing of Cane Marsh, 21a; order relating to ploughing, 39; 22, 24, 24a, 44a, 58a, 66a, 84a, 85a, 86, 89a.

Gratuity: additional fee given James Axe for preaching at such short notice and so well, 67a.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: 11a-12, 31, 31a, 105, (109).

Hoo, All Hallows: petition of parishioners on behalf of the vicar, 7a.

Inventory: of church goods delivered, 40a.

Journeys: payments for, 27a.

Lamberhurst: voting on fine for, 22; terrier of glebe demanded, 22a.

Lawsuits: all business relating to, to be entered in the Chapter Book to prevent future mistakes, 59B; repeated, 77.

Leases: rates for renewing, 23; mistake in, 25.

Library: 11; money for books, 52; money from burials to be used for, 87; book returned to, 83, 83a.

London, Fleetditch estate: 8a, 9, 9a, 14a, 17a, 32, 32a, 34a.

Minor Canons: Humphrey Brailesford of Peterborough [Northamptonshire]'s request for admission, 2; admitted 1682, 11; sworn, 15a; vote for Mr. Ekins voted void, 11.

Organist: Popely made apprentice, 52a.

Patentee: 31.

Patents: in future only to be granted during pleasure , 36a.

Pensions: Dartford, 24.

Petticanon [Minor Canon?] Row: request to build a malthouse, 74.

Precinct: order to investigate who resides there and to keep a watch, 39; tenement illegally demolished, 86a.

Present: fat buck offered, 62a.

Boughton Monchelsea: Mr. Richard's request for, 2a;
Rolvenden: Benjamin Horner 1682 (conditional), 17.

Property: order to enquire after ĺ acres in Strood, 2, 3, 33, 37, 37a; passage in Frindsbury and Cooling, 68a; land belonging to Hawkins Farm, Strood, 73; 6 acres land belong to Bowley manor formerly in the possession of Leeds Priory, 84.

Quitrents: Badmonden, 29a; Darenth, 33, 95; Sutton Valence, 8; Wateringbury, 26; collection of, 97a, 100a; delivery of, 53; 2, 17, 37, 40a, 70, 76, 101, 101a.

Receiver, Deputy: gratuity paid Thomas Manley for acting as, 39.

Records: search for, 32a, 34; borrowed and lost, 40; Benefactors' Book, 40-40a, 58a, 83a, 88, 89a; returned, 46, 52, 78, 78a, 86, 86a, 87; request for, 52a; missing, 53, 53a, 59B; correspondence concerning records borrowed by Counsel, 55a-56, 57a-58a, 61-61a; in Mr. Crompe's [cf. Crumpe, Cromp] desk, 45a.

Repairs: subscription requested for repair of the wall and bridge leading to the Isle of Grain, 47a, 52; organist's house, 38; Cathedral, 14a; Rolvenden vicarage, 17, 83; report on state of Strood mill and marsh, 41-41a, 42a, 43; demand for a report on the state of repair at Wateringbury vicarage, 26, 27.

Rochester: St. Nicholas churchyard, 85a.

Roll of Chapter: 30-30a.

Rolvenden: 17, 83; payment of augmentation deferred until Benjamin Horner gives satisfaction as to how he holds the living, 50*

Salaries: 22, 52a.

School: admissions: 13, 38a, 104; request for, 30a; exhibitions: to consider a scholar for Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 42a; Francis Hoel to Jesus College, Cambridge, 45; Robert Johnson to Peterhouse, Cambridge, 63a, 93; John Petty made a probationer at New College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 93**; [.....] Pratt to University (? Cambridge), 51, 64a, 93; salaries: complaint by the usher that Mr. Bairstow refused to pay his accustomed fee, 31a, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38a; staff: master, Mr. Rawlett recommended, 6a; state: of school to be examined, 106.

Seal: 13; division of seal money, 13a, 39a.

Shorne: case about Monken Barn tithes, 5-5a, 8.

* See above under Presentations.

** See above Ac2/5 under School.

Southfleet : enquiry concerning the mannor, 27a,33.

Stoke : illegal occupation of premises on the manor, 19.

Surveys ordered : Moathall, Bearsted, 16a; Russell's mill [Stoke], 25.

Tiles : stripped from Moathall manor by Lady Cage, 7a.

Timber : order to investigate illegal felling at Moathall, Bearsted, 7a; allowed for repairs at: Frindsbury, house and premises, 14; Hoo, parsonage house and chancel, 91; Southfleet, 51; Strood, Bonecakes [cf. Boncakes] farm, 91; house and barns, 27; 22.

Verger : to be paid a shilling for every seal passed, 13.

Visitation : Archdeacon's, 56a; Bishop's intended, 106a.

Waterbingbury : valuation and terrier, 20a-21; 25a; 26; augmentation, 26, 31; 42.

Woodnesborough : vicar's complaint concerning the manor and recotry to be heard, 106.

Wrotham : Waldham tithe portion, 46a, 48.

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Date: 1678-1684
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Dean and Chapter of RochesterChapter Book IV, nos. 13-15

One volume made up of three small books bound together. Numbers 14 and 15 are paginated and number 13 foliated. Blank pages have been left for an index in each case but none were ever made. NB the numbering sequence 13-15 is the original one and follows on from the previous minute books.

13. 23 June 1706 - 16 March 1715. Ff.1-141 14. 27 June 1716 - 30 June 1718. Pp.1-94 15. 30 June 1718 - 3 July 1721. Pp.1-96

Almsmen: resolution to consider a petition to the Queen [Anne] about the disposition of places, 46a; David Orris' patent to be registered, 64a. Audit: Dean's absence from 129-136; letter from the prebendaries that if the Dean does not answer their letter they do not intend to sit like ciphers but to leave as soon as the accounts are audited and let their successors judge whether the Dean is responsible for injury suffered by the Church and tenants for want of renewals, 131; refusal to enter the Dean's letter in the Chapter Book, 135a.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham: statement that since 1627 the management and disposition of the hospital had belonged jointly to the Dean and Chapter, and that it ought to be so restored; Dean to be asked what he know of the matter and whether the prebendareis might take out a Commission of Charitable Uses for the purpose, 100; request that the Dean tell the prebendaries the names of the Commissioners and join with them in taking out the Commission before Michaelmas; resolution if he refuses to take one out in Chancery to determine the affair, 129.

Bishop: Francis Atterbury, Dean of Westminster elected, 102.

Buckinghamshire estates: case against Mr. Mayne in the Exchequer, 104-113; tithe and rents of Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, 104a; 120; endowment of the vicarages, 112a-113.

Chancery: agreement between the Dean and Chapter concerning a case between them in, 77a; dispute with Mr. Hornsby; letter from Dean on title to land and terriers; 80a-81; case of the Dean's Orchard settled; charges to be paid, 91a; cases preferred for non-payment of rent, 104.

Chapter: procedure on business, proposals and voting, 30a; memorandum renounced by Dean on account of abuse by prebendaries, 30a.

Chatham dockyard: General Chapter to meet daily after evening prayer (except Saturday and Sunday) to discuss the Act of Parliament about, 54a, 58a; proposals about the Chapter's authority in the garrison, 62a, 79; to consider legal action, 95, 98a, 99a; mention of 2 schemes concerning the dockyard, 121a; expenses of the Dean and prebendaries in London for the case, 122, same to inform the Chapter Clerk if they have need of speedy recourse the Parliament, 122; Government compensation for taking over the dockyard, 126a-128a; threat to raise fine paid by the Commissioners of the Navy if they fail to renew their lease, 104, 106a, 115. Chatham parsonage: state of crops and value of rents; clause for insertion in lease that buildings, houses and land already valued may be taken for the Queen' [Anne]s use for dockyard fortification, 117a.

Choristers: Edward Springfield to have a seat among the singing men, 98a; and to be allowed 20s. a quarter, 116; William Tuskin expelled, 114a.

Clarke's charity, Lady: 37; payments to minor canons, 83a, 95a, 99a, 116, 135; probationary lay clerks, 85a. Cliffe, Priors Hall: papers to be laid before the board 4 Dec. 1706, 12; repayment of money expended to trustees; payment of fine for renewal, 35a; damaged by the breaking of the sea wall, 126.

[Manorial] Courts: to be kept, 36, 47, 48a; surveys to be made as soon as possible, 36.

orders that persons in holy orders are not to appear in church in their nightgowns but properly habited; surplices are to be worn at divine service; lay clerks are to attend morning service; priests and deacons only are to perform the litany, and minor canons on Wednesday and Friday; minor canons with no cure of souls are to assist at the Sunday litany and communion or be fined; minor canons and lay clerks forbidden to be absent without leave in writing; chanter to mark those absent; officiating minor canon to turn up the five minute glass when the clock strikes and to begin prayers imemdiately it runs out, 9a-10; 19; 20; 41a; 47a; 63; 67; 72a; 73; 92; 99a; 100a; minor canons and lay clerks who obey the rules of attendance to be forgiven past faults, 19; Chapter to be held every 15th day to consider the government of the choir ( Quindenum Chapter), 20; persons sending notes containing no specific reasons for their absence to be punished, 41a, 63, 67; threat by the Vice-dean to fine the choir more heavily for negligence and to censure miscreants at the Audit, and if that had no effect he would no further concerne himself in the Government of the Church ; further threat to punish the choir for lateness as if they had not come, 67-67a; all absentees to be fined, 72a, 92, 100a; lay clerks to be punctual at service and come in before the psalms, 92; music: lay clerks to attend choir when requested by the organist to learn church music; the chanter to report on their progress; both minor canons and lay clerks to take their full part in singing and chanting in the services, the chanter to keep a book of their repugnance to this order and to exhibit it at each Quindenum Chapter, 47a, 99a; seating: lay clerks to sit in the lower stalls and not to intermix with the minor canons or usurp their places except to convenience strangers on Sundays when the minor canons are absent, etc., 57. Mr. Collens [cf. Collins]: record of the Dean's admonition of, who, instead of attending the Chapter to consider of, And Order some other matters relating to the good Government of the Quire.... took his Horse and rode out of Towne without so much as saying by your Leave Sir..... Further misbehaviour to be reported at the Audit which will consider expelling him, 19; admonition for non-attendance and non-residence to which he pleaded quilty; promise of the Vice-dean to intercede for him at the Audit, 19a-20; fined 21a, 28, 28a, 39, 47a, 62; Thomas George: fined for absence without leave but later excused, 28a; Mr. Pickering: ordered to produce the notes for his sermon preached on 14 March 1708 which he refused to do, but later relented of his rudeness and was forgiven, 40; fined, 39, 47a; falsely accused and admonished for omitting the prayers for the Queen' [Anne]s supremacy and the success of her armies [in the War of the Spanish Succession], 92-93; Mr. Bunker pronounced contumacious for refusing to accept his quarter's salary but later submitted, 42; Thomas Clark: found guilty of contempt of discipline and authority in not attending the Quindenum Chapter, 55a; fined for absence without leave, 67; fined again, 139a; but fine removed on promise of better behaviour, 106a; pronounced contumacious Samuel Withers, a scholar admonished for absence from church and neglect, 33a. Complaint of the Dean that the prebendaries do not assist him in maintaining the discipline of the cathedral, 129a.

Dixon, James: to be heard in Chapter with others concerned where he may confrunt those persons and their Evidences whom he hath charged in a very outragious and unbecoming stile ; to proceed against him if necessary, 66; request for aid, 86; decision to reject all future demands as he has been given a bounty, 94a; claim rejected, 114a.

Election of Officers: 8a, 9, 30a, 50, 53, 64, 74a, 80, 88a, 98, 108, 112a, 113, 121, 131.

Episcopal patents: Bailiff, beadle and keeper of the prison in Rochester: Edward Beck 1714, 113; ? Dr. Henchman 1714, 116a; reversion of Registrar's place: Thomas Moore 1717, p65.

Expenses: attorney's bill to be sent for, 98.

Farleigh, West: parsonage burnt down and place in need of repair; Oliver North, vicar ordered to remedy same within 6 months, 36a.

Fee farm rents: payment of suspended, 48a; explanation, 56; £170 or more offered by Mr. Hill to the receiver for the payment of arrears to the patentee and to avoid the unpleasantness of a court case, 56-56a.

Fees: John Crompe [cf. Cromp, Crumpe], Chapter Clerk's demand for an extra 20s. for a power of attorney clause inserted in a lease thought unreasonably as there was only one document, 48.

Fence: Mrs. Lock ordered to repair the stone fence between her land and the Deanery, 105a.

Fines: Mrs. Prudence Lock's fine not to be increased on renewal as the premises need repair, 5; do. John Bryan, 7; Lord Hervey's lease of Darenth manor and parsonage: request for reduction of fine and threat to let the lease run out as he cannot afford it, 14; payment, 21, 22; protest against a further increase, 109a-110a; threat to sell estate once the lease is made up as he cannot afford it, 111a, 112; Mr. Caesar's fine not increased as he has rebuilt the premises, 33a; refusals to pay fines, 45a, 46; inability to pay; land leased to another, 59a; fines eased, 61; requests for reductions, 71a-72, 73a; suggestion that the compensation money accepted in lieu of a fine for renewal of the dockyard lease be shared out, 128a; 130. See also Salaries.

Furnishings: altar piece to be made from a piece of silk and silver brocade given by the Bishop of Rochester, 13; agreement to be signed for it to be put up in the Church, 22; vote on whether the velvet cushion used for the Bishop's seat should be covered during the time it is lent to Mrs. Lee to keep it clean carried, 17a; cushions and altar cloth to be repaired, 60.

Furniture: leather screen and small table to be provided for the Chapter House, 53a.

Gallery: 35a.

Gouldhurst: Dean's resolution to enquire about the parsonage, 11; Chapter Clerk to write to Mr. Fenn about repairing the vicarage, 36; Dr. Harris to view the church, 95a; value of tithes, 97; acreage of corn and hops at the parsonage, 116a; account of corn and hops growing there, 123-125a; alternative arrangements for fine, 134.

Gratuity: 2 guineas to Mr. Dinley for his pains, 85; £5 to James Dixon by way of benevolence , 85.

Hardy's charity, Nathaniel: 37.

Lay clerks: Thomas Clark 1708, 47, 48a; Thomas Spaine [cf. Spain, Spayne] 1710, 80; Thomas Clarke and Mr. Davison admitted as probationary lay clerks under Lady Clarke's charity, 85; seating, 57. See also Discipline.

Leases: no lease to be renewed unless a terrier is produced, 11a; to be renewed on the termination of 2 lives in 3, 13a; renewal of a lease for a longer period on condition of rebuilding with brick, 25; lists of leases in course of renewal this and the following year, 1708 and 1709, to be brought to every Audit by the Chapter Clerk, 42a; covenants for insertion in leases of property in the Precinct after 1 October 1711, 87; each tenant to pay a half year's improved rent for every life changed: Sir James Wishart allowed to change two for the price of one as a reward for his services to the Church in retrieving Divers parcells of the said Estate fraudulently and treachoursly heretofore convey'd away , 99, 1001-101; extra charges set for alienations of estate worth more than £30 and £50 a year, the money to be used for the repair of the church, 106; resolution to renew all leases for no less than the whole term expired at the time of treaty for renewal because of previous inconvenience caused by the necessity of backdating leases, 110a.

Leatherhead, Surrey: resolution never to pay taxes or charges of any kind issuing from the parsonage either to the Bishop of Winchester or the Archdeacon of Surrey, and that the usual clause inserted in all leases exempting the Chapter from taxes and charges should henceforth be inserted in this one, 99.

Library: Deans and prebendaries donating £10 and £5 respectively to the library absolved from providing an entertainment, 94a; gift of 3 volumes of Lord Clarendon from Thomas Sprat [cf. Spratt], Archdeacon, 137a.

London estate: decision to make an equal division of the rents between the parishes of St. Margaret, Rochester and St. Nicholas, Strood, 85a.

Market: Mayor of Rochester asked to forbid the holding of, on Good Friday, 54.

Minor Canons: Robert Pickering 1707, 26a; Charles Birkbeck 1715, 135; 6th place to be filled when a suitable man is found, 13a. See also Discipline. Organ: Mr. Stockwell to be paid £20 in full of all demands from the executrix of Mr. Smith, organist, deceased, 85; Mr. Lamb to have 5 guineas for the repair of the organ, 128; organist's house, 90. See also Schools and Service books.

Pensions: order to prosecute George Wenham, incumbent at Rotherfield, Sussex unless he pays arrears by Hillary Term 1706, 11a; state of pension due from Strood to be entered in one of the Church registers, 108a.

Pews in the cathedral: leave granted Dr. Belcher to erect a pew under the pulpit for himself and family, 3a; do. Mrs. Prudence Lock, 5; Henry Austin granted leave to own part of a seat, 3a.

Plate: Archdeacon to inform the Bishop that the Chapter would like to sell its old Communion plate, as the late Sir Joseph Williamson has given them a very handsome set, and use the money to beautify and adorn the east end of the choir, 13.

Prayers: to be read by the Dean and prebendaries in order of seniority throughout the Audit, 52a; to begin at 10.15 a.m. and 3.15 p.m. in Winter and 4.15 p.m. in Summer, 91; occasional collects, prayers and thanksgivings to be read only by order of the Dean, 115a.

Poor relief: 85.

Precinct: request for a moiety of the Hogg [i.e. hog]-yard next to the prebendaries' stables in return for a reduced fine, 61, 65a; refusal, 66a, 71a.


Darenth: Robert Hodges 1712, 98a; John Taylor 1714, 117;

Goudhurst: Samuel Prat 1709, 62; Mr. Lidgold 1713, 102;

Hoo St. Werburgh: Robert Pickering 1713, 104a;

Kingsdown with Maplescombe: John Grant 1710, 77;

Lamberhurst: Samuel Prat [cf. Pratt] 1706, 6a, 106; John Grant 1713, 107; Mr. Clough 1715, 132; protest against the presentation as being contrary to the statutes, 132; Robert Pickering 1715, 136a; further protest and decision, on being refused the keys to the seal to prevent its execution, to proceed at law, 137; protest in the form of a petition to the Archbishop of Canterbury by the Dean and 2 prebendaries that no dispute about the true meaning of the statutes arose on 26 November 1715 (p.132) but only about the validity of a clause of a statute as interpreted by the other prebendaries; protest against the proceedings before the Archbishop, 138-138a;

Stockbury: James Axe 1711, 86; living vacant 1715: meeting called to discuss its lapse from the presentation of the Chapter on 15 March 1716, 135; Mr. Clough 1715, 136a.

Press: which formerly belonged to the Duke of Gloucester, given by the Dean, 94a.

Procurators in Convocation: John Gilman and Thomas Sprat [cf. Spratt] 1710, 74; episcopal mandate received to fill the place of John Gilman, deceased, archdeacon appointed 1711, 91a; Dr. Richard Blechenden and Thomas Sprat [cf. Spratt] 1713, 1907; Edmund Barrell 1715, 122.

Property: recovery of the property in Ulcombe, Yalding and Bapchild, 26a, 32, 48, 54, 54a, 78; Mr. Baldwin to peruse an old lease of land in Southfleet and to make enquiries about it, as it is now lost to the Church, 47a; disagreement with Lady Barrett over the lease of St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester, 71a, 73; investigation ordered into Mr. Mercer's title to property in Goudhurst next to the Church estate, 54; land between the school gate and the organist's house apportioned and agreed up between the Dean and Chapter and the Mayor of Rochester, 90.

Proxies: vote on whether they were contrary to the statutes, 53.

Records: counterparts: delivered, 2a; list of, 3, 16, 22, 26a, 39a, 83a, 96a; mentioned in Seal Book between 1706-1712 and noted as delivered except five which were brought in later, 103a; 113, 119; 133; court books and rentals borrowed by Mr. Baldwin 1706; note of their return 1736, 11a; Register Book 1673-80 borrowed by Mr. Crompe[cf. Crumpe]'s and Mrs. Bevise's bonds put in the Red Trunk, 37; Mr. Baldwin ordered to return books he had borrowed, 53; James Dixon and his brother asked to hand over any records in their keeping and promised a gratuity for so doing, 54a; episcopal confirmation taken to London, 79; Receivers' books borrowed and returned by Mr. Baldwin, 92; legal papers borrowed by Francis Barrell, Counsel, 113; decrees of the Commissioners relating to lands belonging to the Dean and Chapter vested in the Trustees for the better fortifying of Chatham, delivered, 133; lease of the Vines lost, but to be cancelled when found, 62.

Reimbursement: of Mr. Crompe [cf. Crumpe], Chapter Clerk, 54a.

Rent collection: verger excused from giving advance warning to the tenants of lands and buildings in the King's or Dean's orchard by the vice-dean and Chapter on pleading that despite a previous order of the Dean to go, this had been privately rescinded and the Dean had since ordered him not to go. Mr. Saunders, deputy actuary sent instead 37a, 38; Mr. Baldwin's patents for collecting quitrents, reliefs and alienation fees to be renewed for 5 years, 47, 105; receiver empowered to sue tenants at law for unpaid rents, 77, 78.

Repairs: old building materials to be kept and properly stored if they are reusable to save expenses, 36; do. materials from the ruins of a house called Whiteings, 61; window in the vault under the Chapter House to be don up with Morter Brick and Stone leaving a small hole for light in which is to be an Iron barr for Security ; to consider the ceiling there; to broaden the Chapter House hearth, 52; palings to be repaired, 54; new pair of gates to be made and erected in the passage leading from Rochester High Street to the Old Deanery; repair of same, 64; extra fees charges for alienations to be used for repair of the fabric, 106; repairs necessary to a tenement in Strood, 39; schoolmaster's house to be made tenentable, 47; washhouse to be rebuilt there, 127; Mr. Baldwin to sue Mr. Cable for repairs in Strood, 54a.

Ringers: to be paid 6s. 8d. only. If they refuse to ring on joyful occasions they shall never Ring the Bells at all , 36; order suspended as they refused to ring; to be paid 13s. 4d. until the next Audit plus arrears, 70; order on p.36 reiterated; to be paid extra for ringing on specified days, 131a-132.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 7a-8a, 23a-24, 29a-30, 43a-44, 49-49a, 57a-58, 65a-64, 68-68a, 74a-75, 81-81a, 93-94a, 97a-98, 101-102, 107-108, 113a-114, 118-118a, 122-122a, 130a-131, 139a-140a.

Salaries: Mr. Crompe [cf. Crumpe], Chapter Clerk to have £4 a year only and to have 20s. from every lease over £3, 34a, refused, 42; Thomas George's widow paid a year's salary for her husband's service as a lay clerk, 77a; Mr. Lee paid for singing in the Queen [Anne]'s chapel, 77a;

Dean's demand for a half year's salary due Lady Day 1709; order that no fines are to be distributed until it is paid, 80; request by Dean and prebendaries for their salaries, 127, 128; suggestion by the Dean that his arrears should be made up from fines, 128; protest, 128a; refusal by the prebendaries to consider paying arrears of salaries out of fines until they are assured that the fines will be divided according to usage and custom, in case the Church suffers as it did in the time of Dean Castilion [cf. Castillion], 130; letter from the Dean that he cannot afford to attend the Audit unless his arrears of salary are paid; prebendaries refusal to pay salaries out of fines, 129a-130; further demand, 133.

School: admissions: 72a, 85, 93, 96, 129, 131; exhibitions: pre-election of scholars to cease, 26a; sons of friends and relations of the organist may be admitted on proper advocation , 46a; no scholar to be admitted to an exhibition who has not been educated at the school except those who have gone on for a year or two to some greate shcoole [i.e. school], or are relations of the founder, 138a; John Taylor, 38; John Grant to have next vacancy, 38; ?..... Sherman and Stephen Thornton, 116a; Tobias Swindon, junior to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 119; staff: usher: Jeremy Bately 1706, 2a, 12a.

Seal Book: to be examined to see that all counterparts are delivered and all leases registered, 54.

Sermon: resolution that one shall be preached every Good Friday in future and put in the cycle, 54; payment for extra sermons, 55.

Service Books: new books to be provided for the choir: the organist to transcribe six of the best services, 12 verse anthems and 6 full anthems therein before the next Audit, 106; complaint, 113a.

South Sea Stock: 127a-128, 129-129a, 132a, 137a.

Stamps on leases: Act to be set up in the Church, 54a; Chapter Clerk forbidden to use them without consulting the Chapter, 54a.

Statutes: to be read aloud with the erection charter in Order to a Due Observance , 43. See also Presentations: Lamberhurst.

Strood Marsh: covenant concerning the driving of cattle through the marsh and on the walls, 114a.

Surveys ordered: Stoke manor and mill, and Malmains portion of tithe, 35; premises in the Precinct, 54; Mr. Ullock's land, 83a; Chapter estates with particular reference to alienations, and lands bordering on or intermixed with the estates of other persons, 97; Dartford vicarage estate, 104a.

Sutton, East: state of rectory, lands and tithes, etc., 109.

Textus Roffensis : newly bound: may be borrowed on security of £200, 55; Mr. Eslub requested to return it as it is needed, 95.

Timber: Bearsted, Moathall: allowed for repair of 69a; Boxley: lathes and timber allowed for repair of vicarage, 67a; Cobham Park: payment for timber felled in, 87a; enquiry to be made about, 96; order to recover value of timber felled there, 97. Frindsbury, Reed Court: renewal of lease prohibited until the proper clauses about the reservation of timber have been inserted, 89a; Goudhurst: request for timber for repair of chancel; survey and allotment ordered, 20a; decayed timber allowed for repair of vicarage, 36; estimate of timber there, 47; allowed for fencing and repairs at vicarage, 85; Horsmonden: permission granted to cut for repairs at, 57; Lamberhurst: allowed for the enlargement of a house, oasthouse and malthouse, 77a; Rochester, Precinct: timber in the Hogg [i.e. hog]-yard to be used to rail off that part reserved out of Lady Barrett's lease, 85; allowed to Dean, 87a; Mr. Spaine [cf. Spain, Spayne], organist, allowed no more than 6 bundles of sap lathes for repairs, 47; allowed for rebuilding, 71; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted]: request to cut for repairs to a barn granted, 40a; sale of from Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Wood, 93a; Strood, Newark manor: refusal to allow the removal of timber cut without licence, 39; general: lessee to fell at own cost, 27a; order to replace timber felled with saplings, 2 to every 1 felled, 31; order to make up account of lathes and timber felled, and to divide it into 12 parts for division among the Dean and prebendaries, 78a; order to inspect trees on the highway in connection with a request to fell them, 96a.

Vacancy in office of Dean, 1.

Wax candles: treasurer to furnish choir for one year only when the matter will be reconsidered, 36.

Window breakers: choirmen and scholars who break the windows of the Deanery or prebendal houses to be expelled, 78a.

Wine: no less than 6 quarts to be provided at a time for every Communion service, 55.

Workmen: summoned before Chapter, 46a; order to inspect a bill already paid, 55.

DRc/c 5/14

Accounts: treasurer's book passed, but not receiver's book, 70; mistake in receiver's book, 79.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital: 19, 24; bishop's refusal to arbitrate in the dispute unless all parties accept his decision as final, 35-36; submission of the prebendaries in the absence of the Dean and Vice-Dean, 39.

Burial fees: order to use old table of fees, not the new one, 52.

Chapter Clerk: refusal to register protest, 11; Thomas Prat [cf. Pratt] and Henry Barrell appointed joint Chapter Clerk, auditor and receiver of quitrents, 1718, 88; protest against the grant of the patent in its present form as being contrary to an order of Midsummer 1704 concerning the fabric fund, 88.

Chapter Procedure: protest against the Dean's disinclination to put motions relating to Church business of which he did not approve before the Chapter, 17; absence of Dean, 23-24; threat of trouble if the Dean does not find some easier and quicker method of conducting business, 24; in Dean's absence, 26; order that nothing is to be done in the absence of the Vice-Dean, 38, 43.

Courts: list of courts to be kept in 1717, 48.

Discipline: admonition of prebendaries for rudeness to the Dean, 9; Vice-Dean's remarks on what actually occurred and his own poor opinion of the Dean, 13, 14, 16, 18; John Clark fined for absence [crossed out], 86.

Election of Officers: 61.

Fines: threat to take advantage of lapse of time if old leases are not surrendered and the Audit has ended before treaty is made for renewal, 25; refusal to reduce fine, 30; query about a fine, 45; custom with regard to fines charged by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury; reassessment of fine, 84; Frindsbury manor: valuation of Mr. Lamplugh's estate, 65, 67, 73-75; abatement of fine on account of heavy repair bill, 78; Goudhurst: demand for payment as neither of two proposals was accepted, 2; survey ordered, 4; Rochester, St. Margaret's: 25; refusal to reduce fine, 56; valuation of lands leased to Lady head there and in Strood to prove fine not exorbitant, 64; letter to prebendaries about the fine, 69-70.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: 71.

Leases: sale of lease, 8; request by Edmund Barrell to have his lease for 3 lives instead of 21 years; failure to agree, division of opinion as to whether it was contrary to the statutes, 9; Dean's request for a list of leases in course of renewal which he wishes to consult before anything is done, 23-24; refusal to renew lease of Sutton at Hone parsonage as two old leases have not been surrendered, 25; procedure in Dean's absence, 26; list of leases to be passed without consultation, 26; threat to withdraw lease if lessee fails to pay rent, 68.

Library: fines to be imposed on persons keeping books longer than 8 months, 69.

Minor Canons: George Prat [cf. Pratt] 1718, 91 ( as soon as he shall have taken Priest's Orders ).

Patronage: Bishop's request about disposal of, 3.

Paviour: not to be paid after Michaelmas 1717, 51.

Poor relief: Mary Pollard to have £20 a quarter out of the £40 lodged with the Chapter for charity provided she assists the choir but does not blow the organ, 16.

Porter and organ blower: John James 1716, 2; water to be laid on in porter's house, 22; payment for ordered, 51.

Property lost to the Chapter: Cuxton: request to take counsel's opinion about the recovery of 4a. land belonging to the Wickham portion of tithe, 71; Halling, 33; Rochester and London: order to take counsel's opinion on lands at Courthill, and Ludgate Hill rent of assize, 80, 81.

Records: counterparts delivered, 49, 52, 55; Dr. Harris requested to return the Textus Roffensis and Custumale Roffense ; disagreement over them, 15-16; lent to bishop, 68; recall of all books except, 68; records of St. Bartholomew's hospital borrowed and returned, 18; refusal to return, 24; dispute over records returned, 27; order by bishop to register injunctions, 36-37; memorandum of records held by Mr. Baldwin, 48; 79; books borrowed by the bishop at the visitation 61, 62; old records including Pryor Wood's register lent to Mr. Barrell, 62, 78; books and papers delivered in, 75; Woodnesborough rental borrowed, 78.

Rents: order to recover a rent of assize due from property called White Leggs behind the Bell Savage Inn on Ludgate Hill, London 63.

Repairs: Account of repairs done in the Cathedral June 1716 - June 1717, 46-47; Frindsbury manor: value of repairs done by lessee etc. 67, 72-73, 74-75, 78; Hartlip parsonage: order to repair, 55, 58; Sutton Valence: order to repair chancel as it is falling in the river, 59; Wateringbury, Cannons Court: order to repair house, barn and well-house, 77; fabric fund, 88.

Residence: request from the bishop as to the residence of Mr. Robinson since he became a prebendary, 3.

Ringers: order of 26 November 1715 annulled, 2.

Roll of Chapter member: 19-21, 40-41, 59-60, 86-87.

School: admissions: 79; Henry Pledge to have next vacancy, 82; exhibition: James Hales to Oxford, Oxfordshire 5; staff: schoolmasters: Thomas Batley 1716, protest against election of, bishop's refusal to licence and resignation of, 10-11, 16, 51-52, 76; William Dormer chosen on probation for a year 1717, 77; letter to Bishop on his appointment, 81; Bishop's consent to proposals and request that he gives up Strood curacy, 82; Hoo [St. Werburgh] living, 52; usher: Thomas Batley 1717, 77; nominated by Dean to take care of the school and to admit no other teacher without his permission, 83; protest against the nomination as a high invasion of the visatorial power and a direct Infringement of his Lordships late Injunction and of the statutes. Insistence on William Dormer's proper election. Ditto to Bishop, 84-85.

South Sea Company: 7, 17, 51.

Steward: Francis Barrell, to meet Chapter, 1; sworn, 2.

Surveys ordered: Goudhurst, 4-5; 68.

Terriers: demand for terrier of St. Giles' parsonage, Thanet, 1; order to repair omission in, 25, 29; to consider further enquiry if unsatisfactory, 55.

Valuation of lands held by Lady Head in Strood and St. Margaret, Rochester, 64.

Visitation: protests against unauthorised and unprecedented payments for 34, 35, 80; episcopal injunctions and the dispute between the Dean and prebendaries concerning submission to them, 37-43; St. Bartholomew's hospital, 39; payments from South Sea Stock dividends, 51; repairs, 77; gratuity given the Bishop's registrar for attending the bishop during the visitation and copying up the injunctions, etc. which he was not to regard as a fee, 80.

Watercourses: complaint about, under construction to Strood Mill which are endangering houses, 94.

Watts' charity, Richard: copy will, indenture, and will of Mr. Gunsley sent in by Mr. Baldwin, 80.

DRcAc 5/15

Accounts audited: 18, 41, 74.

Archdeacon's house to be considered a prebendal house and to be instituted with all privileges and advantages in respect of funeral fees, 34.

Burial fees: 20s. for burial of Edward Springfield, appropriated to the fabric fund, 58.

Carpenter: Henry Turner to be paid for work done in the Cathedral and never to be re-employed, 25.

Chapter Clerk: complaint that officiating Chapter Clerk had made illegal entries in the Chapter Book of which the Dean did not approve; ordered to refrain without advice, 10; refusal of, to pay part of fees to the fabric fund as ordered (30 June 1704), 17; Dean's letter to Henry Barrell, to be registered (4 Dec. 1720), 76.

Chapter House: order to alter the presses and portal, 56.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to affixing the Chapter seal to any instrument of which the Vice-dean Edmund Barrell approved, 44.

[Manorial] Courts to be kept, 31.

Discipline: John Grant and Daniel Hill, prebendaries admonished for contumacy for walking out of Chapter and rudely refusing to return when asked. Accounts of the incident, 11.

Election of Officers: 14, 20, 40, 69.

Fines: fine increased on account of improvements previously secreted from Chapter, 35; letter from the Dean of Canterbury on fines charged there fore renewal of leases, 56-57; adoption of Canterbury proposals, 67; protest against a Chapter order to charge only one years improved value of leases renewed 1721 etc., 89-90; dispute over a fine, 84.

Gratuity: 5 guineas to John Heath for settling Mr. Mayne's affair, 43.

Leases: tenants to be notified who have allowed their 40 year leases to run out over 14 years without renewal, that if before midsummer 1722 they do not renew them but allow them to run out over 20 years they will be renewed for 21 years only, 95.

Library: £10 allowed for purchase of books, 67.

Minor canons: Caleb Parfett 1719, 25.

Organ: £32 contributed towards repair; work to be done by Gerrard Smith, organ maker, 26; agreement with, for repair and tuning, 94.

Porter and organ blower: Stephen Hickman 1720, 64.

Poundage: same allowance as previously made to collectors of quitrents, 21.


Ashford: resolution to present Mr. Colepepper Savage to the next uncontested vacant living on account of his being well recommended by eminent persons for Ashford which he gave up to Mr. Clough, a minor canon, 86;
Boughton Monchelsea: Samuel Prat [cf. Pratt] 1719, 27;
Boxley: Edmund Barrell 1720, 50; protest against his holding Boxley and Sutton in plurality; matter referred to Bishop 50-51;
Hoo, All Hallows: Affabel Battell 1719, 46;
Hoo, St. Werburgh: William Dormer 1718, 3;
West Peckham: decision in Chapter to vote for any suitable qualified person proposed by Leonard Bartholomew of Oxenhoath in gratitude to him for his offer to improve the vicarage, 33;
Shorne: Thomas Swinden, junior 1719, 37;
Strood curacy: Caleb Parfett 1719, 37;
Sutton Valence: George Pratt 1719, 27.

Records: Sack of records sent in by Mrs. Crompe [cf. Crumpe], 4; Mr. Baldwin ordered to return manorial records in his keeping, 21; counterpart delivered, 17; Textus Roffensis and Custumale Roffense rebound and returned, 34; borrowed by Edmund Barrell, 40, 47; deed of settlement and orders regulating Paul Bairstow's charity school at Trottiscliffe placed with records, 62; 2 augmentation rolls borrowed by Edmund Barrell, 69; records borrowed by same to satisfy the bishop about a quitrent, 76.

Repairs: bill for repairs to organist's house to be paid, 3; order to repair a house, 21; lead and timberwork on the cathedral roof to be repaired according to report, 30; NW and SE corners of steeple to be repaired, and ceiling of the aisle over the stair, 61; dispute with the Chapter Clerk over contributions from fees to the fabric fund (30 June 1704), 16, 17, 19.

Robinson, John, prebendary excused being present at audit, 83.

Roll of Chapter members: 13-14, 23-24, 39-40, 48-49, 68-69, 81-82.

Salaries: order to pay arrears of John Crompe [cf. Crumpe]'s salary to his widow, 11; Mr. Springfield to be paid for the quarter in which he died, 58.

School: admission: 70; staff: William Dormer, Schoolmaster 1718, 9; Humphrey Taylor, Usher 1718, 20.

Sermon on public fast day: any prebendary agreeing to preach to be paid 20s. as it dies not fall within the cycle, 77.

South Sea Company: £3,000 to be sold, 47, 51-55; discharges, 74, 78, 79; attorney appointed to negotiate for purchase of land with the money, 62.

Spinet: order to purchase one second hand for the church, 96.

Timber: allowed for repairs: 8, 15; of stiles and gates at Ulcombe, 4; of Wouldham manor, 20-21; at Hoo [St. Werburgh], 38; brought from Frindsbury manor for repair of Cathedral, 38; request for timber for repairs, 45; Dr. Grant ordered to survey timber at Frindsbury; report to Chapter, 30, 37; order to take better care of timber on Darenth manor, 63; order to fell timber at Marden, 74.

Watts' charity, Richard: allowance made to provider in recompense; order to managers of charity not to allow it to happen again. Protest against allowance, 6. Provider's bond delivered, 41.

Wouldham: resolution to support Chapter tenant against Mr. Manley who claims a right of way through the fields belonging to the manor, 95.

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Date: 1706-1721
Quantity: 1 volume
Result number 15 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ac_06 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_06.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester

Chapter Book V nos. 16-20

One volume made up of five small books bound up together. The volume was produced in the Exchequer Court on 16 June 1786 in the case of Davis et al. plaintiffs versus Duppa et al defendants, concerning Malmaines [cf. Malmains, Malmaynes, Malesmains, Malemeins] portion of tithe, Stoke.

16. 4 July 1721 - 22 June 1723 Ff.1-92
17. 23 June 1723 - 19 January 1725 Ff.1-92
18. 25 November 1725 - 27 December 1732 Ff.1-46
19. 23 June 1732 - 12 July 1738 Ff.1-46
20. 25 November 1738 - 9 December 1743 Ff.1-42


Accounts audited: 12a, 13a, 39a, 40, 59a, 75, 88a.

Almsmen, admonished for absence, 51a.

Arrears of rent: 29a, 49a, 50, 80-80a.

Bailiff (and deputy) to collect rents from lands purchased by the Earl of Aylesford; Thomas Rudge and John Hickman 1722, 29; Bailiff of Northfleet and Cliffe: Henry Barrell 1724, 73; Bailiff of Shoreham: William Lightfoot, 1722, 29.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester: 76, 87-87a.

Bishop, election of 43-43a, 46.

Charity: 53a.

Choristers: Thomas Wills expelled, 35.

Counsel: John Marsh 1724, 67, 79.

[Manorial] Courts: 3a, 54-54a, 80a.

Cushions to be made for the church, 3.

Debts of the church, 8.

Election of Officers: 34a, 58, 71, 75, 86, 88a.

Episcopal leases, confirmation of; 42a.

Estate charges: 59a.

Fee Farm rents, collection of, 29, 73.

Fines: 5a; used to pay off church debt, 8; protest against higher computation of, for some church property, with Dean's answer, 31-33a, 35-36.

Gratuities: £5 to Charles Harris, son of the late Dr. Harris, 16; £60 to John Spaigne [cf. Spain, Spaine, Spayne], late organist, 25; 1 guinea to Mr. Dormer, schoolmaster for some damage he lately received , 66; 10 guineas to Joseph Bowles, Keeper of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Oxfordshire for collating the statutes and writing up an authentic copy, 69; £28 to Thomas Clark, lay clerk to pay off his debts, 89; protest against same, 10a.

Hoo: repair of All Hallows [cf. Hoo Allhallows] parsonage, 28a.

Inventories of church goods, 89.

Knight's charity: 87 Lay clerks: protest against an election, 10a; places, 69, 78a.

Leases: 36.

Leatherhead, Surrey augmentation of, 48.

Livings: Cuxton and Strood, 26, 50a.

Minor Canons: houses, 6a, 28, 50a, 51, 52-53, 68a, 75a, 76, 82, 87a; absence of, 7a; fines, 75a; places: James Hales 1722, 27; Ralph Bishop 1723, 54; probationer John White 1724, 74a.

Organ: payment for repair, 46a; organist: Mr. Peach, 11; house, 71a.

Pavement: preservation of, within the church by erecting a turnpike and fence to prevent wagons coming in, 83.

Perquisites: 50a, 53a.

Pew: licence granted Mawdistly [cf. Mawdistley] Best to build, in Boxley Church, 41a-43, 53.


Ashford: John Clough 1721, 1;
Bearsted: James Hales 1724, 61a;
Boughton Monchelsea: George Prat [Pratt] 1722, 15a;
Chatham: John Robinson 1721, 8a; protest against, 15; George Prat [cf. Pratt] 1722, 23; protest against, 25a-31, 59a;
Halling: Ralph Bishop 1724, 74a;
Hoo, Allhallows: Robert Hodges 1724, 72;
Stockbury: Charles Birkbeck 1721, 1; Isaac Finch 1725, 78a;
Strood curacy: Caleb Parfett ( regnant ) 1723, 50a*;
Sutton Valence and East Sutton: Daniel Prat [cf. Pratt] 1722, and protest against, 15a, 20;
Sutton Valence: Culpeper Savage 1723, 54;
Wilmington: John White 1725, 88-88a.

Procurators in Convocation: Edmund Barrell 1722, 17-17a.

Proxies order against use of, in Chapter repealed, 58a.

Queen Anne's Bounty: 48.

Quitrents: 13a, 40-40a, 49a.

Records: 77a, receivers' books, 89.

Rent in Kind: commutation for a boar, 1.

Repairs to property: 25, 28a; cathedral repairs, 82a.

Residence: order respecting, 71.

Ringers' salaries: 69.

Roll of Chapter members: 10-10a, 19-19a, 34-34a, 45-45a, 56-56a,

Salaries: 2a, 50, 69.

School: admissions: 10a, 40a, 64a, 80; exhibitions: Robert Tilson to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 39; Stephen Thornton to Cambridge, 40; William Cresswell to Cambridge, 51; Samuel Francis Swinden to Oxford, Oxfordshire 82, 86a, 88a; order on scholarships in book 13 p.138a repeated, 75a.

Sermons, preaching of, 11a.

South Sea Company: payment to auditor, Edmund Barrell for managing Chapter finance in connection with, 29a; 51, 54, 58, 69a, 76.

Steward: John Marsh 1724, 67, 79.

Timber: on Darenth manor and parsonage, 1a, 2a, 4-4a, 8a-9, 21, 28; order to survey, 6; prosecution for waste of, 23; enquiry to be made about timber to be cut at Marden, 67a, 79, 80, 81-81a, 88a; allowed for repairs at Shawstead [cf. Sharsted], 61a.

Turnpike: erection of in Precinct, 83.

Vault: order to repair Dr. Caesar's, 68.

Vergerer: John James 1723, 54.

Visitation: 62, 64, 68a, 71a; proxies for 75, 76, 77; injunctions, 77-77a; adjourned to Bromley, proxies for, 83a; dispute over, 83a; injunctions, 84.

Woodreeve: 6-7, 16a, 26a.

Workhouses: Strood, to be financed from Watt's charity, 1a-2; St. Margaret, Rochester, 69a-70; Rochester City, 87a.


Accounts audited: 16; request that the state of the receiver's book be taken into account so that regulations might be made about the Chapter estates, 1c, 6a, 22; treasurers and receivers in future to submit their books ready for audit on 25 November every year, 37a; books passed, 38, 44a.

Alienations: order to leave a note of alienees' names and addresses with the receiver together with the estate alienated and addition when estates are alienated out of audit, 20a.

Archdeacon and prebendary: Mr. Bradford 1728, 15a.

Archidiaconal patent: Principal Apparitor: John Elyres 1732, 40a.

Arrears: 6; agreement relating to arrears of rent for The Vines, 19; order to recover arrears for College Croft, 21a, 29; order to collect arrears from a farm at Halstow, 31; recovery of Newenden fee farm rents, 31a; order to recover arrears at Stoke, 39a; and in Cliffe, 45.

Audit: to be held for a fortnight only 1732, 43.

St Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity: receiver: Thomas Pratt [cf. Prat] 125-1731, 1a, 6a, 14, 22a, 29a, 38; widows nominated: 1a, 12a, 15; order to employ counsel to move a suit in Chancery concerning money invested in the South Sea Company, 18a.

Choristers: 14; James Steward, 20.

[Manorial] Courts: 19, 28.

Cuddington, Buckinghamshire: estate to be purchased for the church 1732, 41, 43a.

Dartford level: 39a.

Election of Officers: 1b, 1c, 6a, 12a, 20, 22, 22a, 26a, 29a, 37a, 38, 44a, 46.

Episcopal Election: receipt of conge d'elire *; date fixed, 34.

* 1731. Francis Atterbury, previous bishop expelled and forced to flee on account of his Jacobite sympathies.

Expenses : Mr. Barrell's, to be paid, lc; 1 guinea to Mr. Lightfoot for his journey to Sussex and 5s. for the old court roll of Shoreham manor, 13; 5s. a day and horsehire to John James for journeys on church business, 22; bill of costs paid in part, 28; bill for work done in the church to be paid, 30a; £11 to Mr. Rouse for visitation, 14s.

Fines : proposal to abate fine in return for the reservation of timber to the Dean and Chapter, 14.

Gamekeeper : Sutton and Wilmington, and Darenth manors: Williams Lee 1726, 4.

Gratuities : £28 to Thomas Clark to pay his debts; protest against, 1c; 20 guineas to John Hales for building the minor canons houses, 7; 2 guineas to Mr. Bishop for making a copy of the library catalogue, 29; 6 guineas to Mr. James for his trouble in surveying the church, 31a; 2 guineas to John James for carrying money to the Archdeacon in London, 46a.

Guy's Hospital, London : 39a, 45a.

Inventory of Church goods delivered : 1c.

Lamberhurst: state of parsonage and account of timber there, 24.

Lay Clerks : James Higgens 1726, 4; Daniel Higgens 1726, 4; Daniel Clerk 1727, 10; Thomas Puckle 1732, 43, 43a; Daniel Clerk suspended for bad conduct, 43a.

Library: £5 paid by every prebendary on admission to be used to buy books, 27a; payment for catalogue copied, 29, and alphabetical table of Chapter House library and Dr. Hill's book of maps, 46.

London: Fleetditch estate, 10.

Minor Canons: Henry Foche 1728, 15; Christopher Beake 1732, 41a; houses: payments in lieu of, 1a; gratuity for rebuilding, 7.

Organist : paid £4 (at 3d. a page) for transcribing music for the choir, 22a; house to be repaired, 29a.

Pensions : collector: Thomas Baldwin 1729, 29a; order to incumbent of Barming to pay arrears, 36; enquiry into Mr. Hodges' demand for a pension due to him as incumbent of All Hallows, Hoo, 40, 42.

Poor relief : allowances to Mrs. Dampier, 3a, 17a, 30; allowance to Mr. Norbury, curate of Kingsdown imprisoned at Canterbury, 30a; do. to Mr. Birkbeck's son, 37a, do. to Mary Rich, 38.

Preaching : cycle submitted, 38


Chart Sutton : James Hales 1732, 46a;
West Farleigh : John Davis 1726, 3a;
Goudhurst : Robert Berisford 1728, 15;
Hartlip : Walter Frank 1728, 22;
Hoo St. Werburgh : Ralph Bishop 1729, 27a;
Rochester St. Margaret : John Denne 1729, 27; William Lowth 1731, 35a.

Prison : curate of Kingsdown in, 30a.

Procurators in Convocation : John Grant 1727, 11-11a.

Protestants : relief for persecuted, in Salzburg, Austria 41a.

Queen Anne's Bounty : requests for the augment the livings of West Peckham, 34a, and Wateringbury, 45a.

Quitrents : arrears of, at Badmonden to be considered, 21a; Chapter Clerk to prepare rental of quitrents due from church manors for Midsummer audit 1733, 46a.

Records : workhouse lease to be kept with, 1a; church inventory, 1c, and library catalogue delivered, 29; legal papers borrowed by Henry Sheafe, 10; Haddenham, Buckinghamshire lease and estimates of the value of the estate borrowed by the Dean, 46a.

Renewal : conditions for renewal of lease of Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire rectories, 28-28a.

Repairs top of south side of western cross; woodwork of ceiling; belfry to be taken down and other arrangements to be made about ringing the bells; survey ordered, 29a; payment for, 31a; painting of north aisle cupolas and organ loft wainscotting, 40.

Rochester : workhouse lease, 1a.

Roll of Chapter members : 2a-3, 5-5a, 7a-8, 12-12a, 16-16a, 19a-20, 44-44a.

Salaries : payment for acting choristers to be placed under alms , 14.

School : admissions : 5a, 14, 14a, 20, 27a, 29a, 31a, 32a, 33a, 35, 36, 38, 41a, 44a, 46; exhibitions : Mr. White to be paid exhbition money till Christmas 1725, 1; same to go to Samuel Francis Swinden after then 1725, 1b; Francis Gibson to Oxford, 3a; Charles Beak to St. Johns College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 10; Henry Taylor to Queen's College, Cambridge, 27a ...... Smith, son of late vicar of Higham to Cambridge, 31a; staff : usher: Christopher Beck 1729, 27a, 28a.

South Sea Company : investment in, 18a; power of attorney to collect dividend, 32, 37a, 38, 43.

Subletting : 21a.

Subsacrist : Stephen Hickman 1732, 41a.

Terriers demanded , 22a, 31.

Timber: Bearsted: request for 12 trees for reapir of parsonage to be investigated, 13a. 3 trees allows for same, 14; Darenth : elm allows for rebuilding stables there, 3a; proposal to Earl of Bristol, lessess that if he will consent to all timber on the manor and parsonage being reserved t the Dean and Chapter, his fine will be abated, 14; allowed for repairs, 30a, Frindsbury : allowed for repair of a barn, 18; Halling : lessee to have timber cut in the parsonage barnyard if he agrees to do necessary repairs and pay his renewal fin, 16; ? Shawstead [cf. Sharsted]: allowed for repair of a barn floor, 29a; 31a; Sutton and Wilmington : to be felled for repair of parsonage outhouses, 46a; Wouldham : 8 trees allows for repair of a farm, 33a; general : covenant concerning tree-felling to be inserted in lease, 8-8a; timber convenants to be inserted in leases of woodland, 9; agreement about payment for timber, 9; order to prosecute Mrs. Taylor if she refuses to sign a promisory note of timber leased to her, on account of waste already committed, 10a; agreements of sale of timber form : Darenth Woods, 35a 42a; Reed Court Farm, Frindsbury : 18, 21a, 31; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Woods : 27a, 35, 43a.

Vault : permission to erect in Boxley Church, granted to Mawdistley [cf. Mawdistly] Best, 22a-23.

Visitation : protest against £11 gratuity made to Mr. Rouse, 14a.

Watts' Charity, Richard : Providers' bonds delivered, 2, 6, 8.

Windows : 3 sash windows to be put in on S. side Chapter house, 9a.

Accounts audited: 33, onus and exoneration of receiver's book altered, 25a.

Arrears of Rent : Aylesford fee farm rents, due from the manor of Newenden, 9, 26a, 39, 43a; Cliffe, 9; Mr. Maine's estate, 16a, 17; The Vines, Rochester, 17; receiver ordered to sue at law for arrears, 22a; certain arrears wiped out, 25a.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity : receiver: Thomas Pratt 1733-1736, 7, 15a, 25, 33; widows nominated, 25; receiver to bring in a list of widows nominated and living out of Rochester, 33, list of widows for nomination as vacancies occur, 38a.

Boxley : messuage and lands (to provide a vicarage) demised forever to the Dean and Chapter by Edmund Barrell, 39a.

Bromley College : repair fund for, 22.

Chapter procedure : Dean's consent to the Chapter to grant leases in his absence, 43a, 46(*).

Choristers : Stephen Hickman, 37; Thomas Clarke, an assistant, 27; fees and compensation, 26a.

[Manorial] Courts : 4, 23, 30, 39.

Cuddington, Buckinghamshire : Archdeacon to control rent collecting, leasing and repairs until November 1733, 4a; to be leased with Haddenham, Buckinghamshire rectory, 20-21a.

Election of Officers : 7, 14a, 25, 32a, 41, 42.

Expenses : incurred by Archdeacon during purchase of Cuddington estate to be paid, 4a.

Fees : payments to scholars and choristers, 16a, 26a.

Guy's Hospital, London: Archdeacon empowered to settle arrears payable to the Crown when it is known to whom they belong, 16a; resolution to borrow £300 to pay arrears, 27.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire : purchase of estate: Archdeacon's account delivered, 8a; money borrowed for purchase, 9a; repayment, 23; resolutions relating to renewal of lease, 20-21a; gratuity to Chapter Clerk for drawing up new form of lease, 24a; Archdeacon to receive arrears and pay gratuity to his attorney for collecting them, 23; proposed to exchange the livings of Haddenham and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire for two nearer Rochester, 40, 45.

Lay clerks : William Blogg 1735, 27; expelled 1738 on account of his association with strolling players and absence from service, 44a; 3 guineas paid Mr. Huggins to buy him a surplice, 27; suspension of payments from Lady Clarke's charity to cease, 16a.

Leases : order to rectify mistake in leases made up in wrong names, 5.

Library : 240 philosophical treatises presented by Edmund Barrell, 9a.

Minor Canons : Walter Franks 1733, 7; Richard Husband 1736, 35; Ceasar Curtis to be appointed on the resignation of Isaac Finch 1736, 35; Peter Wade, curate of Chatham 1737, 37a; housesL 8 guineas allowed Mr. Husband for repairs; bill for paving washhouse with Newcastle stone to be paid, 43a; treasurer to report on the site of, in June 1738, 43a.

Organist : extraordinary salary suspended until the boys are taught to sing So as to Give better Satisfaction , 40; house: Order to complete rebuilding, 25: allowance for fitting up, 40.

Poor Relief : maintenance of Mr. Birkbeck, junior, 5, 9a, 40; allowance made to Mrs. Holliday for her son's clothing during his apprenticeship, 16a.


Bearsted : Henry Rand 1733, 3;
Goudhurst : Isaac Finch 1736, 33;
Kingsdown with Maplescombe : Mr. Provost 1736, or John Butler if he refuses, 31;
Lamberhurst : Tobias Swinden 1733, 3;
Rolvenden : Daniel Chadsley 1737, 37a;
Shorne : Caleb Parfett 1733, 3;
Stockbury : Christopher Beak 1736, 33a; John Butler (as Mr. Beak has accepted a living in the west) 1737, 36;
Strood curacy : Christopher Beak 1733, 3; Richard Husband 1737, 43a;
Wateringbury : Walter Hodges 1735, 18a; John Butler 1736, 33;
Woodnesborough : John Billingsly 1736, 29; John Upton 1737, 37a.

Procurators in Convocation : John Grant 1734, 10-10a;

Proxies: Provost of Oriel's proxy allowed for special occasion only, 9a.

Queen Anne's Bounty : augmentations allowed to the vicars of All Hallows, Hoo and Strood, 42a.

Quitrents : Thomas Baldwin to continue as collector on condition he accepts 3s. in the £ for collecting, and makes up the rolls for the courts held in his father's lifetime (for which his father was paid), and delivers them free of charge, 35.

Records : counterparts delivered, 5, 9a; Haddenham, Buckinghamshire lease and valuations returned by the Dean, 3a; Dotation charter borrowed by same in connection with the patentee affair, and returned, 20a.

Repairs : Chatham : donation towards repair of church, 39a; Frindsbury : order to repair a barn at Reed Court Farm, 30a; Goudhurst : order to repair chancel and barn, 42a; Rochester : order to repair flat roof and leading of Chapter house, 26; gratuity to Mr. Stone for inspecting same, 26a; order to repair ruinous tenement, 9, 13a, 22a; order to write Sir Francis Head about the repairs needed in St. Margaret's Church noted at the visitation, 39; Shorne : allowance to tenant towards rebuilding a barn lately burnt down, 39a; Southfleet : order to repair property, 4a, 12a, 13a.

Roll of Chapter members : 2-2a, 6-6a, 11a-12, 14-14a, 18-18a, 24-24a, 23-28a, 32-32a, 36a-37, 40a-41, 44-44a.

Salaries : 12a; additional allowance for John James for looking after the lamps, 13a.

School: Admissions : 3, 7, 12, 15, 18a, 22, 25a, 42a; exhibitions : Pierce Dixon to Queens College, Cambridge, 12; Caesar Curtis to St. Johns College, Cambridge, 21; Davis Lamb to St. Johns College, Cambridge, 41a; John James to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 21; given further allowance to defray expenses, 24a ; fees : 26a; staff : usher William Patterson (Pattison) 1735, 27a; given 5 guineas for his car and diligence in teaching the boys, 30a.

Seal : Dean or resident prebendaries empowered to use, in specified cases, 35.

Survey : report on ruinous state of Southfleet estate, 4a.

Terrier for Leatherhead, Surrey demanded, 36.

Timber : Frindsbury : order to pay for wasted timber at Reed Court Farm or face prosecution, 9a; order to use same, 30a; allowed for repair of a barn, 43a; Leatherhead, Surrey : allowed for repairs to parsonage, 19; Sutton : request for 2 more elms to finish a granary and to replace defective timber already supplied, 7a; arrangements for sales of timber from : Darenth: 13a; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted]: 4, 13a, 22a, 29a, 37a, 45; felling of young timber, 33.

Verger : John James accused of adultery and suspended; Stephen Hickman appointed in his place 1736, 29, 33; suspended for a year or more and ordered to find a deputy, 34; suspension removed, 40.

Visitation : 4, 5.

DRc/Ac 6/20

Accounts audited : 1a, 10a, 17, 32a, 39a.

Apprenticeship : Charles Birkbeck to be put out as apprentice, 9a.

Archidiaconal patents : Registrar : John Denne, junior and Robert Rouse 1738, 2; Official general : George Lee 1739, 10b; Edward Simpson 1742, 30a.

Arrears of rent : Aylesford : fee farm rents due from Newenden Manor, 4a, 5a: Boughton Monchelsea : rents and tithes, 19; Maidstone Corporation : refusal to pay fee farm rents due until the dispute over their charter is settled, 35; orders relating to the paymetn of rents, 18a.

Aylesford parsonage and Blase [cf. Blaise] Wood, fines reset, 5.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity : receiver : Thomas Prat [cf. Pratt] 1738-1742, 2, 10a, 17a, 25, 33a; widows nominated, 25.

St. Catherine's Hospital, Rochester : Dean and Chapter appointed visitors. Orders concerning accounts and regulations relating to allowances, 5, 11a-12, 19, 27.

Chapter Procedure : Dean's consent to Chapter acts passed in his absence, 9a, 23a, 31a, 38a, 41a, do. Archdeacon, 41a.

Chatham : dispute between the parishioners and the curate; order to empower persons to treat with the Dean and Chapter, 16.

Choristers : 13, 20a, orders relating to regulation of choir, 22a-23a.

Courts : 31a

Discipline : minor canons absent when it is their turn to read prayers and who appoint no deputy to be fined, 14a; choir regulations, 22a-23a.

Election of Officers : 1a, 10a, 17, 24a, 32a, 39a.

Episcopal patent : Vicar General : Edmund Lewen, 1739, 10b.

Fines : Aylesford parsonage, Blase [cf. Blaise] Wood and Monken Barn, Shorne fines reset, and later reduced, 5, 5a.

Gatehouse and Porter's Lodge : surveyed and found ruinous; order to shut one gate and to consider demolition, 18; permission to demolish that part abutting on Walter Hodges, Provost of Oriel [College, Oxford, Oxfordshire]'s prebendal house on condition a strong brick wall is built at the western end to hold it safe from gusts of wind and storms, 27a.

Gratutiy : 5 guineas to Thomas Clarke for cleaning and looking after St. Nicholas' Church while it was used by the Dean and Chapter when the choir was under repair, 41.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire : cause pending in Chancery between present and former tenant, 4.

Highways : 8 guineas to be paid to Surveyor of, in St. Margaret's Rochester fo gravelling St. Margaret's Street, 23a.

Insurance of schoolmaster's minor canons' and organist's houses, 27a.

Lay Clerks : George White 1740, 15a; probationer Richard Couzens, to share salary with Thomas Clark, 14; Richard Cousens salary suspended for non-attendance, 41.

Marshlands washed away by the River Medway, 27a.

Minor Canons : to be heavily fined for not providing a deputy to read prayers in their absence, 14a.

Precinct paving : order to Waterworks proprietor that it must not be broken without consent, and if it is, must be evenly relaid with gravel, 41a.

Procurator in Convocation : Edmund Barrell 1741, 20a-21a.

Property : expired leases, 9a.

Records : old Haddenham, Buckinghamshire lease, records of Walbrook, London estate and papers relating to Newenden fee farm rents lent to Archdeacon for legal cases, 4, 4a, 5a.

Rents : improved rents of Mr. Lock's estate, 3 tenements and an orchard in St. Margaret's, Rochester, 33.

Repairs : cathedral choir repaved and cleaned, 19, 27; foundations of south wall of church to be inspected and repaired if necessary, 38a; tenement to be repaired, 19a.

Roll of Chapter Members : 1-1a, 6-6a, 10-10a, 12a-13, 16a-17, 20-20a, 24-24a, 28a-29, 32-32a, 35a-36, 39-39a.

School : admissions : 13, 17, 24a, 29, 39a; exhibitions : [......] Bickley to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 2; [....] Taylor to St. Johns College, Cambridge, 14; Alexander James to Cambridge, 34a; William Dormer to Oxford, Oxfordshire 2; John Parfect and George Burvill to Oxford, 34a; John James, junior given a present of 10 guineas towards taking his degree, 2; staff : resignation of John Price; master: Jonathan Soan 1739, 9; order relating to fees to be excepted from his patent, 9; resolution to build a new school and to repair master's house, 12.

Timber : Sutton at Hone : allowed for pales in the barnyard, 31; to be cut on the glebe land for the use of the church, 33a; agreements for sales of timber from : Darenth Woods : 21a; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted]: 9a, 15a, 22a, 38; Southfleet: 41, 423; Monkwood, Wouldham : 38.

Verger John James made an allowance to cover loss of perquisites from candles and extraordinary service occasioned by the repair of the choir, 41.

Visitation : archidiaconal, 20a.

Waterworks : order to proprietors relating to precinct paving, 41.

File updated by Borough Archivist, Medway Council 8 March 2001.

Date: 1721-1743
Quantity: 1 volume
Result number 16 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ac_07 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_07.html

Chapter Book VI nos. 21-24

One volume made up of four small books bound up together.

21. 23 June 1744-15 July 1749 Ff.1-49
22. 25 November 1749-8th December 1753 Pp.1-90
23. 30th April 1754-25th November 1759 Pp.1-91
24. 10th December 1759-2nd December 1765 Pp.1-80

Ac 7/21 Accounts audited: 4a, 14a, 24, 32a; respited in the absence of the archdeacon, 5.

Apprenticeship: allowance made towards putting a chorister Abraham Fowle as apprentice, 48.

Auditor, deputy: William Gates 1745, 14a.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity: widows nominated, 9a, 14, 44.

Binding: Chapter books, 7; Registra, 5-8 and Red Book, 17a.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 1b, 5, 7-7a, 17a, 26a-27, 31, 35a, 43a, 49; Vice-deans consent to Chapter acts, 3, 7a, 18, 27, 35a, 43a, 49.

Choristers: one salary to be divided between two boys, 42a.

Coach-house: Dean given leave to build, in Precinct, 7.

Counterpart Lease: undertaking to deliver, 15, 39a.

[Manorial] Courts*: 1c, 12, 22a, 29a, 48a; Vice-dean and prebendaries to determine reliefs payable by courts, 12a

Deodand: order to sell mare forfeit for having destroyed a child on Frindsbury manor, 26.

Election of Officers: 4a, 13a, 24, 41a.

Entry and Exit: right of, granted to certain persons through the College Yard, Rochester and Schoolhouse gate, 26a.

Episcopal Patent: Diocesan Registrar: William Stubbs and Thomas Moore 1748, 40a.

Fee Farm Rents: allowance for collecting in Northfleet and Cliffe 1743, 1744, 7.

Fines: abated, 6, 33a-34; not to be increased if improvements are made, 12, 22a.

Goudhurst: annuity for vicar, settlement of, 34.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: payment to vicar to defray costs of lawsuit, 30a; records relating to, 30a, 49.

Minor Canons: Thomas Austen 1746, 22a, 23; James Hales expelled for striking Ralph Bishop with his cane in a dispute about reading at prayers, 15-17; houses: treasurer to pay for water, and land and window tax, 11.

West Peckham, presentation to, 45, 49.

Poor relief: widow of George Prat [cf. Pratt], curate of Chatham made an allowance from vicarial tithes of Chatham, 29a.

* Kept by the Archdeacon.

Precinct: drain to be built; gatehouse demolished, 3-3a; Dean's coach house, 7; plan of, to be made, 12a.


Boughton Monchelsea: John Lawry 1747, 30;
Chatham: Walter Frank 1747, 30;
Haddenham with Cuddington, Buckinghamshire Chapel: Thomas Brougham 1749, 45;
Hartlip: Caesar Curtis 1747, 30;
West Peckham: George Richards 1749, 45**
Stockbury: Richard Husband 1747, 30;
Strood: Peter Wade 1747, 30a;
Sutton Valence: Samuel Venner 1747, 29;
Woodnesborough: Jonathan Soan 1747, 30a.

Procurators in Convocation: Edmund Barrell and John Denne 1747, 31-31a; order to appear before the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Secker, 35a-36.

Repairs: see Precinct; spire and steeple in need of repair, 35; order to surveyor to see to it, 40a.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-1a, 4-4a, 8-8a, 13-13a, 18a-19, 23a-24, 27a-28, 32-32a, 36a-37, 41-41a, 44-44a.

** According to a Chapter Act of 10 July 1719.

School: admissions: 1a, 29a; exhibitions: Ralph Bishop to St. John's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 21; Samuel Prat [cf. Pratt] to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 29; staff: usher, Charles Soan 1745, 12.

Timber: Bearsted: allowed for repair of parsonage, 26; Goudhurst: allowed for repair of Scrope Mead, 26; Sutton at Hone: request for, for repair of parsonage barns, 25; agreements for sales from: Durne Woods: 12; Reed [cf. Rede] Court Farm, Frindsbury: 11a, 25, 29, 29a, 30a, 40, 49a, Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Woods: 22, 30a; Southfleet: 40; Ulcombe: 48a; Monkwood, Wouldham: 2a, 30a.

Wateringbury: cause in equity between the vicar and Sir William Twisden, Bt. over tithes abated by death of vicar. Order to take counsel on patrons' behalf, 35.

DRc/Ac 7/22

Accounts audited, 2, 20, 37, 59, 84.

Adjournment of audit: 19, 83.

Almsman: Ralph Hays 1749, 3.

Apprenticeship: 3 guineas given Stephen Hickman, porter to reimburse him for putting his son apprentice, 90.

Arrears of rent: to be demanded by collector, 8; peremptory order to Sir Francis Head to pay, 55-56; do. and part refusal on the plea that he does not know from which lands they issue, 63-64.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity: widows nominated, 39.

Binding: Chapter Books and papers, 43.

St. Catherine's Hospital, Rochester: arrears of rent and balance of account. Repairs necessary, 89.

Chapter Procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 9, 24, 43, 67, 90; Dean's confirmatory note of business done, 52; Vice-dean's confirmations of Chapter Acts, 9, 24, 43, 67, 90.

Counsel and High Steward: Joseph Brooke 1753, 74.

[Manorial] Courts: 18, 35.

Election of Officers: 2, 4, 20, 37, 59, 84.

Embezzlement of fine money: 71.

Fines: increased, 79-82, with list of persons with leases for 21 years or 3 lives to whom the resolutions were sent; 10 guinea present given to Chapter Clerk for transcribing, printing and dispersing the order, 87.

Furnishings: Thanks to Archbishop of Canterbury for a gift towards finishing and ornamenting the altar piece, 57.

Gamekeepers: Moathall, Bearsted: Colonel William Belford of Combe 1749, 6; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing], Gillingham: John Boghurst of Chatham 1751, 32.

Lay Clerk: Charles Blogg 1750, 14; probationers: Charles Blogg and Samuel Smith 1749; salary shared; Samuel Smith to do lay clerks duty in the choir, 7; Samuel Smith and Thomas Clarke; to attend services and take regularly their turns of duty, 15; Edward Clarke and George White 1753; salary shared, 78.

Organist: Joseph Howe 1753, 80.

Poor Relief: allowance to Mr. Brown, late curate of Meopham and Cobham for as long as he is incapacitated from doing his duty as curate through loss of his voice, 89.

Precinct: bar to be erected where churchyard stile stood; regulations as to keys and right or way, 56; order to choirboys and scholars not to play in the Precinct or break the Cathedral windows, 66; payment to portar for implementing order, 89.


Aylesford: John Upton 1750, 15;
Halling: John Pratt 1753 provided he gives up the ushership, 88;
Hartlip: Charles Soan 1750, 18;
Hoo, All Hallows: Thomas Austen 1751, 26;
Leatherhead, Surrey: Robert Laxton 1752, 45;
Stockbury: Caesar Curtis 1750, 17;
Wateringbury: Richard Husband 1750, 17.

Property: Chapter; Archdeacon empowered to bring action for trespass on, 89.

Quitrents: 55, 63.

Repairs: plans and proposals for the rebuilding of St. Margaret's vicarage, Rochester and financing the same, 7, 17, 35, 55; space between the Provost of Oriel [College, Oxford, Oxfordshire]'s house and St. Margaret's Road [cf. Street] to be levelled and fenced; buttress to be built on south side of church; stone coping to be repaired; also schoolhouse, 34-35.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 10-11, 19-20, 25-26, 36-37, 47-48, 58-59, 68-69, 83-84.

School: exhibitions: John Pilgrim to St. John's College, Cambridge, Cambridegshire, 16; Richard Husband to Christ's College, Cambridge, 87; James Franklyn to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 3; Austen Gammon to Oxford, 42a; William Clagett given 10 guineas towards taking his degree, 35; staff: usher, John Pratt 1753, 87; repairs: 35.

Timber: Frindsbury Manor: assigned for rebuilding, 43; Ulcombe: for repairs, 8; agreements for sales from: Reed Court Woods, Frindsbury: 33, 54, 78; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Woods: 16, 33, 54, 78; Ulcombe: 8; Monkwood, Wouldham: 16, 33, 78.

DRc/Ac 7/23

Accounts audited: deferred, 14; 15, 45, 59, 71, 91.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights Charity: receiver, William Gates 1756, 49; widows nominated, 1, 55.

Chalk: order to investigate tenant's proposal to sell chalk and chalk rubbish available on Frindsbury manor, 43.

Chapter Clerk: William Gates 1757, with restricted rights, 59; protest against restrictions, 59; dispute referred to Bishop; resolutions; William Stubbs and William Gates 1759, 84-88.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 16, 33, 48, 63, 76; Vice-dean's consent to Chapter Acts, 17, 33, 48, 63, 76.

Chertseys Gate: to be used as porter's lodge, 9.

[Manorial] Courts: list of, when last kept and arrears due, 9; 10, 24.

Discipline: reiteration of regulations relating to the choir of 8 July 1741 because of irregularities and neglect, 7-9.

Election of Officers: 14, 28, 45, 59, 71, 88.

Episcopal election: Zachary Pearce 1756, 34.

Finance: Archdeacon empowered to borrow money for the church, 84.

Fines: not to be increased when improvements are done, 32, 42.

Gamekeeper: Hoo [St. Werburgh] manor: Thomas Scott of Hoo, yeoman, 48.

Goudhurst: augmentation settlement registered, 25.

Lay clerks: Claudius Hogsflesh, subsiduary 1755 to encourage him to improve and qualify for the choir, 26; appointed 1755, 33; Edward Laurence Clarke to have his suspension removed, 33.

Library: a legacy left to, 32.

Minor canons: Richard Husband 1759, 82; Thomas Frank 1759, 83, 84; resignation of Thomas Austin 1759, 84; houses: proper sewer to be laid to drain water from, 42.

Porter: to live at Chertseys Gate, Rochester 9. Precinct: sycamore trees in the churchyard to be felled and given the verger for his trouble, 32.


Aylesford: debate on a prebendary's right to exchange a living in favour of his brother, a non-prebendary, and a prebendary's right to request an exchange for himself which arose from a vacancy at Aylesford, 10-12; John Lawry 1754, 12;
Darenth: Thomas Thompson 1758, 68; Thomas Frank 1799, 84;
Goudhurst: John Adey 1756, 48; Robert Polhill 1759, 85;
Halling: Richard Husband 1759, 84;
Hartlip: John Pratt [cf. Prat] 1759, 84;
Hoo [St. Werburgh]: Thomas Thompson 1759, 82;
Kingsdown with Maplescombe: Erasmus Saunders 1757, 53;
Lamberhurst: Samuel Denne 1754, 1 (see Aylesford above);
Stockbury: Pierce Dixon 1759, 84;
Strood: Edwards Beadon 1755, 26.

Procurators in Convocation: Edmund Barrell and John Lawry 1754, 1-2.

Property: request to extend a lease of the Vines and part of the Kings Orchard; and proposal to rebuild a house near the Vines stile, 24-25; property near St. Williams Gate improved by lessee, 32.

Quitrents: demand for arrears due from the Bridge Wardens, and order to proceed at law for recovery, 23, 32-33, 43.

Records: resignations of the livings of Darenth and Goudhurst brought in, 84; plan for rebuilding St. Margaret's vicarage, Rochester, delivered, 57.

Residence of prebendaries: 31, 49, 76.

Roll of Chapter members: 3-4, 13-14, 18-19, 27-28, 36-37, 44-45, 50-51, 58-59, 64-65, 70-71, 78-79, 89-91.

School: exhibitions: Richard Hervey to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 15; Edmund Faunce and Richard Fletcher to University College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 15, 76; staff: schoolmaster, Thomas Thompson 1757, 60-61.

Terrier demanded, 54.

Timber: resident prebendary empowered to sell, and make allowances for repairs, 33; agreements for sales from: Reed Court Wood, Frindsbury: 6, 23, 35, 55; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Woods: 6, 35, 55; Monkwood, Wouldham: 23.

Verger and subsacrist: John Toll 1754, 6-7; to have sycamores felled in the churchyard, 32.

Visitation: 54, 57.

DRc/Ac 7/24

Accounts audited: 14, 26-27, 39, 52, 75.

Arrears of rent: Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, 29; Ospringe, 41; Rochester Bridge wardens, 73.

Bailiff of Shoreham: Stephen Parker 1764, 59; bailiff of rents purchased from the Earl of Aylesford: William Barrett 1765, 79.

Barrell, Edmund, ill, 31.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights charity: widows nominated, 66, 67.

Chapter Book: entries made up, 1-5.

Chapter Clerk: William Gates and William Stubbs 1760, 12.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 5, 17, 31, 41-42, 56, 62, 66; Vice-dean's confirmation of Chapter Acts, 5, 17, 31, 42, 56, 66.

Choir: Mr. Smith chosen because he can Read pretty well , 17.

[Manorial] Courts: 12.

Election of Officers: 14, 26, 40, 52, 62, 77.

Fines: agreement not to raise, because of improvements, 50.

Gamekeeper: Darenth manor: Thomas Edsall of Sutton at Hone, Esq., 1764, 65.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: petition relating to the consolidation of the vicarages with Kingsey and Cuddington, Buckinghamshire 46.

Lay clerks: John Dandy 1760, 12; Samuel Smith 1760, 17.

Minor Canons: Nicholas Brown 1760, 12; resignation 1765, 69; Samuel Markham 1765, 72; Richard Husband's resignation refused, 23.


Ashford: Charles Coldcall 1765, 66; James Andrew 1765, 78;
Bearsted: Samuel Markham 1765, 79;
Boxley: William Markham 1765, 67; protest against, 67;
Sutton at Hone: Edmund Faunce 1762, 39, 41;
Sutton Valence and East Sutton chapel: Nicholas Brown 1765, 66.

Procurators in Convocations: Edmund Barrell and John Lawry 1761, 18-19.

Records: plan of new St. Margaret's vicarage, Rochester, returned by Mr. Lawry but not 2 letters borrowed with it, 22.

Rent: protest against a renewal not set according to the real rent, 22.

Repairs: N.W. tower of cathedral, 36; St. Margaret's vicarage, Rochester, 79.

Roll of Chapter members: 6-7, 13-14, 19-20, 25-26, 32-33, 37-38, 42-43, 51-52, 56-57, 61, 68-69, 74-75.

School: exhibitions: James Thurstone to Queens College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 35; [....] Weatherhead to St. Johns College, Cambridge, 35; Robert Yeamans to Merton College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 35; Matthew Allen to Pembroke College, Oxford, 53.

Timber: agreements for sale of from: Frindsbury: 22, 48, 60, 73; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] woods: 22, 23, 36, 48, 60, 73; Wouldham: 48.

Turnpike: request to cut a road through Chapter land on Spital Hill granted, 29.

Verger and subsacrist: Thomas Jolly, the Dean's coachman 1761, 24-25, 30-31.
Date: 1744-1765
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 17 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ac_08 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_08.html

Chapter Book VII nos. 25-28

One volume made up of four small books bound together each of which has been separately paginated for convenience. NB the original numbering sequence given continues from DRc/Ac7/21-24.

25. 23 June 1766 - 2 December 1773. Pp.1-86
26. 23 June 1773 - 2 December 1780. Pp.1-76
27. 23 June 1781 - 24 June 1784. Ff.1-7, 8-43
28. 25 November 1785 - 28 June 1788. Pp.1-82


Accounts audited: 20, 33.

Arrears: Priors Hall, Cliffe, 34.

Audit: to last one week only, 24; to be advertised in both Canterbury newspapers, 81.

Bailiff of Shoreham manor: William Barrett 1772, 75.

Barber, porter and subscarist: James Simms 1786, 31.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights charity: receiver and collector of rents, William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1786, 30; widows nominated, 31, 39, 41, 58.

Bricklayer: Samuel Nicholson 1768, 34.

Chapter Clerk: assistant, William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1786, 30.

Chapter procedure: Proxy for Dean, 36; Vice-dean's confirmation of Chapter Act, 37.

[Manorial] Courts: 5, 75.

Drainage: order to begin specified work, 62.

Election of Officers: 9, 22, 33, 46, 47, 54, 66.

Fee Farm Rents: rental to be made; recovery of; demand for, from collector, 23, 52; arrears: Frindsbury and Goldocks portion, 23; Maidstone, 75; Ulcombe, 23.

Fines: to be treated and lapsed if set at 1769 audit and unpaid by 14 December, 47; refusal to abate, 63; refusal to renew unless fine set is paid, 70.

Gamekeeper: John Quaife 1772, 71; Sutton Valence: Sir John Filmer unwilling to accept Thomas Shirley; Chapter will accept his nomination only provided they have sufficient game, 76; Sir John Filmer 1773, 81; Wouldham: Thomas Henham 1773, 85.

Goudhurst: order to enquire what lands are titheable, arable or hopgrounds, 53.

Lay clerks: Edward Randall 1766, 9; Claudius Hogsflesh's salary to be stopped at Christmas, 34.

Leases: leases for lives to be converted into leases for years upon death of a life, 40; lease renewed on account of death of lessee before execution of counterpart or delivery of original, 76.

Legacy: Dean Newcome's to church, 5.

Library: legacy with which to buy books, 57.

London, Fleetditch estate : recovery of, 46, 51, 58, 70.

Minor canons: Arnold Carter 1768, 29; Henry Jones 1769, 40; Robert Fountaine [cf. Fountain] 1769, 40; resignation of Thomas Frank 1769, 38; permission granted to Peter Wade to hold the livings of Cooling and Boughton Monchelsea with his minor canonry, 31; houses: bill for painting to be paid but not treated as a precedent, 34.

Poor relief: allowance made to Anne Nichols, 34; additional allowance made to widow Hickman, 40; request from the vicar of Darenth for land for use as a garden for the workhouse granted, 71.


Aylesford: Charles Coldcall 1773, 84;
Bearsted: Henry Jones 1767, 24; Arnold Carter 1772, 76;
Boughton Monchelsea: Peter Wade to hold, in plurality with Cooling rectory 1786, 31;
Chart Sutton: Richard Husband 1766, 2; Arnold Carter 1770, 54; Henry Jones 1772, 76;
Darenth: Samuel Denne 1766, 11;
Halling: Thomas Davids 1766, 11; Arnold Carter 1768, 30; Robert Fountaine [cf. Fountain] 1770, 54;
Lamberhurst: Chardin Musgrave 1767, 16; Bejamin Newcome 1768, 28;
Leatherhead, Surrey: Samuel Markham 1767, 22;
West Malling: Richard Husband (presented by Sir Roger Twisden, Bart.; episcopal presentation) 1770, 57;
Overton, Wiltshire: possible presentation to, of Arnold Carter: Bearsted and Chart Sutton exchange. See above, 76;
Rolvenden: Thomas Morphett 1786, 33; represented 1772, 74;
Shorne: John Law 1770, 54;
Stockbury: Thomas Frank 1766, 11;
Wateringbury: John Law 1769, 39; Richard Husband 1770, 54; Robert Style 1770, 57;
Wilmington: Samuel Denne 1767, 12;
Woodnesborough: John Clark 1768, 30.

Procurators in Convocation: John Lawry and Erasmus Saunders 1786, 26-27.

Property: Reimbursement for lessee for land taken into the new road in Chatham, 63.

Records: George Gates asked to return all records retained by the late William Gates, 35; order to enquire after court rolls so that they may be examined before the next court, 81.

Repairs: cathedral roofs, 25, 30; cathedral choir, 70; pantry of Mr. Lawry's prebendal house to be enlarged with stones left over, 35; Dean allowed stones in his garden, 49; paving, 62, 66, 85; order to repair Hoo [St. Werburgh] parsonage buildings , 58, 85.

Rochester, St. Margaret: vicarage to be exchanged in lieu or being rebuilt, 36.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 6-7, 12-13, 19-20, 27-28, 32-33, 37-38, 42-43, 47-48, 53-54, 59, 64-65, 67, 72, 77, 82.

Salaries: church practice over payment of half yearly stipends, 23.

School: admissions: 82; exhibitions: William Hodgson to Queen's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 46; Isaac William Sizar to same, 51; John Thompson to St. John's College, Cambridge, 61; James Bond to Exeter College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 40; Thomas Gates to Oriel College, Oxford, 46; staff: usher, Henry Jones 1767, 22; scholar paid for, 72.

Stove: order to purchase for Chapter House, 62.

Survey: order to, Hoo [St. Werburgh] parsonage, 52; Wouldham Manor, 57 estates renewable next audit and others lapsed, 86.

Taxation: clause to secure freedom from to be inserted in leases, 39.

Timber: order to view timber growing in hedgerows and woodlands, and at Haddenham, Buckinghamshire and to report on repairs necessary on estates, 6; Frindsbury: Burnt House Barn barn floor, 53; Goudhurst: 7Ĺ tons of oak allowed for shingling church roof 1759, 1763, 1770, 68; Lamberhurst: application for, to repair parsonage gates, 24; Marden: for repair of barn floor, lodge and gates, 21; 40; Sutton Valence: 3 trees and a pollard for repairs, 23, 24.

Wilmington: to consider the matter of the vicar's claim, 81.

Ac 8/26 Arrears: Eyhorne hundred, 15. St. Bartholomews Hospital, Knights charity: widows nominated 15, 26, 40, 59. Burials: regulations concerning graves and fees, 69. DEAN AND CHAPTER OF ROCHESTER DRc/Ac 8/26

Chapter Clerk: resignation of William Stubbs; appointment of William Stubbs and William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1777, 44-45.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 59.

Chart Sutton: donation towards rebuilding church, 69.

Chatham: valuation of parsonage, 42.

Chorister: 75.

[Manorial] Courts: 68.

Election of Officers: 9, 14, 22, 30, 55.

Fines: certain (specified) abatements considered, 5.

Gamekeeper: Bearsted: Lewis Cage, Esq. 1775, 18.

Lay clerk : Richard Burnett 1775, 17.

Legacy: 9.

Library: money for purchase of books, 9, 40.

Minor Canons houses: 6.

Organist: Richard Howe 1780, 74.

Patronage: voluntary relinquishment of, 6, 11.

Precinct: order to appoint a night watchman, 15.


Ashford: James Bond 1774, 5;
Boxley: proposed exchange between Mr. Nance and Dr. Benson of Great Chart and Harbledown 1780, 69;
West Farleigh: Robert Fountaine [cf. Fountain] 1776, 29; permission to Francis Taynton to hold it in plurality with Trottiscliffe 1779, 56;
Halling: John Leach 1776, 29;
Kingsdown with Maplescombe: John Clarke 1775, 20;
Lamberhurst: John Clarke 1775, 20; Charles Tarrant 1776, 30;
Shorne: Peter Pinnell 1776, 30;
Wateringbury: Robert Style granted permission to hold it in plurality with Mereworth 1776,30;
Woodnesborough: James Williamson 1775, 20.

Repairs: fund for Cathedral yard, 48; wall of Mr. Coldcall's prebendal house, 24; schoolhouse, 37; necessary house opposite the Dean's door to be moved, 37; paving, 37; fencing of barnyard of St. Margaret's, Rochester parsonage, 40.

Residence: 9, 30.

Roads: application for land to widen, in Rochester, 11; do. in Chalk, 19.

Rochester: St. Margaret's vicarage, investment of money, 15; repayment of invested money, 49.

School: exhibitions: John Hammond to Queen's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 10; Richard Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 6, [.....] Ireland to do., 75; John Gordon to University College, Oxford, 35.

Services: during audit week to begin at 2.30 p.m., 68.

Shorne: valuation of parsonage, 32.

Surveys: order to survey Hartlip parsonage, 26; organist's house, 54; Frindsbury ? manor, 63.

Timber: orders to view, for repairs at: Chart Sutton, 69; Luton, Chatham, a farm, 54; Cuddington, Buckinghamshire cowhouse, 33; Denton farm, 18, 45; Frindsbury, 33, cart lodge at Reed [cf. Rede] Court farm, 48, 63; High Haltsow, a barn, 35; Marden, gates, 44; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted], 9; Stoke, Lodge Farm, 10. DRc/Ac 8/27

Arrears: High Halstow, 36a; collector to proceed against defaulters for arrears of fee farm rents, 4a.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights charity: steward and receiver, William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1784, 37; widows nominated, 7a, 13a, 32a, 42a-43; regulations about priority and recommendations, 40.

Chapter Clerk: resignation of William Stubbs and William Twopenny, senior; appointment of William Twopenny, senior and William Twopenny, junior 1782, 12.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 21a, 22a, 33-34.

Chatham: sale of glebeland to HM Ordnance, 2; purchase of lands in Frindsbury, Hoo [St. werburgh] and Gillingham for the dockyard by Act of Parliament: order to value for compensation, 11a.

Choristers: William Clark and George Smith, 11, 16; Moses Roots and David Bradley, 25; James Haite, 27a; Samuel Lightbody and William Downs, 38.

Counsel: see Steward.

Election of Officers: 13a, 36.

Episcopal patent: Apparitor general: Robert Monk 1782, 10.

Fines: abatement of, because of overvaluation, 7, 8a; do. on account of peculiar circumstances of lessee, 7.

Frindsbury: conditional order about lease of Reed [cf. Rede] Court, 36.

Gamekeepers: Cannons Court, Wateringbury: Robert Foreman's application to be granted if vicar raises no objection, 32; Wouldham: Benjamin Fagg threatened with withdrawal of his patent if he fails to comply with the regulations, 32.

Glebeland: see Chatham; vicar of West Farleigh granted leave to exchange, in same parish, 34.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: petition concerning the consolidation of the vicarage of Haddenham and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire 16.

Investment of dockyard compensation money, 2, 7a-8.

Lay clerks: John Fry 1782, 11; Thomas Charles Wood 1783, 18a; William Robbins 1783, 25.

London: Fleetditch: negotiations for recovery of, 24a, 30.

Minor Canons: John Ward Allen 1783, 23; William Philip Menzies 1784, 25a, 27a; Richard Bathurst 1784, 29a; resignation of Richard Husband, 25a.

Options: interpretation of agreement respecting, 19a; 23, 24.

Organist: Richard Howe 1781, 4a.

Poor relief: allowances to Elizabeth Heather, a pauper, 18, 28a; allowance to Elizabeth Martin, a pauper, 25.


Aylesford: John Eveleigh 1782, 9; suggested suitable candidates if he did not want the living, 8a-9.
Bearsted: Richard Jacobs 1783, 23a-24;
Boughton Monchelsea: James Andrew 1783, 24a;
Chart Sutton: Joseph Lodington [cf. Luddington] 1785, 38a; 24;
Chatham: John Law 1784, 29a;
Haddenham with Cuddington, Buckinghamshire: Thomas Phelps 1783, 19a;
Kingsdown with Maplescombe: Charles Coldcall 1781, 8a;
Kingsley: Thomas Phelps 1783, 19a+;
Lamberhurst: William Eveleigh 1784, 29; 8A-9; 24;
West Peckham: Peter Wade 1783 (conditional), 20; Arnold Carter 1783, 23a;

+ Separate presentations made to Haddenham with Cuddington, and Kingsley, Buckinghamshire because the bishop of Lincoln refused to consolidate the livings.

Shorne: 8a-9; Richard Husband 1783 (conditional), 23a; Henry Jones 1783 (conditional), 24;
Woodnesborough: Joseph Lodington [cf. Luddington] 1785, 38a.

Procurators in Convocation: Charles Coldcall and Robert Pye 26-26a.

Repairs: order to carry out those recommended, 4; fines to be appropriated to repair fund, 10a.

Roads: application for land to widen, 7a.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-1a, 4a-5, 9a-10, 11a-12, 15-15a, 21-21a, 27-27a, 33-33a, 37a-38.

School: admissions: 16, 27a, 34a, 38; exhibitions: Jervis Whitehead to Jesus College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 4a, 12a; Samuel Ruth to Queen's College, Cambridge, 18; Richard Harvey to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 39; staff: resignation of Upper Master, Thomas Thompson, 38a.

Steward and Counsel: resignation of Joseph Brooke and appointment of Henry Dampier 1785, 41a-42a.

Stoke: Duppa at al. versus Dean and Chapter regarding Malmains [cf. Malmaines] and Tudors tithe portions, 30a, 41-1a.

Survey: order to, Halling parsonage, 7.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Chalk, a wharf, 17; Cliffe, Cardens manor, 35; Frindsbury, Reed [cf. Rede] Court, 40; Stoke manor, buildings, gates and fences, 23; Strood, messuage called Bonecakes [cf. Boncakes], 19a-20, 23. DRc/Ac 8/28

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights charity: widows nominated, 78-79;

Carpenter: Samuel Baker 1786, 34.

Chalk and chalk rubbish: agreement for sale of from Frindsbury manor, 45.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to Chapter business dealt with in his absence, 28, 29-30, 33, 51, 53; resident prebendaries to deal with business arising before the next Midsummer audit, 14.

Chatham: donation towards rebuilding church, 22.

Choristers: William Sinnock and Thomas Cable, 2; Henry Pluckwell, Thomas Kennard and Stephen Goodwin, 17; James Weekes, 38; Peter Brames, 40; Thomas Bathurst, 68.

[Manorial] Courts: 20.

Election of Officers: 11, 37, 62.

Expenses: presentation of bill for, 22.

Fine: agreement to renew without, as a reward for good service, 12-13.

Gamekeepers: Darenth: William Mumford, junior, of Sutton at Hone, Esq. 1785, 9; Frindsbury: John Carpenter 1785, 14; Philip Boghurst 1787, 44; Stoke: Edmund Chapman 1785, 14; Wouldham: order to dismiss Benjamin Fagg and appoint George Guy of his nominee 1788, 79.

Lay Clerks: William Chapman 1788, 78.

Leases: counterparts and surrendered leases ordered to be delivered, 22.

London: proposed conveyance to the Dean and Chapter of land in and under Bridge Street, Blackfriars, 18-19, 26, 36, 37, 40.

Poor relief: allowance to Elizabeth Heather, a pauper, 44.


Chart Sutton: John Smith 1785, 3;
Hartlip: John Prat [cf. Pratt] permitted to exchange to Monckton in Thanet; the Chapter to appoint when the Archbishop sees fit to nominate 1786, 35;
Hoo St. Werburgh: Evan Rice 1786, 25;
Sutton at Hone: Robert Fountaine 1787 (conditional), 65;
Woodnesborough: John Smith 1785, 3.

Repairs: Rochester: Archdeacon's stables, 81-82.

Residence: 37.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 16-17, 28-29, 39-40, 55-56, 67-68.

School: admissions: 2, 18-19, 30, 40, 56, 68; Staff: Upper Master, Evan Rice 1785, 13; Usher, James Jones 1788, 79.

Stoke: Duppa et al Versus Dean and Chapter of Rochester regarding Malmains [cf. Malmaines] and Tudors tithe portions, 3.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Denton manor 9; Hoo parsonage, 21; Bonecakes [cf. Boncakes], Strood, 26-27; order to survey, on all Chapter estates, 35, 44; order to dispose of, felled at Ospringe by Turnpike Trustees to widen a road, 27; Countess of Darnley, lessee of Stoke manor requested to plant timber there; allowed for repairs, 44; lessee allowed to take down a ruinous mansion at Haddenham, Buckinghamshire; and allowed timber to repair the other, 70.

Verger and subsacrist: Matthew Grain 1785, 4; provision to be made for Thomas Jolly out of the profits of the office, should he survive Grain, 4.

Waterworks and wells: supply of water discontinued in the Precinct on account of exhorbitant prices. Agreement with Samuel Nicholson to provide water, 12-13.
Date: 1766-1788
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 18 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ac_09 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_09.html

Chapter Book VIII Nos. 29-35

One volume made up of seven small books each of which has been paginated for convenience and indexed separately.

29. 25 November 1788 - 1 December 1791 Pp.1-86
30. 23 June 1792 - 1 December 1794 Pp.1-80
31. 23 June 1795 - 29 June 1798 Pp.1-83
32. 25 November 1798 - 28 June 1800 Pp.1-58
33. 25 November 1800 - 27 September 1802 Pp.1-65
34. 25 November 1802 - 29 June 1805 Pp.1-62
35. 25 November 1805 - 29 June 1808 Pp.1-70

DRc/Ac 9/29

Arrears of rent: Frindsbury, Little Hermitage, 33; Shoreham, 44.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knights charity: widows nominated, 33, 48, 72; resolutions relating to a widow nominated to a non-vacant place, 9.

Boxley: renewal of parsonage lease referred to Dean and prebendaries in residence, 26.

Burials: no-one except the bricklayer to make graves in the church, 38.

Chapter Clerk: resignation of William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny], senior and William Twopenny, junior and appointment of William Twopenny, junior and Edward Soan Twopenny 1790, 56-57.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 1, 3, 17, 18; renewal of leases, 7.

Choir: master, Ralph Banks 1790, 34; choristers: John Kennard, 2; John Dawson, James Titmis, Thomas Down, James Wilkie and William Turner, 11; William Wilkie and Richard Burnett, 37; Thomas Dawson, William Robinson and John Robinson, 53.

Church land: application for identification of, intermixed with Brompton Farm, 30.

Elections of Officers: 8, 25, 52, 79, 85.

Game: order to advertise in the Kentish Gazette in August forbidding unqualified persons from hunting and shooting game on Chapter manors, 71.

Gamekeepers: Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing]: William Booth of Chatham, gunsmith 1788, 4; dismissed; John Petman of Rochester, ironmonger 1791, 71; Dean empowered to appoint, to Chapter manors, 47-48.

Lay Clerks: Ralph Banks 1790, 34; resignation of 1791, 86; Matthew Grain 1790, 34; William Robbins 1790, 37; Charles Stanley 1790, 37; Richard Howe 1791, 86; resignation of Thomas Charles Wood 1788, 9; John Baker and William Robbins fined, 9; resignation of John Baker 1790, 32-33.

Organ: donations toward new organ, 31, 38, 39-40, 48, 60, 77; sale of plate towards cost, 48; proposals for new organ, 31-32.

Organist: salary reduced on account of neglect of duty and misbehaviour; choir teacher appointed, 34; appointment of Ralph Banks 1791, 86.

Overseers of the poor: Sacrist and verger appointed for the Precinct area 1790, 55.

Pensions: resolutions regarding payments. 19.

Poor relief: consideration of allowance for Mrs. Saxby, 26.

Plate: sale of for new organ fund, 48, 79.


Halling: William Dyer 1791, 78:
Hoo, All Hallows: Richard Bathurst 1790, 55;
Strood: John Ward Allen 1791, 84.

Procurators in Convocation: Charles Coldcall and John Eveleigh 1790, 49-50. Renewal of leases: Boxley parsonage, 26; tenements in Eastgate, Rochester, 33; those unapplied for referred to Dean and resident prebendaries, 47, 72, 86.

Repairs: order to respective lessees to repair Stockbury parsonage, 12; St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester, 73, 84; proposals about a barn in Frindsbury, 23.

Residence: 8, 19, 53, 79.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 10-11, 17-18, 36-38, 51-52, 62-63, 76-77.

School: admissions: 2, 11, 19, 37, 61, 73, 78; exhibitions: Charles Walker to St. John's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 12; John Griffiths and John Stephens to Oxford, Oxfordshire, 39; held over, 53-54; staff: usher, James Jones (post confirmed) 1790, 44.

Surveys: order to survey Goudhurst parsonage, 33; St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester, 73.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Bearsted, 21; Boxley parsonage, 86; Chatham, 79; Denton, 22, 59; Frindsbury: Reed Court, 2-3; mill on Frindsbury manor, 67; pump on Frindsbury manor, 86; Strood: Hawkins manor, 60; Wouldham, 59; regulation concerning replanting, 4; sale of underwood from Frindsbury manor, 20; and proposals about a barn there, 23.

Waterworks: lease of new land granted Samuel Nicholson as the other proved unsatisfactory, 26-29.

DRc/Ac 9/30

Arrears of rent: Frindsbury manor, 25.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 37, 43; renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 51, 59, 80.

Choristers: Joseph Pearce, 55; Charles Carter and Joshua Carter, 65.

[Manorial] Courts: 7.

Election of Officers: 17, 47, 65.

Episcopal election: 41-42.

Game: to be sent in future to the Chapter Clerk's office for the use of the Dean and prebendary in residence, 37.

Gamekeepers: Frindsbury, Wouldham, Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing]: John Petman dismissed 1793, 36-37; Wouldham: Benjamin Hubble of St. Margaret's, Rochester, yeoman 1793, 39; Shawstead and Lidsing: William Sibun of Chatham, junior, 1793, 39.

Goudhurst: Thomas Colvill, superintendant of woodlands 1794, 72.

Hardy's charity, Nathaniel; 77-79.

Lay clerks: Charles Carter 1792, 9-10; William Turner 1792, 10; salaries, 77-78.


Aylesford: William Eveleigh 1792, 23;
West Farleigh: Thomas Weekes Dalby 1794, 69;
Hartlip: James Jones 1793, 7, 52*

*Apparently presented twice.

Kingsdown with Maplescombe: Thomas Willis 1793, 49;

resolution concerning presentations to vacant livings with particular reference to Stockbury and Bearsted 1794, 73.

Residence: 18, 47, 65.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 14-15, 30-31, 43-44, 53-54, 63-64.

School: admissions: 10, 15, 31, 44, 54, 65; exhibitions: [........] Spry to Christ's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 55.

Survey: order to survey and map Denton manor, 72.

Timber: replanting, in Frindsbury, 8-9; order to survey for repairs at: Ospringe, 16; High Halstow, 38; Moathall, Bearsted, 55; Reed [cf. Rede]Court, Frindsbury, and a wharf and mill there, 70; Chatham, 74.

Waterworks: sale of old waterworks on the Hogshaugh, 39-40.

Woodlands at Goudhurst: Superintendent of, 72; order to survey, 72-73.

DRc/Ac 9/31

Ashford: application for an exchange of land to extend burial ground, 73-74.

Barber, porter and subsacrist: John Summerfield 1797, 57.

St. Bartholowmew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: widows nominated, 56-57, 81.

Burials: fewer in Cathedral; payment to verger in lieu, 11.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 18-19; renewals of leases after the separation of Chapter, 15, 26, 67, 82-83.

Choristers: Henry Smith, 3; William Hodge and Hohn Turner, 19; John Down and Thomas down, 43; Edward Coney and Thomas Smith, 47; Richard Dickenson, Edward Blackfield and Joseph Pearce, 72.

Election of Officers: 19, 39; treasurer elected for remainder of year 1797, 55; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing]: William Sibun dismissed; William Lester of Chatham, yeoman 1797, 55.

Lay clerks: William Downs 1795, 2; William Robinson, Saffary Middleton and Thomas Whiffin 1797, 68.

Militia: subscription towards raising a troop of Gentlemen and Yeoman [cf. Yeomanry] Cavalry, 55.

Poor relief: allowance to Elizabeth Rolt, 31; allowance to William Turner, a lay clerk who broke his leg, 55.

Precinct: Messrs. Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] to deal with the removal of Edward Bathurst, a minor canon and his family from St. Nicholas into the Precinct, 12.


Hartlip: Thomas Gregory Warrent Walker allowed to exchange 1797, 67;
Hoo, All Hallows: Richard Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1795 (conditional), 20;
Leatherhead, Surrey: Richard Harvey 1797, 47;
West Peckham: Richard Bathurst 1795, 20;
Rochester, St. Margaret: Arnold Carter 1795, 13.

Procurators in Convocation: 27, 29-30.

Receiver's accounts: error in, resulting in an accumulated balance, credited to church (1775-1795), 3.

Residence: 198, 39, 62.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 17-18, 28-29, 37-38, 45-46, 59-60, 71-72.

School: admissions: 3, 19, 30, 38, 46, 60, 72.

Survey: order to survey lands from which the Malmains [cf. Malmaines] and Tudors portions of tithe issue, 22.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Bearsted, Moathall, 42; Frindsbury: manor farm, 39-65; a cottage at Reed [cf. Rede] Court; refusal to allot timber to build a range of lodges for fatting beasts, 81-82; trees to be felled at: Frindsbury, 66; The Vines, Rochester, 21.

DRc/Ac 9/32

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: widows nominated, 57.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 1, 44, 45; renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 12, 28, 43, 57.

Choristers: Charles Hedgecock, 3.

Courts: order to discover why the lessees of sutton Valence rectory provided no dinner when the court was held there, 11.

Election of Officers: 3, 31.

Episcopal patent: Diocesan Registrar: Thomas Moore and Heneage Horsley 1798, 6.

Fee Farm rents: William Barrett's request that his son in law be appointed joint receiver granted 1798, 6.

Fines: threat to refuse fine fixed if lessee fails to pay by 1 August 1799, 25; fines to be charged after the separation of the Audit, 50.

Land Tax: redemption of, 16, 25.

Minor Canons: admonished to attend more constantly on week days, 22-23; James Jones 1798, 11; Henry Thomas Jones 1799, 33.

Precinct: proposal to demolish the Provost of Oriel [College, Oxford, Oxfordshire]'s prebendal house and the Bishop's approval of the scheme, 26-28, 34-36.


Darenth: Henry Thomas Jones 1799, 33;
Shorne: Robert Foote 1799, 32;
Wateringbury: Thomas Willis 1800 (conditional), 55;
Wilmington: Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1799, 32.

Residence: 31.

Roll of Chapter members: 2-3, 14-15, 29-30, 48-49.

School: admissions: 3, 51, 30, 49; exhibitions: Richard Jones to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 52; Ambrose Rhodes to Worcester College, Oxford, 25; [........] Hawtrey to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 25.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: resolution to remain neutral, 42.

Thanksgiving: order for success of HM arms, 8*.

[*Battle of the Nile, Egypt, Mediterranean 1 August 1798.]

Timber: order to survey for repairs at: Rochester, St. Margaret's parsonage, 39-40; Stockbury parsonage, 41; order to report on fitness of timber at Frindsbury, 8.

Waterworks: order to repair old, buildings, 25-26.

DRc/Ac 9/33

Archdeacon's patent: Archdeacon's registrar: William and Edward Twopenny 1800, 5.

St. Bartholowmew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: widows nominated, 58.

Chapter procedure: renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 11, 25-26, 39.

Chapter Sutton: parsonage alterations improved, 9.

Choristers: John Broad, George Peal and William Blackwell, 2; Thomas Winterton, 16; James Winterton, 30.

Election of Officers: 3, 29.

Episcopal Election: Thomas Dampier, Dean of Rochester elected as Bishop 1802, 61-62; his thanks to the Chapter and Cathedral members and servants on his promotion to the bishopric, for their unfailing support and friendship during his deanship and their reply, 54-58.

Freedom of Rochester: protest against the inadvertent purchase of, by John Summerfield, on the grounds that the Precinct was not within the liberty of the city, 38.

Gamekeeper: Darenth: Rev. Robert Fountaine [cf. Fountain] 1800, 5.

Goal: resolution to oppose the building of a new gaol in the city, 42.

Land Tax: redemption of: Ospringe, 24-25; Sutton Valence glebeland, 30-31.

Minor Canons: William Bagshaw Harrison 1801, 12; resignation of 1801, 19; Richard Jordan 1801, 20, 23; William Staines 1801, 42.


Bearsted: Charles Cage allowed to hold it with Leybourne and Bredgar 1801, 33-34;
Darenth: William Bagshaw Harrison 1801, 13; John Willis 1801, 20; allowed to exchange with John Wall for Sutton under Brayled, Gloucester, Gloucestershire 1802, 58;
Goudhurst: William Bagshaw Harrison 1801, 19; presentation not to be used as a precedent but allowed only because the Chapter consider it absolutely necessary that Goudhurst should have a resident minister as it is both populous and extensive , 19-20;
Hoo, St. Werburgh: Richard Jordan 1801, 42;
Kingsdown: James Jones 1800, 5;
West Peckham: Thomas Henry Jones 1801, 13;
Rochester, St. Margaret: Richard Bathurst 1801, 12;
Stockbury: Roger Hayne 1800, 5;
Strood: John Griffiths 1801, 41;
Sutton at Hone: Robert Fountaine [cf. Fountain] allowed to hold it with Horton should he be presented 1801, 42.

Procurators in Convocation: John Eveleigh and Thomas Hey 1802, 63-65.

Repairs: order to survey and repair Boxley parsonage, 32-33; sale of stock to pay for extensive repairs to Bishop's Court, Rochester, 39.

Residence: 3, 29.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 15-16, 28-29, 45-46.

School: admissions: 2, 16, 30, 46; staff: master, John Griffiths 1801, 41.

Survey: order to survey pales and fences on Smithfield Bank, Chatham, 4; gates and timber fences on stonehill manor, Wilmington, 4.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: sale of land in Denton and Frindsbury to, 25.

Timber: order to mark, for repairs at: Bearstead, Moathall, 19; Cliffe, Cardens manor, 37; Frindsbury, Reed [cf. Rede] Court, 37-38; lessee ordered to return an oak tree removed from thence which was assigned to him to make a role for use there, 38; High Halstow; remainder felled to be sold, 12; Port Barn land, 7.

DRc/Ac 9/34

Alienation: licence rescinded, 35, 44.

Arrears of rent: Cow Marsh, Rochester, 60.

Barber, porter and subsacrist: William Turner 1802, 12.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: widows nominates, 19-20, 40.

Burials: increased cost of, in the Cathedral, 19.

Chapter procedure: renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 28-29, 61; 45.

Choristers: John Miles, 2; Edward Godden, William Winterton and Thomas Fletcher, 61; double stipend paid to 2 senior choristers, 61.

Courts: 35.

Election of Officers: 3, 12, 23, 43.

Fines: calculation of, 35-36; fines for leases renewed after the separation of Chapter fixed, 45.

Gamekeepers: Frindsbury: Thomas Smith of Shorne 1803, 18; ..... French of Shorne, 1803, 20; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing]: Francis Howe 1803, 27; William Lester dismissed, 27.

Land Tax: redemption of: Sutton at Hone, and Dartford glebe, 17.

Lay clerks: Henry Smith and William Allen 1805, 54.

Leatherhead, Surrey tithes: dispute to be put before Church Counsel, 59-60.

Minor Canons: James Lynn 1803, 12; Michael Smith 1803, 26, 27; resolution on the presentation of minor canons to benefices and their duties as minor canons, 49.

Ordnance, HM: sale of part of Frindsbury manor to, 35.

Precinct: request for compensation on account of the Chapter's refusal to renew a lease there, 17.


Boxley: Samuel Goodenough 1084, 48.
Leatherhead, Surrey: James Dallaway on exchange with Richard Harvey who took his place at Llanmase rectory, Glamorganshire, Wales 1804, 44;
Rochester, St. Margaret: John Griffiths 1803, 11;
Shorn: William Tolbutt Staines 1804, 49;
Strood: William Staines 1803, 12; James Lynn 1804, 50;
Sutton Valence: William Philip Menzies 1803, 11;
Wilmington: Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] in plurality with Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire 1804, 48.

Repairs: Goudhurst: vicar to borrow money on mortgage to rebuild vicarage, 6; Rochester: order to place iron railing at west end of cathedral, 18; allowance for repair of outhouses of organist's house, 18.

Residence: 3, 23, 43; Mr. Foote's [cf. Foot] forfeiture for non-residence rescinded on account of his death, 44-45.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 13-14, 21-22, 30-31, 42-43, 53-54.

School: admissions: 2, 22, 32, 47, 55, 62; exhibition: Laurence Baker to St. Johns College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 23.

Timber: order to survey for repairs at: Hartlip parsonage, 38-39; Icknor, Stockbury, 48; Bonecakes [cf. Boncakes], Strood, 39; oak for cathedral roof, 19.

DRc/Ac 9/35

Audit: renewal of leases and review of accounts, dates for, 61.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Knight's charity: widows nominated, 25.

Chapter procedure: renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 13, 24, 51-52, 61, 69-70.

Choristers: Abraham Rilf and Henry How, 17; William Broad, 43; [.....] Broad, 50; William Broad, George Noakes, James Miles and George Cronk, 60.

Election of Officers: 3, 27, 54.

Episcopal lease: confirmed, 35.

Fees: payable to Chapter Clerk, 18-20; for monuments erected in the cathedral, 51.

Land Tax: redemption of: order to request the Exchequer to appropriate purchase money paid by HM Ordnance, for, 32.

Lay clerks: William Aspland and Thomas Smith, probationers 1807, 50; appointed full lay clerks 1808. 70; James Darchy, probationer 1808, 70.

Monuments: fees for; regulations governing rails round, and projection of, 51.

Ordnance, HM: memorial requesting adequate compensation for land in Frindsbury acquired by them, 10-11.

Procurators in Convocation: John Eveleigh and Thomas Hey 1806, 36-38; John Eveleigh and Thomas Hey 1807, 39-40.

Property: proposal to rebuild the Plume of Feathers public house further back in a line with adjoining premises, 69.

Repairs: loans to repair fund, 12-13, 29; order to compel lessee of Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] Farm to repair same, 34.

Residence: 3, 28, 55; dispensation on account of age and infirmity, 8.

Roll of Chapter members: 1-2, 15-16, 26-27, 41-42, 53-54, 63-64.

School: admissions: 3, 16, 27, 42, 54, 64; exhibitions: Arthur Wortham to Christ's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 66; Benjamin Hennicott to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 25. Surveys: order to survey: Cliffe, Priors Hall estate, 61; Rochester, Sellars Marsh, 70.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: investment of funds derived from compensation money, 61.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Bearsted, Moathall, 70; Cliffe, Cardens manor, 57; Grain, Cane Marsh, 8-9; Hoo [St. Werburgh] parsonage, 58; Marden, premises, 25; Stockbury, Icknor Farm, 34; Southfleet, post and rails on a farm, 8-9; Strood, timber fencing on leasehold land, 8-9; Mr. Hogben ordered to investigate an application to grub a hedge at Cardens manor, Cliffe, 57.

Verger: offered a pension in lieu of a lease of property in the Precinct, 68-69.
Date: 1788-1808
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 19 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ac_10 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 04_DRc_Ac_Chapter_Minute_Books_1575_to_1968_NB_gaps/ DRc_Ac_10.html

Chapter Book IX Nos. 36-40

One volume made up of five small books bound together each of which has been separately paginated for convenience.

36. 25 July 1808 - 4 November 1812 Pp.1-85
37. 25 November 1812 - 20 March 1816 Pp.1-86 38.
38. 23 June 1816 - 1 December 1819 Pp.1-103
39. 5 April 1820 - 28 June 1823 Pp.1-92
40. 25 November 1823 - 12 February 1827 Pp.1-84

DRc/Ac 10/36 Boughton Monchelsea: permission to rebuild parsonage, 30.

Carpenter: Samuel Sidden 1809, 33.

Chalk: application to dig and carry on a lime works in Frindsbury, 51.

Chapter Clerk: additional salary, 10.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 53; renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 12, 25, 34, 52, 62, 71, 83.

Choristers: Charles Bender, 16; Robert Cox, 30; William Hudson and Henry Howard, 55; James Timms, 74.

Courts: 39.

Election of Officers: 3, 29, 46, 64.

Encroachment: lessee of Darenth parsonage liable for damage caused by the damming of the river there by other persons, 61.

Episcopal Election: Walker King 1809, 13-14.

Fines: resolution to rescind order to increase, where renewal is delayed, 1.

Fire insurance: order to treat with Albion Fire Officer over licences in St. Brides, Fleet Street, London 51, 82.

Gamekeepers: Darenth: Henry Chapman of East Wickham, gentleman 1812, 75-76; Cannons Court, Wateringbury: Richard Hosmer 1810, 47; Wouldham: [.....] Miller 1808, 12.

Haddenham and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: resolution to apply to the Bishop of Lincoln for consolidation, 71.

Lay clerks: James Darch 1809, 16; gratuity to Saffary Middleton, former lay clerk he being in distress , 67.

Leatherhead, Surrey tithes: case to be drawn up, 31.

Minor Canons: resolution concerning preferrment to benefices rescinded, 41.

Poor relief: liability of Chapter towards paupers in the Precinct, 31.

Precinct: refusal to renew lease of tenement in Minor Canon Row, 77.


Haddenham with Cuddington Chapelry, Buckinghamshire: Joseph Hollis 1812, 72;
Hartlip: Thomas Pearce 1810, 48;
Kingsey: Charles Marsham 1812, 72;
Rolvenden: Alexander Rogers 1812, 77;
Stockbury: Michael Smith 1810, 41-42;
Strood: James Lynn permitted to hold it with Sebergham curacy, Cumberland 1811, 68.

Procurators in Convocation: John Eveleigh and Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1812, 84-85.

Repairs: leases to be rendered void for non-repair of property, 75; order to repair Cathedral roof, 43, 69, 70; premises in Chatham, 74-75.

Residence: 4, 29, 46, 64.

Roll of Chapter members: 2-3, 15-16, 28-29, 36-37, 45-46, 54-55, 63-64, 73-74.

School: admissions: 4, 19, 40, 69, 74; exhibitions: Henry Jeffreys to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 37; [......] Cuming to Oxford, Oxfordshire 19; Edward Heawood to Oxford, 74. Surveys: order to survey Frindsbury manor, demesne land of St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester in Strood and Frindsbury, 51; and Haddenham, Cuddington, Kingsey (Buckinghamshire) and Lamberhurst parsonages, 71.

Sutton Valence: dispute over glebeland, 79-80.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: lay out of compensation money clause 33, 51, 68, 80; Frindsbury compensation, 69.

Timber: refusal to allot top and tan where lessees are not entitled to it, 61; allowances of cartbote, ploughbote and top and tan to be discontinued, 71; consideration of an application for, to repair waggons and tools, 61, 67; refusal to allow a hedge to be grubbed at Cardens manor, Cliffe, 75; order to survey, for repairs at: Frindsbury manor farm, 51; refusal to grant, for erection of stages for the chalk works, 61; Hartlip parsonage, 76; All Hallows, Hoo parsonage, 20; Horsmonden, new barn at Badmonden manor, 78; Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] farm, 25; Stockbury parsonage, 20; Wateringbury, parsonage estate, 47; top and tan allowed as timber insufficient, 60.

Turnpike: gift of land for widening road opposite Strood church, 12.

Valuation: order to revalue Chanters and Wickham tithe portions before renewal, 61.

Wateringbury: order to apply to executors of Sir Charles Style for surrender of property belonging to parsonage, 52.

Waterworks: order to repair and fence old, 8-9.

DRc/Ac 10/37

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: widows nominated, 42, 85.

Boughton Monchelsea: order to investigate ownership of Pope Mead, 47-48.

Boundary: order to mark, in Ten Gun Field, Frindsbury, 33; cost of suit, 54-55.

Chalk: order to mark land in Frindsbury on which it is to be dug, 12.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 51; renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 14, 29, 37, 49, 62, 74.

Choristers: William Timms, 21; John Thomas David Whiffen, 52; Henry Wickenden, 64.

Darenth: exchange of glebeland, 78-79.

Election of Officers: 2, 31, 52, 77.

Episcopal leases: confirmed, 32, 66-68; refusal of annual confirmation, 67-68.

Episcopal patent: Diocesan Registrar: Walker King and Edward Dawson 1814, 44-45.

West Farleigh: annexation of land to glebe, 84-85.

Freedom of Rochester: resolution to defend Richard Stapely from, at church's cost, 9-10.

Gamekeepers: Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing]: Francis How's patent cancelled, 71-72; appointment of John Boghurst 1815, 73.

Land Tax: redemption of: 25, 86; prebendal houses, 60.

Lay clerks: Thomas Down and Thomas French 1814, 52.

Leases: refusal to grant, 37; conditions of renewal of lease of Sellars Marsh, Rochester, 32.

Leatherhead, Surrey: annexation to glebe, 78.

Minor Canons: Samuel Brown 1814, 42.

Organist: salary augmented, 2-3.

Pensions: recovery of arrears, 11.

Poor relief: allowance for Mary Jefferys increased, 11. Presentations:

Darenth: Edward Winthrop 1812, 13;
West Farleigh: William Beaumont Busby 1815, 80;
Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: Joseph Hollis to be represented should he be offered other preferrment 1812, 6-7;
Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: Thomas Wood 1814, 57: Strood: James Lynn permitted to hold it with Caldbeck rectory, Carlisle, Cumberland 1814, 42.
Proxy for Dean and Chapter, 64

Repairs: repair fund 35-36; covenant covering the repair and good order of property to be inserted in every lease, 31; order to repair property, 26-27; in Chatham, 28; order to rebuilt mill, burnt down in 1813, 73.

Residence: 2, 31, 52, 77; Provost of Oriel [College Oxford, Oxfordshire] not to be liable for fines for non-residence, 82.

Roll of Chapter: 1-2, 30-21, 30-31, 40-41, 50-51, 63-64, 76-77.

Rolvenden: permission to mortgage vicarage, 86.

Roman Catholics: petitions to both Houses of Parliament protesting against the unlimited repeal of the restrictive laws now in force against the Roman Catholics..., 15.

Sand: request to dig, for ballast in Ten Gun field, Frindsbury, 47.

School: admissions: 32, 41, 52, 64; exhibition: Henry Wright to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 12; salaries: quarterly stipends to be paid only to those scholars on the list, 36.

Steward and Counsel: resignation of Henry Dampier on his elevation to the King's Bench; appointment of Robert Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1813, 23-24.

Strood: donation towards rebuilding church, 13.

Surveys: order to survey Wouldham manor, Reed [cf. Rede] Court, Frindsbury, Icknor Farm, Stockbury, parsonages of Thanet St. Giles, Woodnesborough, Hoo [St. Werburgh] , Bearsted, Boughton Monchelsea and Rolvenden, 11-12; Boxley parsonage, Goudhurst manor and lands in High Halstow, 29; lands and premises in Marden, Boughton Monchelsea parsonage, Cardens Manor, Cliffe, 45-46; houses in New Bridge Street, London, 53; Leatherhead, Surrey parsonage and Wateringbury glebe, 68; order to give details (specified) in surveys, 83.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: project abandoned land repurchased, 10-11 (30 November 1812); report on value of, 54; negotiations concerning valuation of, referred to Dean and resident prebendary, 58-59; revised rent for repurchased land, 82.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Chart next Sutton parsonage, 60; Chatham, to rebuild a house, 42; Cuddington, Buckinghamshire 25; West Farleigh parsonage, 59; High Halstow, 47; Hoo [St. Werburgh] parsonage, 33; Marden, Lake Barn, 25; 43; Southfleet, 33-34; order to investigate asserted illegal felling in Blaze Wood, Aylesford, 48; order to mark timber tellers there, 53.

Verger and subsacrist: Richard Puplett 1813, 18-19

Waterworks: conditions of new lease, 5; water rent for a house, 5.

Wickham tithe portion: order to ascertain the Earl of Darnley's rights to the tithe from woodland in Strood, 10.

DRc/Ac 10/38

Arrears of Rent: order to proceed against Vintners Co., 16; and lessees of Hoo [St. Werburgh] and Stockbury parsonages, 28.

Ashford: refusal to participate in a tithe dispute between the vicar and the lessee, 63.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's Charity: widows nominated, 20.

Brenchley: application for production of endowment deed, 65.

Brick: order to rebuild in, 61-62.

Chalk, brickearth and gravel: application to dig, in Frindsbury, 29, 64.

Chapter procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 33, 71, 84; renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 9, 29, 39, 67, 81, 94.

Charlotte, Princess: resolution to present an address of condolence to George, the Prince Regent on the death of his daughter, 38.

Charlotte Sophia: resolution to present an address of condolence to George, the Prince Regent on the death of his mother, 63-64.

Chatham: order to advertise property to let, 59; site granted for a parochial church or chapel, 67.

Choristers: Edward Noakes, 3; George Cox, 43; Thomas Down, 72; Thomas Whiffen, 85.

Clergy Orphan Society: donation to, 76.

[Manorial] Courts: 6. Darenth: consent to yield up possession of a piece of land, 27; permission to add part of the manor wasteland to the churchyard, 36.

Deanery road: order to the lessee of a tenement to replace a fence and stop all doors and gates on to the road, 67; covenant relating to this and covering various nuisances to be inserted in leases of property backing onto the Deanery, 73.

Election of Officers, 12, 32, 56, 83.

Episcopal patent: Diocesan Registrar: Walker King and James King 1819, 73.

Fee Farm rents: collector, William Reeves 1816, 4.

Fine: reduction of, on account of lessee's impoverished state, 39-40.

Gravel: 29; order to treat with Chalk Turnpike Trustees about their application to dig, on Hawkins Farm, Frindsbury, 49-50.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: proposal to enclose, 36-37; 100-101. Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: report of Mr. Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] on the state of, 93, 94-102.

Leatherhead, Surrey: permission to mortgage living to pay for repairs, 85.

Minor Canons: Henry Morgan Say 1819, 68; Edward Mott Allfree 1819, 89.

Options: explanation of rules relating to, 17.

Pensions: recovery of arrears, 92.

Poor Relief: application by the parishes of Strood, and St. Margaret and Nicholas, Rochester that paupers chargeable on them might be maintained by the Precinct refused on the grounds that the Precinct is not amenable to the provisions of the poor laws , 23.


Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: Joseph Hollis to be allowed an exchange when a suitable living falls vacant 1816, 18;

Halling: Samuel Browne 1816, 14;

Hartlip: Thomas Pearce represented and allowed to hold it in plurality with the sinecure rectory of Mareston 1816, 13; Thomas Pearce represented and allowed to hold it in plurality with Folkestone 1818, 45;

Kingsdown with Maplescombe: George Strahan [cf. Strachan] 1819, 85;

Sutton at Hone: George Strahan 1818, 43-44; Edward Copleston 1819, 88;

Sutton Valence and East Sutton chapel: Henry Morgan Say 1819, 88;

Procurators in Convocation: Thomas Willis and Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1818, 53-54.

Repairs: repair fund to be set up, 28; Dean and prebendary in residence to give direction when they receive the report on the state of the outbuildings of Stockbury parsonage, 91-92; order to repair premises in Rochester, 24, 50, 65-66.

Residence: 12, 32, 56, 83.

Roads: agreed exchange of land to avoid the ascent of Chatham Hill in the construction of the new road from Luton to Chatham, 74; subscription towards the improvement of Four Elms Road, Frindsbury, 87.

Roll of Chapter: 1-2, 11-12, 21-22, 31-32, 42-43, 55-56, 70-71, 82-83.

Sand and Earth: application to dig, for ballast in Frindsbury, 38-39, 64.

School: admissions: 3, 13, 22, 32, 43, 57, 71, 84; exhibitions: Miles Cooper to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 24; John Benjamin Jones to Exeter College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 72; staff: Under Master, Edward Mott Allfree 1819, 88.

Surveys: order to survey Darenth manor and parsonage, West Peckham and West Farleigh glebe lands, and the lands from which Malmains [cf. Malmaines] and Tudors tithe portions issue, 19; premises in Rochester, 19, 24; Noke Farm, Frindsbury, Cuddington (Buckinghamshire) estate and Leatherhead, Surrey glebe land, 43; land in Frindsbury required by the Thames and Medway Canal Co., but only at the cost of the company, 58-59; Sutton Valence parsonage, 59.

Terrier: endorsement demanding the production of, to be discontinued, 74.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: 58-59; refusal to accept company's offer for land in Frindsbury, 68; Chapter clerk empowered to negotiate with company, 92.

Timber: felling at Frindsbury, 66; regulations concerning allowances of top and top not to apply to Darenth wood, 78; order to survey, for repairs at: Boughton Monchelsea parsonage, 14; Cliffe, 34; Denton Court, 67; Frindsbury manor house, 38; cottage at Noke Farm, 87-88; Goudhurst parsonage, 66; Hartlip parsonage, 80; Hoo [St. Werburgh], Allhallows parsonage, 23; Marden, 34, Stockbury parsonage, 92; Sutton Valence parsonage, fences and new gates, 19; Wilmington, Stonehill manor, 73; Wouldham manor farm, 102.

DRc/Ac 10/39

Arrears of Rent: Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] manor corn rents, 13, 34.

Attorney, Power of: to receive dividends on 3 per cent reduced stock, 21.

Ballast: application to dig, at Upnor, 44; report, 56.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity: steward and receiver, William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1821, 32; order to pay expenses of charity, 32.

Boundaries: order to inspect insufficient, marks in the Isle of Grain, High Halstow, Cardens Manor, Cliffe, Frindsbury and Cooling, 68-69.

Brickearth: application to dig, at Denton, 7, 30.

Chapter Clerk: resignation of William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] and appointment of William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] and his nephew Edward Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1820, 14-15.

Chapter Procedure: Dean's consent to business dealt with in his absence, 4; renewal of lease after the separation of Chapter, 16, 35, 50, 60, 71, 82, 92.

Chatham: donation towards Communion plate for new church, 44.

Choristers: Henry Smith, 5; William Howard and Charles Burnett, 20; George Chambers, 52-53; Thomas French, junior, 84.

Cliffe, Priors Hall: rent for marshes reduced because of depreciation, 78.

Communication: proposed between Yantlet Creek, Gain and Colemouth, Stoke, 79-80, 81.

[Manorial] Courts: 63.

Denton: 7, 30; claim to lands there by episcopal lessees, 44, 56, 70, 13, 70.

Election of Officers: 19, 73.

Enclosure: Frindsbury salt marshes, 82; allowed at Hog Hill on Moathall manor, Bearsted, 80, 81.

Episcopal leases: refusal to confirm a third concurrent lease of Bromley parsonage, 24-25; lease confirmed, 53; leases of Dartford manor and parsonage, 63; and St. Margaret's parsonage, Rochester confirmed, 29-30.

Frindsbury: request for abatement of rent of land repurchased from the Thames and Medway Canal Co., 81.

Gamekeepers: Sharsted [cf. Shawstead] and Lidsing [cf. Lydsing], 44; Cannons Court, Wateringbury: Walter Jones 1821, 54; Wouldham: John Selby 1823, 85.

Glebe land: wrongful sale of, in Ashford, 7, 12-13, 35, 43, 45, 56; Pope Mead, Boughton Monchelsea, 30, 43.

Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: entries of Mr. Twopenny [cf. Twopeny]'s report on, to be made in the Chapter Book and the Dean's book; to make second journey; and to ascertain annual value of estate, 13; second report, 16-17; present of £200 guineas for survey, 29; report, 56.

Lay clerks George Woodhatch 1823, 84.

Leatherhead, Surrey: claim for part of vicarial premises, 45; report, 56.

Maidstone: donation towards new church, 80.

Maps: order to map church estates, 45; order to negotiate for purchase of maps of Coxheath enclosure, Boughton Monchelsea (See DRc/P3 A-C) 45, 57.

Organist: salary increased, 21.

West Peckham: order to investigate a claim for exemption from tithe and renewal of parsonage lease, 91.

Pensions: order to pay arrears, 26.

Poor rate: assessment of for St. Nicholas, Rochester; Chapter's refusal to interfere, 57.

Precinct: consent to removal of dilapidated house in, 85.


Boughton Monchelsea: John Daniel Haslewood 1823, 85;
East Farleigh: Robert Stevens 1820, 20-21;
Strood: refusal to allow James Lynn to hold Strood curacy in plurality as the benefice is required for a minor canon with a numerous family 1820, 12; complaint about, 45-49; refusal of the Archbishop of York to allow James Lynn to hold Strood curacy in plurality with Caldbeck rectory, Carlisle, Cumberland 49.

Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire: donation toward a new church, 81.

Procurators in Convocation: Thomas Willis and Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1820, 1-2.

Renewals: 91.

Repairs: part of covenant regarding rescinded, 22; refusal to repair Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] manor pound, 91; Chatham, 91.

Residence: 19, 73.

Roads: proposed exchange at Denton, 13, 70.

Rochester, St. Margaret: proposed removal of parsonage to more convenient buildings, 69.

Roll of Chapter: 3-4, 18-19, 36-37, 51-52, 61-63, 72-73, 83-84.

School: admissions: 5, 19-20, 37, 63, 74, 84; exhibitions: Edward Wortham to Magdalen College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 21; Henry Cooper to St. John's College, Cambridge, 53; David Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] to Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 24.

Steward and Counsel: John Lucius Dampier 1821, 53.

Surveys: report to Wardens marsh, Gillingham where the Medway has for some time past broken in.... and repeatedly washed over the land , 31, 42; Moathall parsonage, Bearsted, 81.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: lessees of Frindsbury manor farm empowered to seek compensation for damage caused by, 33-34; sale of Strood marsh to, 57-58.

Timber: order to survey, for repairs at: Bearsted, Moathall, 79, 80; Frindsbury, Reed [cf. Rede] Court Farm, 43; Lamberhurst parsonage, 60; Sittingbourne, 60; Strood, 76; Wilmington, Stonehill manor, 55; Woodnesborough parsonage, 15; woodland grubbed at Luton, Chatham, 56-57; illegal felling of underwood at Shawstead [cf. Sharsted], 91.

Tithe: order to investigate from whence the Combe and Monken Barn portions issue, 83; lease of Wickham portion to be altered, 34; recovery of, mentioned, 45-49.

Trespass: order to investigate, at Shawstead [cf. Sharsted] manor, 10-11; report, 57; report on, at Badmonden manor, Horsmonden, 22, 42; order to investigate, at Wateringbury, 22-23; report, 41-42.

Valuation: re-estimation of value of Wouldham manor farm, 9-10.

Wateringbury: exchange of land in, 70; purchase of parsonage, 82.

DRc/Ac 10/40 Accounts: audit postponed, 77.

Archdeacon Law: testimony on death of, to be registered in the Red Book, 84.

Ashford: donation towards enlargement of church, 80.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester, Knight's charity; steward and receiver, William Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1825, 48; Edward Twopenny [cf. Twopeny] 1826, 77; widows nominated: 11; order to pay charity expenses, 48-49.

Brickearth; arrangements for digging, 79.

Chalk: application to dig, on Wouldham manor, 19, 27; arrears of rent for liberty to dig, in Frindsbury, 28.

Chapter procedure: renewal of leases after the separation of Chapter, 10, 20, 29, 38, 49, 58, 61, 79.

Chatham: gift of picture for altar piece, 76.

Choristers: Henry Bourne, John Balcomb, James Balcomb and William Miles, 41; James Downes and William Smith, 66.

Churches: Society for Promoting the Building and Enlarging of: donation to, 18.

Clerk of Works: gratuities to, 48, 77.

Cliffe, Priors Hall: reduction and increase of rent, 26; lease renewed without fine, 68-69; surrender of under-lease accepted, 81.

Dotation charter: request to peruse with a view to producing it in a court claim relating to tolls in the City, 58-59.

Election of Officers: 2, 22, 40, 64, 84.

Episcopal patents: Diocesan Apparitor: James Gould 1823, 5; Chancellor and Vicar General: Stephen Lushington 1826, 56.

Finance: powers of attorney for sale of stock, 26, 77, 80; sale of stock, 31.

Fines: abated because of poverty, 24; wrongly charge; to be repaid, 74-75.

Hoo [St. Werburgh]: demolition of parsonage, 27.

Leatherhead, Surrey: donation towards improvement of chancel, 28-29.

Minor Canons: John Witherston 1825, 44; resignation of Henry Morgan Say 1825, 42.

West Peckham: tithe, 73-74.

Precinct: inquest by County Coroner in, to be defended by the Chapter against the claims of the City of Rochester, 45.


Ashford: Thomas Wood 1826, 66;
Darenth: John Eveleigh 1823, 6;
Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: John Willis 1826, 66;
Halling: Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] or William Henry Drage if he refuses 1824, 19-20*;

* Henry Drage presented.

Kingsdown with Maplescombe: Samuel Browne 1824, 19;
Kingsey, Buckinghamshire: John Gay Copleston 1827, 80;
Sutton Valence: Henry Morgan Say permitted to hold it in plurality with Ewerne Minster, Bristol 1823, 4.

Procurators in Convocation: Thomas Willis and Hon. Jacob Marsham [cf. Mersham] 1826, 63.

Prosecution: for stealing lead from the church, 4.

Repairs: cathedral, 25; sale of stock for, 31-32, loans from Dean and prebendaries to pay for, 47-48, 55-56, 69-70; Cannons Court, Wateringbury, request for help to, 58.

Residence: 2, 23, 40-41, 64.

Rochester: recovery of land in St. Margaret's Street, 9-10; alleged lease of land, 28; granted in error, 59.

Roll of Chapter: 1-12, 12-13, 21-22, 30-31, 39-40, 50-51, 64-64.

School: admissions: 3, 13, 23, 31, 51, 66; exhibitions: Edward Allfree to St. John's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 53; John Griffiths to Wadham College, Oxford, Oxfordshire 20; staff: Master, Daniel Francis Warner 1825, 43.

Survey: order to, Priors Hall marshes, Cliffe, 81.

Sutton Valence: permission to rebuild church, 24; donation for, 28.

Thames and Medway Canal Co.: compensation for injury to church estate, 59, 79.

Timber: order to survey for repairs at: Frindsbury manor farm, 46; Hartlip parsonage, 44; Wouldham manor farm, 46.

[Weather] Vane: lent to Lord Jersey for his [Rochester] castle, 75.

Verger: gratuities to, 48, 77.

Wateringbury: donation towards enlargement of church, 18; application to enclose wasteland, 58.

York, Duke of: address of condolence to be presented to King George III on the death of Prince Frederick, 82-83.
Date: 1808-1827
Quantity: 1 volume

Result number 20 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Aop_16 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 14_DRc_Aop_Appointments_Institutions_and_Installations_of_Prebendaries_1554_1884/ DRc_Aop_16.html

Appointments, Institutions and Installations of Prebendaries; Stall V

Francis Durant de Brevall

Institution of Francis Durant de Brevall to the canonry vacant by the death of Christopher Shute.

By the Act 12 Anne, Stat. 2, c.6, this canonry was annexed to the Provostship of Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Date: 26 April 1671
Quantity: 1 membrane and seal

Result number 21 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Aop_17_1 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 14_DRc_Aop_Appointments_Institutions_and_Installations_of_Prebendaries_1554_1884/ DRc_Aop_17_1.html

Appointments, Institutions and Installations of Prebendaries; Stall V

Form of election of Dr. Chardin Musgrave as Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Date: 27 January 1757
Quantity: 1 page, folded

Result number 22 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Aop_17_2 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB01_Administrative_Records_1541_1968/ 14_DRc_Aop_Appointments_Institutions_and_Installations_of_Prebendaries_1554_1884/ DRc_Aop_17_2.html

Appointments, Institutions and Installations of Prebendaries; Stall V

Form of inducting and installing Dr. Chardin Musgrave into the office of Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

By the Act 40 and 41 Victoria this canonry was separated from the Provostship of Oriel College, Oxford, and annexed to the Oriel Professorship of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture.
Date: 8 February 1757
Quantity: 1 page, folded

Result number 23 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ele_128_10 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB02_Estate_Records_1346_1963/ 04_DRc_Ele_Leases_1346_to_1896/ DRc_Ele_128_10.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester


Rochester, St. Margaret and St. Nicholas.

Empty piece of land enclosed with stone walls; and a little vault, part of the King's palace there now defaced in the Precinct. No. 141

Messuage and land extending to Bewers well yard on the east; the walls which enclose the premises; a stone staircase in the east corner of the ground where the messuage is; and a little vault in the south wall within the Precinct, lying north of Brewers Lane, south of the fourth prebendal house and west of the well yard with free access to and from the well.

Lessees: Catherine Anne Parsons of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, spinster, and James Parsons of Wadham College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, gentleman, children of Jane, wife of James Parsons of Cirencester, clerk, daughter and devisee under the will of James Hayes, late of Queenborough, deceased, her father.

Term: 40 years

Rent: 6s. 8d.

Conditions: 1. Grace 21 days; 2b, 9, 12, 19.

Date: 30 June 1784
Quantity: 1 item
Result number 24 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ele_235_10 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB02_Estate_Records_1346_1963/ 05_DRc_Ele_Leases_1346_to_1896/ DRc_Ele_235_10.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester



Out-County Estate Leases and Related Documents


Messuage called Hilles house in Cuddington; 5 acres inclosed land, once part of Slowe furlong and Bellam Bults; 6 acres inclosed land, once part of Mill furlong lying west of Bridgway; and 6 acres inclosed [cf. enclosed] land, once part of Peas furlong lying west of Bridgeway there.

Assignment of mortgage

Edward Bate of Maids Morton, Buckinghamshire, esq. and William Vere [cf. Very, Vearie] of Cuddingham, gentleman to Thomas Walker of Kertlington, Oxfordshire, gentleman.

Date: 13 September 1712
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Result number 25 - Please quote Reference: DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/DRc_Ele_235_11 on request slip.

Path: Ecclesiastical_Regular_and_Capitular_Foundations/ DRc_Dean_and_Chapter_of_Rochester_Cathedral_1541_1994/ BB02_Estate_Records_1346_1963/ 05_DRc_Ele_Leases_1346_to_1896/ DRc_Ele_235_11.html

Dean and Chapter of Rochester



Out-County Estate Leases and Related Documents


Messuage called Hilles house in Cuddington; 5 acres inclosed land, once part of Slowe furlong and Bellam Bults; 6 acres inclosed land, once part of Mill furlong lying west of Bridgway; and 6 acres inclosed land, once part of Peas furlong lying west of Bridgeway there.

A, B

Assignment of mortgage to secure £315

Thomas Walker of Kertlington, Oxfordshire, gentleman and William Vere [cf. Very, Vearie] of Cuddington, gentleman to Edward Trotman of Adderbury, Oxfordshire, gentleman.

Date: 27 October 1715
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