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    Weights and Measures Office
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    Rochester City Council was involved with the task of consumer protection before the 19th century. The charter of 1446 gave the city 'to have right of assay and assize of bread, wine and beer and all other victuals, measures and weights'. Officials (aleconners, searchers for unwholesome meat, etc) were elected at the Court Leet and one of the sergeants-at-mace was responsible for the sealing of pots, measures and weights.
  • Related material
    The Customal and council minutes contain the rules regarding measures of merchandise, price of bread, etc. and the details of fines for infringements can be found among the Quarter Sessions records. After 1835 an inspector of weights and measures was appointed and his reports can be found in the minutes of the General Purpose and Estates committee and within the city surveyor’s files (RCA/CS1/13/12).