Medway Council Heritage Services catalogues
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    Shipping registers
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    Registers before 1855 include: • port and date of registration • name of ship and master • tonnage • when and where built or (if prize) made free • name and employment of surveying officer • particulars of vessel • names of subscribing owners and other owners, with particulars of transfers or shares • reason for cancellation of registration (e.g. transfer to another port, wreck, conversion into lighter, hulk or houseboat, sale to foreigners, breaking up of vessel) Registers after 1855 include: • name of ship • port of registry • whether British or foreign built • tonnage • whether sailing or steam, and if steam how propelled • particulars of engines • when and where built • measurements and details of construction • name, residence and description of owners, and number of shares held by each, and share transactions (name of person from whom title is derived and number of shares affected; nature and date of transaction; name, residence and occupation of transferee; mortgagee or other person acquiring title; names of owners)